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When it comes to dull or complex business tasks, many businesses choose to outsource these tasks to another company.

When you also feel so much pressure while trying to handle so many things, you need to start thinking about outsourcing.

Commonly outsourced tasks include cleaning, accounting and recruitment; however, there are many other tasks that can also be outsourced.

In fact, nowadays you can practically outsource anything to up your customer service game.

Here are a few examples of outsourcing services that could be useful, some of which you may not have considered.

1. Answering the phone

outsourcing examples include your calls

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Many of us hate answering incessant phone calls. Fortunately, there are companies such as Moneypenny out there that you can outsource this task to.

Phone answering companies are professionally trained to deal with general enquiries and other phone calls while they relay only the most important information and callers to you.

This could allow you to get on with core tasks without constant interruption from your phone. Many phone answering services operate 24/7 so that there’s always someone to pick up the phone.

2. Chasing up late payments

Outsourcing your debts is a good example

Having to chase up debts from clients can also be an unpleasant task. However, this is a task that can also be outsourced via companies such as Daniels Silverman.

Such companies could help to collect the debts people owe you and help you maintain healthy cash flow, whilst allowing you to focus on other tasks.

3. Printing and mailing

Need to print off some physical newsletters or bills to send to your clients. Printing and mailing services such as Digital Print Management can handle this task for you.

Outsourcing this task involves emailing over the document you want to print – the company then prints the copies you want to send and puts them into envelopes before mailing them for you.

This could save you money on a printer and printing supplies, whilst also saving you time spent filling envelopes and going to a post box.

4. Logistics and warehouse space

Need a warehouse for keeping your stock? You could outsource warehouse space, logistics and delivery using a company such as Jayde Transport.

This could be perfect for e-commerce businesses that want to focus on the retail side. It could also be a lot cheaper than having to rent or buy warehouse space.

5. Your company address

An outsourcing example is an office address

Work from home, but don’t want to give out your personal address to clients? Outsourcing a new company address could be the solution.

There are services out there such as Velocity Virtual that can allow you to rent out their mailing address – all your mail is then sent to this company before being forwarded to you.

Such addresses tend to be located in prestigious areas, helping your company to look bigger and better.  

Which of these tips do you find most useful and applicable to you?

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