You’ve worked hard to get your clothing shop or store where it is.

You are also working very hard to get customers and keep them coming back through the doors.

But something’s missing!

What exactly is missing?

You’re not yet proud of your sales margins and you wish to attract more customers to your retail clothing business.

I will give you some ideas to attract new customers and keep them coming back.

1. Be stylish

stylish retail clothing with good lights

When you look around you, can you see some missing things right in front of you?

Do you have a stylish shop floor design? What does your wall look like? What about your lights?

You’ve got little to no coherence in your current layout, and you’re not sure if those wall colours match with that floor tile.

You need to start thinking about some new touches you could add to help your shop look attractive and cosy. Everyone loves beautiful colours.

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2. Give Customers Space

Space is a very stylish element when it comes to the modern workplace.

If you’ve got floor space and wall space that’s clean and tidy, you’re very contemporary-looking and have pride of place on the high street.

So if you’re looking for some ways to add a touch of style to your shop floor, this is where you should start.

As they walk in, give them a square of open space in front of them and surround this square with your shelves and racks and rails.

Then, carve a spacious and obvious path around the stands in your store – this will make sure customers can unconsciously weave their way around your products!

Customers like to have the space to take their time and browse, so encourage this from the onset.

3. Use Some Interesting Mannequin

Mannequin for your retail store clothing

If you have a clothing store, or a little boutique shop at the end of the busy city centre mall, focus on your presentation.

Clothes are made to fit hangers and to look good on them, yes, but customers love to have a more natural, human visual to go by too!

And when you have some shop mannequins to display these clothes, you can expect quicker sales than ever before.

And by interesting poses, we mean the kind of poses that would look good in the street, and not on the catwalk.

Not all your customers will be into the modelling lifestyle, after all, and they’re looking for clothes that’d fit the shapes of their bodies.

You can look up a whole selection of mannequins and their makers at links like, as you’ll have a much better chance of finding the right model at a bespoke retailer, rather than just off Amazon.

4. Use Some Seating

And finally, if you’re looking to add some style to your shop floor, it’s time to get some comfy seating options out.

Some colourful stools, maybe?

An armchair or two outside the dressing room. Maybe even just a shelf that you mark as a ‘leaning post’ for anyone who’s just there to carry the bags! It’s a fun little feature, and it’d look great in your retail clothing shop.

Your shop needs a few finishing touches to get the right kind of customers, with pride of place. So why not incorporate some of these stylish ideas and begin to see an increase in your sales?

Presentation is everything!

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Post Author: Joseph Abimbola

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