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Abimbola Joseph


Hello there! Let me introduce myself to you. 😀 

Many people call me Abimbola or Bimbo as a short form of my name. You can call me Victoria if you are having a hard time pronouncing my native name  😆  . I’m sure you are quite familiar with my surname, Joseph, already.

I work as a Project Analyst in a transport development firm and use any free time I get to quickly put down my thoughts as I am a huge fan of solitude and deep thinking.

I am also a wife to an ever-loving and supportive man, the one that reminds me of my goals as many times as possible. My biggest fan any time, any day. Love you sweetheart! 😉 

Explicit Success
Hubby and I

May I introduce you also to my super active toddler, Joel. The only human being on earth that makes me burn more calories than I typically eat or plan to eat. Lol. The picture below was taken when he was 9 months, he is much older now. I can’t wait for him to be independent.  😀 

Explicit Success
Joel and I

I’m currently based in Lagos, one of the fastest-growing states in South Western Nigeria and the biggest city in Africa by population.

I created this blog to share my experiences and also provide answers to commonly asked questions.

About Us

Content writers at Explicit Success are exceptional award winners in their endeavours. They are also professionals in their chosen careers such as Education, Oil & Gas, NGO and so on. They particularly love to write creatively and are intentional about the decisions they make in life. You can see their profiles just below any of the articles written by them.

Without doubts, we work tirelessly to give you fresh, updated, relevant and detailed information in the areas you seek. Each one of us spends the day and night researching about that topic you came here for and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. We are dedicated to giving you the best of your search, just to ensure you hit that mark.

We write about Career Advice, Personal Development, Academic Success, Motivation, Success Stories, Life Goals, Attitude, Entrepreneurship, Wisdom Tips and other related subjects. Again, if there is a particular aspect of our niche you would like to read more on or something we haven’t started writing about, kindly send me a direct mail via victoria@explicitsuccess.com and I will respond to you sooner than you think.

Explicit Success

Someone said crap means – criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure – and you would agree with me that there is so much crap in the air today.

Haven’t you heard people say things like ” you can’t try this, this is too complex for you to do, are you sure you can go on, I don’t think you will cope with this, you can’t do this, this is your limit” and some people believe such statements. I look at them like this  🙄 .As a matter of fact, I often wish people can believe in themselves just a little more.

I was a recipient of six academic awards and led my department and faculty which comprise four departments with over 500 students put together. At the same time, I played specific leadership roles in my campus fellowship from the first year to the fifth year back to back.

I also organized empowerment programs as a student for three years and was awarded the businesswoman of the year in my finals. Was it easy? No, but I pushed on because I believe whatever your heart is set to achieve will definitely materialize irrespective of the hurdles you might face. I also acknowledge God, the giver of strength and grace.

At a point in my life, I was producing and supplying household items, attending conferences, freelancing, learning how to drive and also trying to cope with my toddler! Isn’t that weird? Well, it might be but it helped me to build resilience in the long run.

That’s why our language here is – you can do it! have you tried this yet? Do you know this works? Can you see things from this perspective? Have you asked someone? Can you take this step? Don’t you think this might help?

Why? What? and How?

It is for these reasons Explicit Success came into existence. Explicit Success is not limited to academics or personal development but you will also find some life-defining pieces that will spur you to make that decision in your career and other aspects you have been contemplating.

Explicit success is a place you can get some impetus and at the same time, get some relaxation. The articles you’ll find here have a lot of anecdotes you can relate to, which will help you to feel good about yourself.

The truth is we all need to be reminded that we are made for much more than a bunch of endless routines that lead nowhere and that’s why our keyword here is Success! Yes, be motivated to succeed. Why? You are the only one that can push yourself beyond whatever anyone says or thinks.

It’s high time the world woke up to the call of fulfilling a purpose. Staying alive isn’t the purpose of your life. You are alive for more than survival. Life should be enjoyed and not endured. Let’s get the best out of it. Avoid mediocrity and lackadaisical attitudes that keep you on one spot for a long time. Do something different and be more!

My baby is now a boy!


My definition of a life well-lived is a life you can look at and smile for.

It’s about the deep satisfaction and saneness you get for taking critical steps at the right time on the road to your destination, irrespective of the sacrifice attached. After all, our physical roads sometimes have gridlocks and hitches but we still hang on to the steering wheel till we get home.

Don’t forget to live life when you still can.

There are records to be broken and lines to be crossed.

There’s more to you than meets the eye!

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