Don’t glue your butt to your favourite chair at home, eyes all day on your laptop in search of your dream job. That you’re unemployed doesn’t mean you can’t engage in these activities and earn cool cash and experience while you’re at it.

This article is for you; you who have been trying to get a job for over a month now. You have got the requisite skill and experience to land your dream job and have sent out CV upon CV (or perhaps resume upon resume).

Maybe you have also written and re-written your application letter so much that you deserve to be awarded “The Nobel Prize for (the mastery of) Cover letter”. 😉

Pause a bit, mate and learn how you could use this time you have at your disposal intelligently.

1. Writing

I’ll be honest with you. I became a content writer because I was unemployed for a while. Prior to this time, I had always known my writing skills were beyond average but I never did anything lucrative with it.

In my spare time, I wrote short stories, poems, inspirational pieces and all but never took writing seriously. When my few days of unemployment turned to so many months of unemployment, I ran back to my ‘first love’- Writing!

So any time you see my article on this blog, be sure to thank ‘Mr Unemployment!

Perhaps, just like me, you have what it takes to cash out on writing but you have relegated this innate ability to the background and are too busy chasing your ‘dream job’. Your deliverance has come!

Apart from content writing, many part-time opportunities exist in the field of writing such as freelance writing for an editorial, Book editing, screenwriting, blogging, participating in short story competitions, among others.

2. Ushering

This is a part-time activity that gives instant cash. Ushers are usually paid per-day with a day’s activity being between 2 to 5 hours.

If you are an individual with a pleasant attitude (or at least who can maintain a pleasant attitude for a few hours 😆 ) and you are willing to stand for a couple of hours, then you are on your way to earning instant cash by ushering.

3. Marketing

Some reputable organizations hire part-time marketers who get payments strictly on a commission basis. These marketers are not to be physically present during workdays and as such get payments based on the result.

Also, in some parts of Africa, there exists another form of part-time marketing where the individual works on weekdays but get benefits based on daily sales.

Such is not under any obligation to work for the company for any specific period of time.

If you are someone with the innate ability of persuasion, perhaps you should put it to good use in the field of marketing!

4. Teaching

One profession that can never be outdated is teaching. During the Stone Age, we were taught how to light a fire with stones. Even in this digital age, we still need to learn how to create fire without stones.

My point really is that no matter the age the world is, there will always be a need for a teacher! Teaching is a field with numerous opportunities as there is no limit to the number of things that can be taught.

Also, even without the skill or experience of a teacher, everyone on this earth is capable of teaching at least one thing successfully. With technological advancement in this digital age, there are so many teaching mediums which ensure that distance is no longer a barrier between teachers and prospective students.

So cash in on perhaps the most important profession in the world and teach someone something you know.

5. Event Coordination

Most people are familiar with event decoration and planning but not with coordination. A lot of people don’t know that, apart from the hiring of event decorators and planners, event coordinators are also useful.

Sometimes, the services of event coordinators are independent of planners and decorators; Yes! You heard it on this blog first! 😀 

An event coordinator is a go-between for the client and guests. During events, he/she usually coordinate different activities such as the activities of Ushers, servers e.t.c.).

Prior to an event, a coordinator should come for a compulsory one-day briefing called Vendors meeting. And here’s the juicy part, an event coordinator is usually paid higher than an usher.

6. Modelling

10 Things To Do When Unemployed And Bored
10 Things To Do When Unemployed And Bored

Contrary to popular belief, modelling is not all about half-naked skinny individuals parading the runway. It is a broad profession that involves individuals of different shapes, sizes and age groups (e.g plus size models, petite models, child models, mature models).

Modelling is also not limited to ‘clothes’. For instance, Part modelling is a form of modelling that involves body parts such as the feet (e.g shoe or nails modelling), hands (jewellery, nails or beauty products modelling), eyes (beauty product modelling), among others.

Modelling is a lucrative business which yields daily returns. So, put that unemployed body to good and profitable use!

7. Ride Share

Rideshare is a modern cab system such as Uber, Taxify, Cabiride, among others. A lot of people do not know that a car owned solely for private use is primarily a liability. However, putting your car into use via the rideshare medium can actually transform your car from a liability into an asset.

If you still have that outdated belief that ‘driving’ is a job for the poor, perhaps you haven’t heard of Gavin Escalor, an uber driver who, in 2015, had an annual income of $252,000  ($3,000 to $18,000 monthly from jewellery sales to uber passengers).

He owns four cars, employs six drivers and is the reason for the coinage, Uberpreneur.

Do you know you can also make money from rides share apps through referrals? Don’t let that car lie idle for another day, put it to good use now!

8. Call Centre

Although call centres exist in different parts of the world.

In advance countries, employees of call-centres have relatively flexible work hours and yet get better payments than most part-time jobs.

This makes working in a call centre in these parts of the world one of the most lucrative part-time jobs which will have minimal interference with your job hunt.

9. Nanny/Babysitting

10 Things To Do When Unemployed And Bored
10 Things To Do When Unemployed And Bored

Whether during a baby boom period or not, the services of nannies or baby sitters is a constant need (Full time and part-time). Families with full-time nannies still require part-time Nannies for weekends or special occasions.

Getting a part-time nanny or babysitting duty is as simply asking a friend or family member whether if need your services in this aspect. When you carry out a job well by feeding and grooming the child for success, you are on your way to getting more jobs through referrals.

So start sitting on those babies today! 🙄

10. Handiwork

No matter how huge and prosperous industries and organizations become, there will always be room for handiwork. Handiwork includes photography, painting, knitting, jewellery making, bead making, makeup (cosmetology), tailoring and so on.

The period of being unemployed is a good period to optimize the knowledge of handiwork you have. During this period, you would have ample time to perfect your craft or art through practice.

Never let the fear that you haven’t attained the status of a pro stop you from having a handiwork. If you have basic knowledge in bead making, go ahead and do more. Your craft has potential customers because some individuals see the beauty in ‘simplicity’.

So put your ‘hands’ to ‘work’ and reap all the monetary benefits!


While you begin to earn some cool cash with these ideas and your dream job finally comes, your personal assistant might just be the one to receive the good news.

A phone call inviting you to pick up your appointment letter. No jokes! 🙄

A sage once said: “Sometimes delay opens your eyes to opportunities you would have otherwise ignored and forces you to tap into unused or underdeveloped potentials”.

And guess who this sage is?? Me! 😉

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Post Author: Anne Acho

Anne Acho is the classic example of a ‘Jack of all trade and a master of many!’ She is passionate about writing, teaching and performing arts (music, dance and public speaking in particular!) She writes articles, short stories, poetry, and inspirational pieces. She describes her writing style as Infocomedic; a powerful combination of information and soul refreshing jokes to ensure her pieces are forever etched in your heart.

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