How To Identify Top Talent In Your Organization

How To Identify Top Talent In Your Organization

So, how do you identify top talents in your organization of multiple staffers?

The basic idea behind the “Pareto principle” is that 20 percent of a particular asset is responsible for 80 percent of the desirable results.

No law in economics says that this MUST be true. It’s just an observation that seems to crop up again and again in a variety of circumstances.

Call it an empirical law if you will.

For businesses, the Pareto principle is of great importance.

Firms would like to hire people in that top 20 percent who create 80 percent of the output, if they can and avoid the rest.

The problem is that it is hard to spot the most productive and talented people ahead of time.

You never really know how somebody will perform until they take a position in your company.

While a performance management solution such as ELMO Software can help keep track of how well a person is doing after you’ve hired them, what indicators of talent should you look out for during the selection process?

1. They’re Ambitious

top talent are ambitious
How To Identify Top Talent In Your Organization

Ambitious people are individuals who are almost supernaturally committed to success.

They want big things in their lives, and they’re prepared to work staggeringly hard to get them.

What’s interesting about ambitious people is their ability to reflect on their successes and failures and learn from them.

An ambitious person might not immediately become a top performer, but they have the personality to make it happen, should you give them enough time.

2. They Focus On The Priorities Of The Firm

You can have an ambitious person join your company, but if they’re only interested in their own success, they may not be much use.

However, with good compensations and bankable promises, they can also support your firm’s goals and objectives.

Talented people know how to prioritize and what they need to focus on.

They avoid time-wasting activities and distractions. They can also work on multiple things at once.

3. They Can Tell You What They Want To Achieve

Top talent can tell you so much about their future
How To Identify Top Talent In Your Organization

When you ask a highly talented person where they see themselves in ten or twenty years, they can often give you a surprisingly clear answer.

Despite being a long way away, a talented person has thought about the trajectory of their life and what they would like to have achieved by various stages.

It’s not just pie-in-the-sky thinking either. A talented person can give you clear steps for how they’re going to get there. Regardless of how ambitious the goal is.

4. Their Record Speaks For Itself

top talent have sweet records
How To Identify Top Talent In Your Organization

Talented people touch the lives of those around them. College professors are mesmerized by their ability to articulate: work colleagues for their drive to get things done.

Talented people don’t go unnoticed.

If you’re looking for that top 20 percent, take a look over things like college transcripts and references.

Look through them to see the kinds of things that past employers and others say about the candidate.

Look for those patterns.

In conclusion, if you can find a genuinely talented person, you can bypass many of the issues with onboarding.

The best people find jobs easy to pick up, and after a couple of weeks, can mostly direct their own activities and positivity into your firm.

Eventually, they bring in revenue.

Which other attribute have you noticed in top talent?

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