How To Keep Your Company Safe From Employee Negligence & Mistakes

Your employees can be a security risk. It has been known for employees to leak, steal sensitive information or go against work ethics.

Employees can also make costly makes and it’s important to minimize these.

Having a certain level of trust with employees is important – nobody likes a paranoid boss, but everyone loves a great boss. That said, it is important to take certain precautions.

To make sure that you can trust your employees, there are certain measures that you should take.

1. Keep some information private

Some company information may exist that you may not want to share with all employees. This could include access to your company bank account.

Unless you’re hiring them to handle your company’s finances, giving out information like login details could be dangerous.

There could also be passwords to certain information that you don’t feel new recruits should see. Only those that are directly in charge of the password-protected items should have such private and confidential information.

2. Do background checks when hiring

Background checks are one of the best ways to ensure your employees are trustworthy. This should be done at the initial recruitment stage – if possible before hiring them.

A background check could include looking into any past criminal convictions, checking references and doing a credit check.

There are also programs such as checkr that provide all the tools needed to do background checks.

You can then decide whether you trust employees based on the results. Certain criminal convictions, refusal to offer references or bad credit score could be a reason not to trust an employee.  

3. Get employees to sign a contract

A contract allows you to put the terms of employment in writing. By signing this, they formally agree to these terms. Without a contract, employees may be in their right to refuse certain tasks. They can choose to leave without notice whilst still demanding payment for the month.

It leaves you more open to lawsuits from employees – who may or may not be in the wrong.

You can find contract writing services at sites like contracts4you. Hiring a professional legal writer could ensure that your contract is legally tight.

Contracts can also benefit your employees and many may trust you more by knowing they have an official employment contract.

4. Provide thorough training

Training is important for ensuring that your employees are competent at their job. Too many companies don’t provide adequate training, which leads to a higher risk of mistakes.

You should offer training to all new recruits. Those with previous experience in the role may still benefit from some training for health and safety purposes and to familiarise them with company methods that may be different to other businesses.

You should also consider refresher training for older employees if you feel that they don’t carry out certain protocols properly. This is also applicable if your company goes through a big change.

5. Insure your company

Even with training, human error is inevitable. The best way to stop this being a costly expense is to take out insurance that protects you against employee negligence.

This could be public liability insurance (which protects against injury-based lawsuits). It could also be a professional indemnity insurance (which can protect against other forms of negligence).

This ensures that if your employees make a mistake which causes you to be sued, you are then able to pay the legal compensation that is due. You can shop around for such insurance at sites like moneysupermarket.

6. Consider forms of monitoring/surveillance

Monitoring and surveillance can be another way to ensure trust in your employees. You do have to be too careful though. Too much monitoring and surveillance could turn your workplace into a Big Brother dictatorship.

This could create a negative environment for employees who may feel they are not trustworthy. Using certain forms of surveillance without notifying employees could even be illegal.

A few forms of monitoring and surveillance could include CCTV, regular progress checks or recorded phone calls. Some of these forms of surveillance and monitoring can also be used to check whether customers. It tells you whether they are behaving properly and they this could benefit your employees. 

Many of the best companies have these measures in place but don’t overuse them. Constant progress checks could be seen as micromanaging. Constantly watching CCTV footage could also make employees feel you’re spying on them.

You’re much better off occasionally running progress checks or checking CCTV only when you suspect an issue.

Has your company been a victim of employee negligence? With these tips, you’ll be on a safe side.

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