25 never-changing business tips for success

Every business owner wants to be successful, and that, of course, includes you. Perhaps you don’t own a business in its rigid sense; yet, I’d not be wrong to say that whatever service you render to people in exchange for monetary value is also a form of business.

Success is a destination, but there is a path that leads to that destination.

Our perception of what success looks like determines our decisions along the path and that’s why certain businesses are regarded as more successful than others.

The secret to being successful is to take what you do effortlessly as a form of business. Until your job or your profession becomes your business, you’d only continue to move in circles.

Employees who succeed in their corporate organizations are those who took their jobs personally; in other words, they took that job as their personal business.

All I’m trying to say is, success is linked to business. We only talk of successful people because they were successful at what they did. That “WHAT” is what I say must become a BUSINESS.

So, today, I’d be sharing with you twenty-five (25) business tips that I believe would help you achieve success in life.

25 Never-changing Business Tips For Success

Have you ever seen anyone who became successful by doing what they don’t love? Perhaps you have, then I must tell you it was an alien you saw.

Even our high school instincts taught us that we are likely to fail a subject we despise its teacher. The path to success shares that same opinion.

I know it sounds like a cliché to say “do what you love.” Yet, it is a true saying that he who does what he loves, will succeed at what he does. So, if you want to be successful in life, do what you are passionate about.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

Passion is like fire in the soul, it burns the heart of those who bear it. Yet, like a candle, it goes off after melting.

Growth is a natural phenomenon and its principles cannot be broken regardless of the form of its appearance. Whatever must grow must be fed.

Success is the climax, but before you reach that point, you must maintain consistent growth in whatever you do. In other words, you must improve your business.

People are looking for better ways to do things with every invention of technology. Hence, you must ensure that you’re updated on the trending ways of doing things.

If your grandmother taught you hairdressing, you should seek to develop that skill to what is invoked in this century rather than maintaining your grandma’s style of the 18th century.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

If you’ve discovered what you love doing, you should also discover those who love what you do.

Has it ever occurred to you that certain persons widely celebrated in life, in your own opinion, aren’t doing anything worth it?

But really the truth is that you only despise them because you aren’t interested in what they do, not because they aren’t doing anything worthwhile. In other words, you are not their audience.

It is one thing to discover the right things to do, it is another thing to discover the right place to do them; each one affects the other.

When what you do does not influence anyone around you, you can never reach the climax of success. So, go find your audience and show them what you’ve got.

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25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

Albert Einstein once said: “a person who never fails is a person who never tries anything.” We all face fears whenever we attempt to pursue a course in life, however, if we continue to harbour our fears, we’d only remain indecisive, thereby limiting ourselves of the possibility of success.

Rome was not built in a day; the path to success is long but progressive.

Khloe Kardashian once said “We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all. Start small so you don’t get discouraged and give up.”

You don’t hit your jackpot by staying idle and observing the weather. You don’t have to start perfectly; in fact, you can’t start perfectly.

Start with what you have; do it the best way you can. Then, gradually you’d win the approval of your audience; this leads me to the next tip…


Dwayne Johnson, the famous wrestler (retired) and actor said “Success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success.”

The path to success is a slow but progressive journey, and only consistency can keep you on track in this tiring lane.

Consistency is an important virtue, especially when you’re just starting a business or a career. It gets you noticed easily.

Rather than trying different things at the same time, it is only wise that you stick to one and get consistent with it.

Although being consistent does not mean automatic success, if you’re consistent with what you do, you’d always learn from your failures or mistakes and improve in the way you do things. Sooner or later you’d become successful at it.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

Pablo Picasso, an expatriate painter and sculptor said “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

A plan is like a guiding map that will lead you to your destination. It is a common saying that he who fails to plan has planned to fail. So if you want to achieve success, go get a plan!

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

People love brands; people are devoted to brands. If you want your audience to get engaged with you or what you do at a deeper level, then you should consider branding yourself.

Alice Temperley once said, “You have to stay true to your heritage, that’s what your brand is about.” This is surely what leads to success in business.

“Brand matters and ESPN is, by far, the most popular sports brand. People trust ESPN,” – John Skipper.

What do you want to be known for? Brand yourself with that thing.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

No one will ever hear about you if they do not know you.

They are not going to buy what you sell if you do not advertise it to them. No one can be associated with you if you do not associate with them.

That is marketing.

It is one thing to possess the qualities of a good brand; It is another thing to be identified as a good brand. In fact, you don’t have a brand until people recognize you for what you do. So if you desire success, you must learn to speak out.


As you begin to develop your brand, people automatically begin to get associated with you.

A good brand provides platforms for a loyal audience to communicate with each other and with the brand itself.

Get on social media platforms. Create groups and community platforms for mutual communication. Converge your loyal audience on a platform; such platforms help to build trust thereby enhancing your brand.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

There was a time Apple customers complained about the restrictions of using third-party keyboards with the apple phones. In 2014, Apple responded to the groaning of its customers by introducing the iOS feature.

If you want to maintain the loyalty of your audience, you must learn to listen to them.

Your service or product isn’t for yourself; it is to satisfy your customers. If you’d maintain them, you must keep them happy; the best way to keep your customers happy is to listen to their demands and adjust to suit them wherever and whenever necessary.


Competition is the inner drive for excellence. Don’t settle for the ‘better;’ go for the ‘best.’

It’s a good thing to satisfy your audience with their desired quality now; however, you should know that man’s needs and wants are constantly changing increasingly.

If they discover you can no longer satisfy them or meet their demands, they’d go for someone who can.

There is always a better way of doing things, there’s always a more satisfying product, so think beyond your present achievement and strive to be better. This leads us to the next tip.


Matthew Odgers, the Attorney/Founder of Odgers Law Group, said: “the sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients.”

You cannot solve everyone’s problem, neither can you solve all of your customer’s problems, however, a good approach to life is to listen to their needs, complaints, suggestions, appraisals, contributions, then respond favourably to their requests.

Naturally, we get so thrilled at the event of success that all we quickly think about is ourselves – our goals, our desires, our services, our products, our career and so on.

If you want to be successful, I’d suggest you take a different approach to life with this tip: think less of yourself, and think more of your customers.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Show your care by thinking of your customers and reflecting this in the products you create and the services you render.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

“There is always something to learn from everyone you cross paths with because it’s either you learn how to succeed or how to become a failure in life by looking at someone else’s life” – Edmond Mbiaka.

If you want to be successful, walk with those who are successful, read about them, research about them, watch how they do things, ask questions, learn from their mistakes and gain from their experiences.

The more you surround yourself with successful stories, with an aim to learn from them, the better your mind is conditioned to succeed.


If you followed tip #6, it means you already have a target of what you want to achieve within a timeframe.

Once you have achieved a set plan, don’t relax or settle down as though like that’s all to be achieved in life.

Every achievement is a call for expansion. Success is in levels. To achieve a set plan is a level of success; however, to remain successful you have to expand in quality and size.

Go for more ambitious projects, engage in more daring innovations, be inventive and try new things.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

You, surely, must have heard the saying: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” As you expand in your endeavours, you have more demands – more customers to satisfy.

This calls for speed in production or services rendered, at the same time maintaining quality.

You may have started off your business as a sole proprietor, however, as your business grows and you expand, you should learn to keep to one task (usually the major task), while you assign the minor tasks to your employees in the proportion of their degree of expertise.


It is a misconception to think you are getting the best out of your employees by reducing the number of staffers in your organization and imposing multiple tasks.

An employer is said to maximize his employee when he discovers the strength of each employee and assigns related tasks in order to get the best output from him.

By imposing multiple tasks on your staff members, you will not only wear them out but you will also end up with inefficient results and in turn, deny your customers of full satisfaction.


The ability to take stock of your growth in business is a key value in achieving your desired success.

Take note of where you are coming from, consider where you are and again determine where you want to be. Then review your plan by adjusting your goals and objectives, if necessary, in order to mark a defined path to reach your destination – success.


To be honest with yourself is to be realistic with your plans, goals and objectives. It is an important virtue that you should possess even from the start of your success journey.

You should be honest with your skills and abilities; be honest with your passions. The fact that you love music doesn’t correlate with your ability to sing.

People might be passionate about one thing but they may not have the gift to do that thing. The fact that you admire certain successful people does not mean you have to do exactly what they do to be successful.

It’s good to dream big, but it’s better to start small. Don’t engage in a multimillion-dollar project when your annual revenue is still in thousands. Be honest with your present status and don’t appear bigger than you really are. If your clients find out, you’d lose their trust.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

Neil Gaiman in his book, The Graveyard Book, said: “If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.” It takes courage to take risks, and that is an expedient quality for anyone who desires to succeed.

Life itself is an experiment, we get certain clues of success from those who have experimented with life, however, we can only be successful when we launch out and experiment things ourselves.

Fear keeps you back from taking risks and you’d never achieve anything if you remain susceptible to fear.

So don’t just sit down or maintain a routine way of life and expect success. Such miracles don’t happen. Whatever it is you’re planning, as long as you are willing to stay committed till you succeed, believe in yourself and go for it.


There are many distractions on the path of success: discouragement, competition, failures, stress, doubts, fears, etc.

The key to overcoming all these daunting distractions is to stay focused, believe in your dreams and pursue them, even when no one else does. Believe it is possible.

The appraisals of men might distract you; it gives you a false perception of your true status.

Always go back to the blueprint; never allow others to define your true success. No one knows where you are going as much as you do.

Remember they’re distractions, all they aim to do is to lure you off the path of success, but you must not permit them to take over you. If you must succeed, you must stay focused.


Anyone who aims to climb the ladder of success should be prepared for leadership.

Whatever platform that elevates you above others is a platform to lead others.

As you grow in your business and become successful, you begin to draw attention to yourself. Even your staffers look up to you for direction. Don’t be directionless.

The success of an organization is dependent on the quality of its leader.

John Maxwell, author and speaker said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

In other words, the success of the organization is completely dependent on the ability of the leader to bring every member of the organization to achieve the desired goal.

If you desire to be successful, improve your leadership skill. There are more than enough free and subsidized leadership courses at your disposal.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

Read, read, and read! I cannot overemphasize the benefits of reading in achieving great success.

He who is lazy at reading isn’t serious enough to succeed. Joseph Addison says, “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” If you want to succeed, then learn from people who have succeeded.

Read biographies, autobiographies, books on motivation, courage, business, success, and everything related to your passion.

There is plenty of wisdom to glean from those who have experimented with life and most of them are hidden in books. So go get a book today, and start reading!

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

What goes around comes around. Someone is going to help you achieve your own dreams and pursuits in life, so it is wise that you help others achieve theirs too while you can.

You never can tell if you’d hit a better idea or innovation by working with others to achieve theirs.

25 Never-Changing Business Tips for Success

Along with success comes weariness and laxity, possibly from your past failures or success (perhaps from your contentment with life).

It is one thing to attain success; it is another thing to maintain it. Note that this tip isn’t a call to be hardworking; rather it is a call to work harder. Why? It’s because success brings more responsibilities along with it.


There is a pride that comes with your achievements but you must be careful not to permit it as this might hinder you from reaching your destination.

Achievement isn’t synonymous to success. An achievement is a by-product of walking the path of success, but it’s not success in itself.

So, take the weights off your shoulders, be humble, learn from others, learn from your mistakes and be successful.

That wraps up my 25 business tips for you to achieve success. I guarantee you that if you go by these tips, you’re sure to succeed, it’s just a matter of time.


Remember, consistency is key.

Knowledge becomes power when we act on the knowledge we have. These tips are actionable points. It is up to you to do something incredible with them from the very first to the last.

You probably might have practised (or still practising) some of the tips I have listed, stay consistent with those.

If there are any of them you’re yet to imbibe, start doing them now!

So, which of them are you going to do next?


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Post Author: Isaac Okunola

Isaac Okunola is a writer, motion graphics designer, video editor and an aspiring filmmaker. He loves storytelling and all forms of visual designs. If he is not with working, then he is learning.

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