Asides the intriguing articles you regularly read at Explicit Success, there are a number of services you can also get.

I know you may not have so much time to do what you ought to do and you are thinking of outsourcing that task or perhaps you need a touch of professionalism to convey your thoughts in the perfect voice.

If this is your case, congratulations! Just read this to the end and pick any of our services and see yourself moving to that height of satisfaction and gratification.

1. Ghostwriting


Time is a very scarce commodity and I understand how tight your schedules might be.

You have a strong desire to write your own book but so far, you have only been able to come up with a rough sketch of your outlines.

The good news – Explicit Success can flesh it out for you. Of course, you retain the authorship.

Similarly, the world is full of brilliant people with spectacular ideas and thoughts but not everyone is linguistically skilled.

Your area of strength might be interpersonal, existential, musical, mathematical or entrepreneurial. Not to worry, you can still have your books written with all your fantastic ideas embedded in it.

What you stand to gain – on a regular basis, you get to see how far your chapter has gone so you can make any adjustment to suit your taste or make any additions or subtractions.

In the end, you will have the whole book credited to your name. This is just to ensure your goals are accomplished without you having to blame the short time you have for it.

Time waits for no one, remember?

So, why not put the burden of your work, speeches, books or texts on Explicit Success and get the honour and title of an Author in a few months.

As a bonus, if you are extremely busy and you don’t have anything written, just send an audio recording of what your book entails and we can take it up from there. 

You could send a direct email to or and expect a response in a jiffy.

2. Copywriting


Do you need to churn out a couple of texts for the purpose of advertisement or marketing of your business or brand? You are in the right place. Whatever purpose you want to use your awareness for, Explicit Success can work with you to give you the right context and tone.

The fact that your product needs to be seen and patronized is a well-known fact and that is exactly what happens when you employ our services.

The process of collaboration and conceptual agreement is an easy and hitch-free one. Required optimization, developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and appropriate design will also be provided alongside the package.

You’ve got to convince your potential client to give you that call!

3. Freelance writing

freelance writing by explicit success
Our Services

Let’s write your articles of any niche professionally with your rules and specifications well adhered to. Lifestyle, relationship, news, health, education, business, food, education, technology or what have you?

Of course, the contents you will get are such that makes you smile the moment you read the first paragraph.

Without any iota of doubt, value for money and quality will be written all over your piece. Just in case you are out of ideas to write about in your niche, a list of titles will be provided for you.

All you need to do is pick some of the options here and get your work done seamlessly.

As a bonus, I will give you high-quality illustrative pictures without extra charges. Just let our team of experienced writers handle your next set of blog posts or articles. You’ll be intrigued!

If you love to tap the keyboards of your phone than your PC, you can call me or chat on WhatsApp via +2347064520081

4. Editing your texts

Editing service by explicit success
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Have you considered the fact that a number of skipped errors can reduce the enjoyment your reader gets as soon as they keep noticing your errors saying hi to them every now and then?

People can overlook your error if it happens once in a while. However, the moment it becomes a habit, they might lose interest along the way. I’m sure you don’t them to experience that, hence, Explicit Success can bridge the gap for you.

The truth is, even the most sophisticated editing apps may skip some contextual errors and expressive blunders. This is not due to a malfunction, it is because they are simply not humans.

For most apps, a sentence like – I am going to fry my eyes first before adding crayfish – looks normal.


“Fry” is no spelling blunder so your app might skip that. You can’t be frying your eyes to make a new recipe 🙄 . Perhaps you had a quick discussion about your eyes and mistakenly typed that instead of onions. 😆

There is also no gainsaying the fact that after many modifications of your texts, the brain gets tired. Then it begins to see what it expects to see and not what is actually there.

You need an editor that will look at your text freshly and see your errors with a second eye. Imagine writing “overlook” instead of “oversee”.  That kind of mistake could cost someone a job!

Get your contents error-free! Your typographical, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and contextual errors will surely be put in good shape. Your readers will not only read the right words but also feel good by your choice of rich lexis.

As a bonus to correcting your slight and major slipups, Explicit Success will improve your content structure in a way that preserves your exact style of writing. Having your work well revised is money well spent. 

5. Biographies

This includes executive profiles on brochures, books or company’s sites. You need a professional touch to use the right words to describe you and what you do as a company. You might also dedicate the biography to a page in a publication of yours. The end goal, of course, is to ensure everyone gets to know you more and leaves the page inspired. 

Life biographies are also available for any category of use. You might need to write about a friend or someone you wish to bring their history in black and white, we can help you to achieve just that.

A well-written biography is all you need plus some informal stories you might need to supply to create that perfect blend of sweet memories.

Basic facts such as education, relationship, family, work and any other details you would like to lay emphasis on are all that will be needed from you.  Our professional content writers at Explicit Success will blow your mind by churning out the deepest words that feel as real as your heart.

Expect nothing less than a creatively cooked biography shaped from your details you will provide.  Let us give everyone that reads it a good impression and lasting brand about the past or current existence of your loved ones.

Send a direct email to or and expect a response in a jiffy.

6. Public Speaking

Are you a school owner needing your students to start or continue their studies on the right note?

Are you the host of a conference or seminar and need someone to communicate to your audience in a way to get your goals and objectives realistically achieved?

Then what you need is to get us on board. I’m sure you’ll love to hear from professionals with a track record of excellence. The right words from the right person to your students or professional audience are needed for lasting impact.


Whatever your program schedules are, whether biennial, annual, biannual or quarterly, that event needs certain people who have been there. Been-there-done-that kind of thing.

I need not convince you that excellent students are more likely to retain success in other aspects of life and that’s the job done here. Make that decision to ensure your students reach for the stars.

Asides from speaking about academic excellence, other areas I have a plethora of experience in are Business, Emotional Intelligence and Transport.

Additionally, I am also open to making impacts through your social media handles such as your Whatsapp group, Facebook live videos, Instagram live classes and so on. All you need to do is send your invitation via email and your date will be compared with my existing activities.

Public speaking as our services
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If I am available on that date, you will receive an email notification as regards that within one week. However, a two weeks invitation in advance from you would be much appreciated. 

To use any of our services, contact us on WhatsApp via +2347064520081 or Visit here

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