15 Reasons Why Relationships Are Important In Business For Growth

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of making trust-based lifelong business relationships.

Little wonder they have one thing in common – they are good at building positive business ties with people who are involved in their business.

It can be their workers, suppliers, consumers, business associates, and all those who contribute to the continual survival of the business. Whether you are needing the perfect award for your outstanding employees or the most memorable way to promote your business, customized lapel pins are the answer to your marketing needs.

This article tells you about 8 importance of relationships for business growth and what it takes to develop lasting relations in your business.

1. It Enhances Communication Skills

Business relationships require you to interact and communicate frequently with your employees, customers, business associates, and suppliers.

This communication instills confidence at the time of interacting with people. It also hones communication skills and helps you develop even more relations without any hesitation.

2. It fosters friendship

This is another important benefit of building business relationships. It can even lead to building long-term or lifetime friendships.

When you become friends, you share fun and trust. Such positive relationships help both parties get more value from each other.

Thus, business relations can even get you long-term and trusted friends. Such relations are not just limited to work and profession. They are not solely based on profits.

As a matter of fact, business friendships offer a personal sense of fulfilment. They are full of joy and contentment that last longer.

3. It Brings You Repeated Business

Businesses benefit from returning customers which helps the expansion of the business. Having meaningful relationships is one of the important business expansion strategies.

So, here comes another important benefit of business relationships. It can get you repeated business through word-of-mouth publicity.

This is an important tool to achieve commercial success.

It helps in the generation of a vast pool of repeat and loyal customers. Many businesses devise ways that can help yield repeated business and one of them is the subscription model.

Its objective is to build as well as maintain long-term business relations with clients.

4. It Aids Business Reputation

Reputation is very important for the success of any business. How does a business earn a reputation?

Kindness, loyalty, attentiveness, and courtesy to the customers, business associates, and employees, are what help in achieving the long-term success of a business.

These are all the essential ingredients for building the reputation of your business. This will make people perceive you as an experienced and trustworthy business.

It will also help in the promotion of your business which, in turn, helps in receiving more business from them.

5. It Helps Advertise The Business

As I said before, your existing business will help you generate more business.

Building customer relationships is very important and “word of mouth” advertising is an effective advertising method that can help you form these good relationships.

They become advertising agents of the business and talk about your business to their near and dear ones.

This is also a cost-effective tool for the publicity of the business and the customers who come through a reference are usually contented with the business.

6. It Enhances Teamwork

Healthy business relations help build respect, loyalty, and trust among the employees which contributes to the development of the business.

A sound business relationship is one of the ways to improve their productivity and loyalty toward the business.

This, in turn, leads to teamwork which proves to be a vital component in the success and growth of the business.

7. It Helps to Successfully Sail Through Tough Times

When the business shares solid relationships with its customers and employees, it can easily overcome any difficulties or setbacks in the business.

Your customers will remain loyal to your business even during seasons of business losses and struggles.

They will have faith in the abilities of the business and are assured that it will bounce back soon.

8. Business Relationships bring Mutual Respect

Just like any other good relationship, respect is usually a key element in a customer-business relationship.

When a business has a good relationship with everyone involved with its business, there will be no customer who damages its reputation in the public.

Both parties (customers and businesses) will earn respect and attention.

It is futile to make relationships in haste. Be selective, and patient, and watch people before you form relationships. Such relationships share mutual respect which is one of the key elements of a successful business.

9. Customer Retention

Relationships are the bedrock of every progressive and prosperous business organization.

The success of a business in retaining its existing customers and in new customer acquisition largely depends on the kind of relationship that exists or that has been founded between a business and its customers.

Undoubtedly, for the growth and development of a business to be ensured, a very strong and excellent relationship must be present or exist between the business and its existing clients, also between its prospective customers.

Good business-customer relationships include frequent communications among all business stakeholders, ascertainment of customers’ well-being, frequently giving incentives (might be in form of discounts on goods purchased or even words of encouragement) to the customers, and concern about employees’ welfare.

This way, you are encouraging the customers for more patronage of your products and also the employees to input more energy for more production.

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10. Revenue Generation Enhancement

Good business relationships with customers help in creating revenue and building wealth for the business. To enhance your revenue, then you must have a top-notch relationship with your clients.

It goes without saying that, customers are the ultimate soul of the business, therefore enhancing the revenue generation of a business requires a strong business relationship with customers.

However, as a CEO of a business organization, you should sensitize your employees or workers on how well they should be treating customers. It is no doubt that customers are kings and queens, and as such, they should be treated.

11. Business Promotions and Recommendations

Quality speaks for itself they say, sometimes you do not have to go on radio stations or television stations to promote or advertise your business.

Customers can always promote, advertise and recommend your business to the general public on your behalf, based on the kind of relationship you share.

Having a good business relationship with customers is a great advantage for a business firm, quality products are a plus.

It is important to build relationships with your customers as these relationships speak the highest volumes and it is the ultimate determinant of customer retention.

12. Higher Patronage and Increase in net profit

Good business relationships increase customer patronage of a business product and in turn, enhance net profit.

Higher patronage of business products by customers helps increase productivity and therefore enhances business revenues.

Fundamentally, since the ultimate goal of a business is profit maximization, this can best be achieved by ensuring better relationships between the business stakeholders, particularly the customers and the public.

13. Increase Productivity

The high rate of goods produced in a business firm is largely dependent on the relationship that exists between a company’s employer, employees, and customers.

Employers should not only be concerned about the outputs and products of a company as this will seriously affect the relationship between employer-employees and customers. However, when the relationship existing between employer and employees is bad, it will seriously affect the production or output of a company.

Employees should be incentivized and encouraged, this will make them feel very important, of course, it is no doubt that every individual ultimate desire is to be loved and appreciated.

Appreciate your employees by incentivizing them regularly. It is one of the tested strategies to increase productivity in business and by extensions to the net profit.

You can also help them sharpen their career path by adopting career development best practices.

14. Business relationships build trust and confidence

Trust and confidence are fundamental factors in business transactions. Good business relationships help build trust and confidence between the business stakeholders, i.e, the CEO, employers, employees, customers, and the business environment.

Good business relationships attract customers to patronize the business products and outputs more. Also, it helps the employees to increase productivity and by extension to the business environment, it gives the business a conducive and comfortable atmosphere for smooth operations and functionality.

15. Business growth and development

Growth refers to the increase in the size, amount, or degree of something, thus, growth is an indispensable aspect of a business organization.

The growth and development of a business enterprise are evidence of its relationship with the rest of the world.

However, it is significant to realize that, the success and prosperity of a business firm, measured in terms of growth and development is determined by its relationships with business stakeholders.

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What Does It Take To Develop Lasting Relations In Your Business?

Having seen the benefits of building long-term relations, let me show you how you can achieve it in your business.

1. Show Your Personal Side

Customers relate to the businesses that occasionally post articles/personal stories that talk about their journeys, inspiring moments, life-changing events, their strengths at low times, etc.

People appreciate businesses that do not hide talking about themselves. If you cannot create content or if that isn’t your core, get affordable professional content creators.

It makes you more credible and trustworthy. You may think it would make you more vulnerable to your customers but it’s worth making relations with those who would accept you both on a professional as well as personal level.

2. First, “Give” What You Expect

A business-customer relationship should be based on a trusted foundation. It is important to note that, just like any business would want “loyal” customers, it has to be loyal and trusted to them as well. It goes both ways.

Your business should be “committed” to providing the best level of services to its customers. You should be so generous that you should not mind even if you “lose” some customers.

This is because kindness, loyalty, and trust will earn you the right customers who would “value” it and stay.

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3. Equal Treatment To All

A business needs to be “honest”. It has to treat everyone with kindness, and respect. You should not deceive or cheat your customer.

It has to treat everyone at the same level. Every business must value the importance of respect for others.

There should be no discrimination such as valuing a specific set of people and ignoring the rest.  This will hurt the sentiments of customers and, this way, a business can lose its customers.

4. Make Meaningful Connections

A successful business is not based on shallow, transitory, and fleeting relationships. Such a relationship does not last long and does not return more business or referrals.

There are numerous business tips for success. One of them is that a business should take a lot of time and put in a good amount of thought before diving into any new connection.

It should be selective to make relationships with only those that have the “potential” to offer “commitment”.

5. Plan Fun-Filled Activities

If you want to make a strong bond with your teammates or customers, involve them in activities that interest them. It has been seen that people connect more on the level of mutual activities than words and work.

It could be games/sports, art, entertainment, hangouts at public places, attending community events, etc. There are diverse ways to retain your employees and customers.

Spend fun moments together to gain valuable insights about them and make lasting memories for the future.

6. Do Not Wish For “What You Can’t Deliver”

There is nothing wrong with expecting certain things from your customers such as loyalty and attention. It is equivalent to setting the proper boundaries.

A relationship that does not have these key ingredients is likely to fall apart sooner or later.  But before that, having formidable business team members who are “capable” and ready to deliver these to its customers /employees is important.

Such relationships never lead to disappointments.

7. Start From Your Side

This is another valuable tip to help people develop solid ties with your business.

It’s the principle behind the trend of giving promotional products to employees/customers. Several businesses have benefitted from this technique.

The key is to offer branded freebies at corporate events, get-togethers, trade shows, corporate meetings, team lunches, etc.

When people get freebies that make their daily life easy, they like to work with that business. It increases the likeability of the business.

When they see the brand name several times a day, it gets registered in their minds. So, whenever they want a product or service, they would refer to that business.

This offering is not just limited to a thing. It can also be in the form of supporting advice – how-to guides that solve their problems, e-books, meaningful corporate events, training workshops & webinars.

You can also make them a part of a social media community that shares an abundance of helpful articles and blogs. All these prove to be very helpful in enriching the experience of customers.

Generous businesses that offer selfless guidance & support to their customers or enhance their knowledge are valued.

They make lasting business partnerships and relationships.

When you use your experience, expertise, and skills to educate, assist, and motivate & serve the needy, it helps in developing a solid foundation.

Such professional relationships endure the test of time. Whether it is the content you write or an event you organize, your helping attitude will yield rewarding returns.



So, you have learned how important it is to build strong and lasting relations in business.

Irrespective of the business you own, you need to develop as well as maintain business relations. This is an essential part of the success of the business.

It is also important to note that lasting business relationships take consistent work, selectivity, engagement and dedication. These are important to find great people and expand relations.

If you found this insightful, kindly drop a comment. 😉 

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