Importance Of Building Good Customer Relationships & How To Maintain Them 

You know a bad customer service experience when you face it.

You leave a business feeling unsatisfied and unappreciated. Even amongst the confusion, you realize that you never want to shop with that same business again.

As an entrepreneur, you should learn the importance of customers to your company. They give it a reason and means to exist. This is why you must keep yours happy and maintain.

With that in mind, here are six ways to build better customer relationships. 

1. Always Have Support Available

When a customer has feedback to give or a question to ask, they should be able to do so right away. They don’t want to jump through hoops to get ahold of you and definitely shouldn’t have to.

While some businesses hide marketing materials and their contact information, you should have yours clearly written on your website. It’s crucial that you have multiple contact methods too.

2. Hire The Best Employees

Although you would probably like to speak to all of your customers yourself, that just isn’t possible.

With everything else that you have to get done each day, you don’t have the time to deal with the sheer number of queries.

This is what you employ customer service staff for. Make sure that you always hire the right people for the job or your customer relationships will suffer. 

3. Share Your Human Side

There is much more to your business than just the product you sell.

To truly connect with your customers, you have to show them the hardworking people behind your brand. This can be done by writing an About Us section on your website.

You could even include headshots of your staff, taken by a professional studio, like Blue Tree Studios. Doing this will humanize your business. 

4. Ask For Customer Feedback

No entrepreneur likes to read a bad review about a brand they’ve worked so hard to build.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your criticisms. As hard as they may be to read, bad reviews offer a lot of helpful information on areas within which you could improve.

Because of this, you should ask customers to give feedback and even offer incentives to do so.

5. Go That Extra Mile

Most customers expect a business only to do what they are paid for.

All companies exist to make money, after all. To build better relationships with your customers, you must show that you are willing to go that extra mile.

You won’t be able to give everything asked of you, but you can be a little more accommodating. Generally, it’s better to promise less but aim to deliver much more

6. Treat Everyone The Same

Many companies treat new customers like VIPs. They give much better service, offer exclusive deals, and do everything in their power to keep them happy.

The only problem with this is that when new customers stop being new, and this treatment ends, they will become frustrated.

You need to specially treat all of your customers the same way, or you’ll eventually lose them. 

No company can survive without customers, so build better relationships with yours using the advice above.

How To Build Relationships With Others

  • Reach out to different businesses and don’t be afraid to break the ice.
  • Always pay on time so that you don’t make things difficult for the other company.
  • Give other companies plenty of lead time. This will ensure that they can provide you with the services and products you need with a minimal rush.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk more to other businesses, such as sharing industry information.
  • You could visit their offices in person or even invite them to events hosted by your company.

A good working relationship is always a huge positive when it comes to growing your company.

Having friends in different industries and companies will help your business grow faster and scale to greater heights. Especially if they can work together with you,

Unfortunately, building these relationships is difficult and takes a lot of networking to get your foot into the door.

Handing out business cards, following-up on interactions and just being helpful and approachable will go a long way.

This means that you should be attending as many networking events and trade shows as possible.

Now that you have this piece of information at your fingertips, feel free to maximize it. Don’t stop building relationships.


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Post Author: Joseph Abimbola

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