How To Raise A Successful And Happy Child

You often think of your children as extensions of yourself.

This is true whether or not they are biological or adopted. Blood is sometimes not thicker than water, and you could see the true love of a Step-Dad for his adoptive daughter.

When it comes to parenting, you want the best for your children. It’s why no career is often worth sacrificing all of your familial time for unless that will be a temporary step to reaching the next level.

But when you have your own affairs in order, how can you pass down what you’ve learned to your child?

You might wish that you had a headstart in life when trying to realize your dreams, but how can you give this to your child or children without crippling them?

Jackie Chan, legendary actor and martial artist famously suggested that he would be giving exactly zero dollars of his hard-earned fortune to his children as an inheritance.

He believes that raising them with the proverbial silver spoon will only reduce them in the long run – A bold strategy.

Even if you choose not to follow that yourself, the intention is true. So, how can you set up habits in your children, without being a tyrant, in order to help them gain confidence and lead them to a lifetime of success?

Let us consider the following insights to this end:

1. Accepting Mistakes

Fortunately, your child is going to make many mistakes in their lifetime. Fortunately, this is the ethos you need in order to help your child grow.

What do you think is the healthiest means for your child to develop?

The fact that they will never make a mistake and never have to make a plan B. 

Or, would you prefer them to be open to mistakes and to learn from them? To grow, to become wiser and to have that memory as something that provides them value?

While you’d be tempted to select the first option, you would ultimately be limiting their freedom by doing so.

Allowing your child to accept mistakes is important. Provided it comes with the caveat that they are always learned from, and never used as the final sentence in their story.

After all, they will never fail if they make a mistake, but they will fail if they give up. Taking the sting out of mistakes can be the healthiest possible lesson you teach them.

2. Always Trying

Your child needn’t be the best guitarist, swimmer or cyclist.

They needn’t be the best at their part-time job. Yes, they needn’t learn to spell perfectly by the age of 10. They needn’t become Mr. Olympia at the IFBB competitions, or become a famous actor.

But they do need to try at whatever they find interesting and try their best. If you can always let them know this, then the unfair pressure is removed from their shoulders, and they feel incentivized, not burdened, to keep going and carry on the race.

This can only be healthy. It might also encourage you to invest in their hobbies and interests, such as checking out these top 15 new products from NAMM 2019 should they have musical interests.

3. Follow Their Own Path

It’s one thing to walk in your footsteps and can be quite humbling to see them do so.

But they must never be forced to. They have their own legacy to build. When you give them permission to do so they feel naturally excited about the future.

If they choose to follow in your footsteps, that could be great. If not, that’s great too. It all depends on your vantage point.

With these tips, you’re sure to raise a healthy child first, and a successful person second. Ironically, this increases their chances of success in all walks of life.

Hope you found this interesting?

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Post Author: Joseph Abimbola

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