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17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs

The reality of running any kind of modern business is that it can often feel like you’re spinning plates. You’re trying to keep everything balanced but the moment you turn to focus on something, everything else starts wobbling and is ready to fall at any moment.

The truth is that you simply can’t handle everything involved in making a business successful entirely by yourself. Fortunately, there is a solution to that issue – outsourcing.

Being able to take elements of your business and put them in the hands of experts is one of the best things that you can for both your business and yourself.

With that in mind, here are just a few areas of your business that can be improved by outsourcing them.

17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs


This involves writing pieces of specific information regarding a service or subject of discussion. It is crucial that every business organization plan to develop content for its organization as good content is the path to attract customers and traffic to your business.

The demand for good content writers is on the rise as most firms decide to outsource this service to improve business performance.

Good contents convert visitors into customers which in turn creates sales and profit for a firm.

2. Marketing

17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs

There’s no doubt that marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your business is if no one knows it exists.

However, marketing is often a lot more complicated than many business owners think, especially in the digital age. Because of that, being able to outsource your marketing is extremely valuable.

From SEO to B2B to social media, understanding how to market a business in the modern age is something that takes a great deal of understanding and expertise. It is something that external agencies can offer in ways you might never be able to.

3. Advertising

As most business organizations are in need of promoters and marketers for their products/services, the struggle of promoting products and services is competitive. A variety of goods are available to select from but the amount of creativity put into promoting and advertising these services determines the consumers’ decision.

Since advertisements for products and services play a vital role in profit-making, this task is better left in the hands of professionals with qualified experience. This will also create time for other important business activities and reduce stress.


Most successful companies do not take it upon themselves to produce goods that will be consumed in the production process. For example, a drink-producing company does not produce bottles, crates, and other components of the drink, instead, they outsource it to other firms to ensure the smooth manufacturing of the main product.

Outsourcing the manufacturing of some of your commodities not only saves money but also reduces the workload that would have stagnated the growth of your company.

Knowing these, manufacturing and production of component parts are services you should outsource except, of course, you are capable of doing that yourself.

5. Event Management

17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs

Hosting and managing an event is not an easy job to execute especially by a firm preoccupied with other pressing business demands. Burdening staffs with the task of executing numerous events plan coupled with other core business activities could be time-consuming.

Many firms ditch the idea of involving their staff in event management. Why? They are aware of the indirect effect it would have on the business. Hence, they patronize the idea of outsourcing the event planning of their firm.

As the need for event planners is on the rise, it is rapidly becoming a commonly outsourced service.


This is a basic need for every business organization. The act of documenting everyday business activity in an organized manner helps to save a considerable amount of money for the organization and creates efficiency and effectiveness.

It will also help to cut down the workload of various firms & allow both the employer and employees to concentrate more on the primary goal of the firm.

This role of accounting and bookkeeping can be outsourced to professionals for better services when you have no accountant.


Keeping your business premises neat should be a top priority for every firm. Most customers’ decision of continuous patronage depends largely on this. Fortunately, the cost of acquiring cleaning equipment and maintaining the cleanliness of a firm is as simple as ABC.

However, engaging staff to clean the company can reduce staff morale and indirectly reduce productivity. Therefore, some companies would prefer to enjoy a better quality of service, increased productivity, and also reduce the costs of acquiring cleaning equipment by outsourcing the task to a cleaning company.


17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs

The world has grown past times when data were stored manually. The era of storing information manually is considered unsafe for firms that aim to secure sensitive data. Hence, the need to hire a data security professional is important to your firm.

Storing data online requires the services of a professional to eliminate the risk of having vital organizational data being hacked. This role can be outsourced to agencies with a special focus on online data security.

9. Maintenance and repairs

Most manufacturing organizations own one or more fleets of vehicles for transporting their products or services. Subjected to the law of diminishing value, these pieces of machinery lose their value & eventually need the help of a maintenance expert.

Such experts already know what it takes to run a fleet successfully and outsourcing your maintenance tasks to them will save you and your firm from a lot of worries. This is the norm in most engineering firms.

Your website also requires the services of a professional web designer to maintain and renew your online hosting payments as at when due.


It is important that firms keep up with the latest technological innovations and ways of using them. Business tactics are becoming more advanced. Every organization should thrive to be current with new ways of carrying out business activities to increase the revenue of the firm.

To achieve this new level of knowledge and get the most of the new knowledge, firms engage their workers in pieces of training from outsourced training facilitators.


In today’s world, businesses do not preoccupy themselves making research that will assist in the development of the firm. Instead, they outsource this service to specialized teams in the research field.

When research and development are outsourced, you will be able to pay more attention to core business activities and not be distracted from the firm’s original goal. The act of hiring teams for the research of your products and services will help you to get possible solutions to rising problems. In the long run, the relevance of such a business will increase.

12. Customer Service

17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs

Customer Service is an important part of every business which plays a major role in its success. Both small-scale and large-scale enterprises require feedback from their customers to maintain or increase satisfaction. Increased satisfaction retains and further increase customer base which equates increased sales. This chain of positive events is the sole purpose of every business organization. 

Firms do not take the position of customer service lightly as it is the bedrock of every establishment. It also determines the level of progress recorded by firms. This function can be outsourced to reliable customer service specialists if you require a professional touch.

13. Business Mobile Application

Nowadays, many startups build mobile applications for on-the-go transactions. Applications are becoming a niche in society as every individual has one app or the other on their smartphones. 

Providing a mobile application to improve the customer base is a pretty good thing to do. However, setting it up might be time-consuming. Depending on your level of skill, this might seem like an easy task to execute. However, I’ll advise you to leave it for a professional app developer to get a better service. 

Amateur work is a bit off for customers as they might compare your application to the product/ service you have to offer. Since the major aim is to make sales, focusing on that aspect would be fine. Then, you outsource the app development to able hands. 

14. Web Design

The creativity and time required when designing a website may not be readily available to a staff preoccupied with other business transactions.

You want to also ensure the design of your website does not affect your business, hence, you’ll need a professional design.

These merits including increased productivity, growth, efficiency, less cost, and reduced stress are reasons you should outsource your web design.

It is also very important that you analyze your firm. This will help you to discover its weaknesses and strengths before deciding which service to outsource.

15. Recruitment

17 Most Commonly Outsourced Services Your Business Needs

Every organization recruits skilled and qualified workers for its firm at a certain point in time. At times, an employer is at a loss for the qualities needed in an employee.

For example, as a hospital owner, you are in dire need of a good web developer for the development of your firm’s website. However, you have little or no knowledge of the skills required to build a website or the qualities needed in a skilled web developer.

Hence, you have no choice but to outsource the task of hiring a professional website developer to a recruitment agency. Leaving the work of hiring personnel has become a commonly outsourced business service.

Finding the right employees is always essential but going about that process can be a nightmare. By working with a recruitment agency, you can avoid having to wade through piles of applications just to find those few gems.

Not only that, many recruitment agencies like https://www.redwigwam.com can help you much more easily understand what it is that you really want out of any prospective employees. This will make the hiring process a whole lot smoother.


Making videos and posting them on social media is fast becoming a trend as most individuals now go to the extreme to draw views and followers to themselves.

One of the ways of gathering these views is by creating high-quality content that only video editing specialists can make.

This makes the demand for video editors to be on the rise and in turn, makes video editing a commonly outsourced business service.

To be frank, not everyone has a skill in video editing and a level of expertise is needed to enjoy something spectacular especially when it’s about the product or service you have to offer. 

17. IT

Your business’s IT solutions are likely to be right at the heart of everything that you do. After all, in the modern era, there are very few parts of a business that aren’t filtered through IT

Because of that, you need to make sure that you’re keeping it functioning as well as you possibly can. Being able to reach out to excellent IT companies is one of the best possible ways to ensure that your IT is always at the highest possible standard.

That way you can be sure that everything is functioning properly without the maintenance of it taking up huge amounts of your time and energy. Visit https://tvit.net/ for more information.


There you have it – 17 commonly outsourced services. As an entrepreneur, you may wonder if you should outsource the services listed above. To clear your doubts, many firms are in the business of outsourcing their workload. Hence, it will be a pretty good thing to join the trend as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

I know that outsourcing can be a kind of scary thing for you as a business owner. This is simply because you may end up feeling as though you’re losing control of your business to a certain extent.

After all, most people set up their own businesses to be able to take charge of their careers.

However, you need to remember that it’s not a matter of losing control of your business. It’s being able to delegate certain tasks for both the sake of your business and your own health. I’m sure you don’t want to burn out.

So, which of the commonly outsourced services are you planning to choose?

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