Let me tell you a little story about me. 🙂

You may have come across other stories of mine if you’re a regular reader of this blog but this particular story I am about to share is one of the many stories that gave me the drive to create E.S.S. 💡 

Back in my university days, we were all given an assignment in my department and considerable ingenuity was expected.

I took my time to put something together even though it was mentally demanding and time-consuming.

Then, I was approached by a friend who told me she needed my front page. According to her, she planned to edit my personal information such as matric number, topic, name and replace it with hers.

Basically, she just wanted to use the template, design, font type, font size, borderline and whatever you would typically find on a front page.

As a good friend, I gave her my flash drive which had the page she requested for and my entire work (the rigorous assignment).

I trust people a lot. Poor me! 😥  

I did no sort of questioning after she returned from the computer centre and I thought she only used the front copy as requested.

I guess you know what happened already.

A few days later, my class representative, who was a close friend of mine, prepared to take all assignments to the lecturer in charge.

Since he was in charge of compiling all submissions, it wasn’t long before he detected another assignment that was a total duplicate of mine.

Then, he called my attention to the ridiculous act!

I was shocked when I realized my entire assignment has been dubbed from cover to cover.

Explicit Success Scholars (E.S.S)
My expression of shock! Lol

I didn’t want to face any of the consequences of malpractice and had to do something about it. My class representative and I had no choice but to visit the lecturer’s office to clear the air as regards who was the original owner of the assignment and who was the plagiarist.

The situation is under control but insufficient!

The lecturer was able to put some codes on the assignment to remind him of how to handle the situation whenever he wants to start scoring the task.

You would think that would be the end of my worries, right? But no, I was already emotionally wrecked.

Maybe you’re also someone like that. You can be easily overwhelmed and you try to do everything possible to protect your mental health.

I needed someone to talk to me to become my normal self after this awful discovery of what a friend did.

Besides, I was to write a test in a few hours but didn’t know how to motivate myself to concentrate or assimilate the content of my book.

I knew my test would be a total flop if I didn’t find anyone reasonable to share my experience with.

Thankfully, I thought about someone I could talk to and picked up my phone to recount my ordeal. I got some reassurance and was in a better position to prepare and write my test.

So what exactly is my point? You may want to ask.

Hiding your emotions is the worst thing you can do. Expressing them to the right person at the right time might change everything.

Sometimes, you just need someone who can relate to you based on your experience. Someone who was once in your shoes and can tell you what you need to scale through the rigorous academic journey of life.

That’s why this group was created for you👇. As your coach, I will not only give you listening ears but also encourage you to become a better version of yourself without any iota of judgement.

This is what I am passionate about and why I created E.S.S.

You may want to check some screenshots on my Instagram page @abimbolajoe.

Explicit Success Scholars (E.S.S)
Scholars’ reviews

Things you stand to gain as a member of E.S.S include:

1. Free academic mentorship/coaching for E.S scholars like you.

2. Consistent pieces of advice that will help you to keep the pace of your academic feats.

3. Nuggets that will help you to overcome fears of the outside world beyond the confines of the school.

4. Confidence that helps you feel clueful about the next stage of life despite the unexpected results you currently have.

5. Consistent tips and tricks that will help you go over and beyond your academic goals and pursuits.

6. Regular lectures on E.S.S platforms by excellent performers and career gurus across the world.

7. Ability to face parental pressures and the usual peer pressure with the view of converting the challenges to opportunities.

8. How to fall in love with your course even when you have no idea of how to thrive in it.

You might be in good standing with the aforementioned points but still, you find it hard to become the best you want to be and end up sleeping on your books. 😥


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Let me tell you about these very important points:

9. Mind-blowing academic and career discussions that will prepare you mentally for the future ahead of you.

10. Ability to discover the gold in you that you have not been paying attention to.

11. By being a part of the E.S.S community, you’ll build the ability to form relationships that will make you feel adequate and pull you towards who you’re meant to be.

12. You will also learn when to say no to complicated love relationships and incompatible bonds that will only make you depressed.

13. You will be able to share your thoughts with like-minded scholars across the country and the globe. Who knows if your potential business partner is waiting for you to build a successful business partnership with them there.😉

I have decided to make membership free but you need to be really sure you are ready to follow all instructions. Hey, I am deliberate about the kind of person I want to see there. I am damn serious. 😎 

Want to know more about me before you make a final choice? Here are my personal social media handles below:




Here are some testimonies by current members of E.S.S

“Because of its uniqueness, the lectures are always well articulated and the solutions the lectures provided for any difficulty are always feasible and practicable. The tips of not reading under pressure. To be sincere, I always read as a matter of compulsion but now I’ve come to realise that reading should be a thing that should come with pleasure, not stress. Thanks to this forum that made me realise that. I now read for 2hrs and after a break of about 30min, I will take another 2hrs instead of reading for 4hrs at a go. Of course! I will soon introduce my friends to this group. All of them are very serious and they won’t fall your hand.  I’m new to the University system but with these lectures I’ve received, I believe I will start on a good note! The lord is my strength. Shout out to the admin of this group.” 


“What I like about the group is that it is an academic enhancement group on a social platform, so I’m learning while playing. I have learnt that I can read for long hours and take breaks in between. What makes the platform different is the value it’s adding to our intellect. I already have four friends who want to join now. Yes, I believe my results will improve because I have used one of the tips and created a ‘success book’ and summarized this lecture into it, and now the 15tips are at my fingertips. God bless you for this initiative.” 

“One-of-kind”  😉 

“I think it’s one-of-a-kind. Someone gathering students wanting to help them pass without collecting a dime is not a usual thing. So far I’ve learnt that everyone has their own unique study period and you don’t follow others to read just because you saw them read at that time thereby inconveniencing yourself. I know it wouldn’t be easy trying to do things in a new way but I’m going to try my best.” 


“What I like about the group is that it’s goal-oriented and that it adds values specifically relevant to me. I have learnt the role of consistency in any pursuit of success. What makes it different is that it’s highly specific and focused on the main reason it was made. Yes, I would surely refer others as I have many like-minded people like me. I believe they will change as I have started applying tips gotten from the lectures.” 

Look at this:

“I’ve been MIA on E.S.S for some time now. Wow. I like the fact that it’s an educational group where everybody is willing to learn and the tutor is dedicated to teaching us for nothing (no payment), something I still find very surprising. Easy tips and solutions are proffered too. The habits of successful students and the one we did about timing have been so helpful. I’ve never been on any educational platform. This is my first. Yes, I have friends who are struggling to make time to read, just like me. So, I would love to help them by introducing them to this group.” 

“I love the fact that the instructor makes sure we all participate to evaluate our progress and previous mistakes/weakness. Solutions are always provided to curb weaknesses. I learnt something about ‘Focus’ I spend most of my time reading books not related to my academics. I was even reading a novel before I entered the post UTME hall for the exam. The teachings here has made me know my academic priorities and follow them first. I believe my results will be very good if I follow the lessons from here and also work on myself.” 


“No excuse for failure…I have always liked anything educational. Being the fact that this is the first education coaching group I have joined, I am happy to be a beneficiary of this. This group has really changed my studying aspect and the effective management of time. As we all know that communication is not complete without feedback..the tasks you do give make this platform a different one. Secondly, I have imbibed eating a well-balanced diet. I am someone who is lazy at cooking – I can cook a pot of rice to eat for two days. ” 


“This group has opened my eyes to my reading formula and added needed changes where necessary. I now time myself and surprisingly it works. Unlike before where my drive was really low.” 


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I will provide you with the necessary map, but the steering wheel is still in your hands to use. I’ll encourage you to make good use of every piece of information that will be provided for you.

Membership requirements may change in the future, so ensure you make your decision now before the doors get closed.🙅

You probably already know that the reason for many failures is usually a result of bad choices and a costly delay in making good ones.

One of my close mentees was having a discussion with someone who asked him a question about me. He couldn’t keep the feedback to himself and had to share it with me. Here is the screenshot below:

Explicit Success Scholars (E.S.S)

Explicit Success Scholars (E.S.S)

I am available to talk to you and bring you back to order mentally, psychologically and logically, without making you feel worse. 

Why? I know how you feel. I have been there, done that and will go any length for students who are serious-minded.

This is why Explicit Success Scholars (E.S.S) was created for you.

And yes, it’s free and open to students from all nations of the world.

E.S.S Facebook community

E.S.S Telegram community

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