5 Ideas to Match Your Watch With Your Outfit

Whether you wear your watch as a fashion accessory or a tool to help manage your time, it’s always nice to have a little inspiration for choosing your next watch.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your watch doesn’t match the rest of your outfit, you know how frustrating it can be.

But don’t worry, we’ve got five ideas for mixing up your look and making sure that your watch will match it perfectly next time.

1. The Classic:

When in doubt, go with black. A black watch can work with almost anything in your closet and never go out of style.

It’s also easy to pair with other accessories like bracelets and necklaces, so you can make it yours without worrying about clashing colors. 

2. The Bold:

If you’re feeling colorful today, try wearing a bright yellow or orange watch with a bold patterned dress or shirt.

There are a plethora of reasons why wearing a watch is attractive and looking like sunshine on any day is one of them.

If you’re wearing all black, try a watch with a white face or vice versa.

You can also go for an entirely different color scheme like purple and yellow or orange and green—just make sure that the colors compliment each other!

3. Go for texture:

A leather strap is great if you’re wearing an all-cotton pantsuit, but if you want to make sure your watch matches a wool jacket or silk blouse, try something like crocodile skin or snakeskin instead.

It adds an extra bit of texture to your ensemble while still being appropriate for almost any occasion! 

4. The Sporty:

If you’re headed out for a run or playing tennis or some outdoor fun activities, make sure that you’re wearing something comfortable and functional.

For example, a digital watch with large numerals for easy reading during workouts (or if you’re just not very good at math) would be fine .

This way, no matter what happens on the court, at least one thing will be easy: knowing how much time is left on the clock!

5. Go big!

Big watches are very trendy right now, so if you have one on hand, then, by all means, wear it!

Just make sure that it’s not too big for where you’re going—you don’t want people staring at your wrist instead of looking at your face!

You’ve got your watch, and you’re ready to wear it. Now, let’s talk about what makes a great watch in the first place.

What a good watch looks like

1. A good watch is versatile

One of people’s biggest mistakes when buying a watch is getting something that will only match one thing in their closet.

The best kind of watch for you works with the majority of your wardrobe—and if it doesn’t? You should probably add it to that wardrobe! Try the Seiko samurai.

2. A good watch isn’t too flashy

You want people to notice and appreciate your watch but not be distracted by it. If you’ve ever worn a super-flashy watch and thought, “Wow, this person loves watches,” congratulations!

You’ve found a great way to show off your taste in timepieces without being obnoxious!

3. A good watch has some personality

A good watch should reflect its owner’s personality—and if you’re going for something super flashy or edgy, don’t be afraid to go all-out with accessories like earrings and necklaces that match up well with your look overall.

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