What Can I Do Outside By Myself? Try These 49 Fun Activities

With stay-at-home orders finally seeming to leave for good, many people are turning their attention to the great outdoors.

Having spent so much time inside, there’s never been a bigger time to appreciate mother nature and all things located outside. Staring at the same four walls day after day does nothing to improve your mental and physical health.

Getting outside will allow you to breathe fresh clean air and get kissed by the vitamin D-rich sun. Immerse yourself within nature all at once.

There’s no time like the present to figure out a few innovative ideas that you can use as an excuse to get outdoors!

The huge range of activities you can engage in when you find yourself growing bored is only briefly touched upon by these activities.

These activities are fantastic since you can participate in them alone or, if you like, with friends. However, a lot of them are designed specifically for you to learn something new. If you’re interested in finding out more, read on to uncover some of the best recommendations to utilize so that you can fall in love with outdoor living. 

1. Move To The Sticks 

Living in the middle of a bustling city or densely populated suburbs is going to have an extreme impact on your ability to spend time outside alone. It will also affect the quality of your experience should you ever choose to go out.

Cities and busy suburbs often lack green space and rarely include any nature whatsoever, which essentially defeats the point of heading outside (unless you simply want to sit on the concrete).

This lack of green space can discourage you from ever wanting to leave the comfort of your house or apartment. You’re never going to appreciate the beauty of nature if there isn’t any around!

Making the decision to move out to the sticks where it’s less developed is the perfect way to ensure you can spend more time outdoors quietly.

You will also be able to open your front door to see green space, forests, lakes, rolling hills or any other amazing space (depending on where you move to).

Living in a tower or somewhere similar will allow you to rekindle your relationship with nature, as it will be right on your doorstep for total convenience, and you’ll even have a much greater chance of owning a backyard or some green space to call yours to do whatever you want with. 


2. Eat Your Meals Outside

Another excellent way to encourage yourself to spend more time amongst the great outdoors is by eating your meals outside rather than inside.

Whether you’re at work or at home, there are so many opportunities out there. Take your meal and enjoy it in the sunshine while listening to the buzz of insects and the songs sung by birds.

You can take a picnic blanket with you to work and sit outside to enjoy your lunchtime sandwich. You could even set up an al fresco dining area in your backyard with a custom canopy.

Enjoy your dinner in the cool evening air come rain or shine. Eating meals outside is even better for your health and digestion, so what’s not to love?

3. Read a book

Choose a cosy spot outside to read a book you’ve been meaning to. You might not want to showcase a self-help book or a corny romance novel on your coffee table. Unwind and occasionally look up to observe the folks around you.


4. Spending some time by yourself with your cat or dog is the ideal way to strengthen your relationship. You can stroll about your neighbourhood for a long or short time.

5. Take a stroll outside and gaze at the stars if it’s a clear night. Search for shooting stars and try to identify any constellations. Even a phone app can be used to find out what the stars you are seeing are called.

6. Plan a weekend road trip to give yourself something to look forward to.  Plan your stops, your activities, and your sleeping arrangements. Check the weather forecast before making your meal and beverage selections.

7. Construct something

You can have fun all by yourself by trying to build a snowman, a sand castle, a shed or treehouse, etc. depending on the season.

8. Volunteer your time

It’s a wonderful way to create meaningful connections, gain new skills, and do something beneficial for other people, animals, or the environment.

9. Observe humanity

Go to a crowded area and choose a cosy spot that offers a nice view of the passing people.

Attempt being a detective and try to figure out what individuals do with their lives, what they are thinking, where they come from, where they have been, or why they are happy or sad.

10. Travel to ethnic marketplaces

Take a stroll across the city and stop by holiday markets, antique craft shows, or other cultural gatherings. You can be surprised by even your neighbourhood markets!

11. Attend group meetings and workshops outside

This might be a Meetup outside event of any kind, a survival workshop, a dance class, natural cosmetics, etc.


12. Gather items

 Create an illustration using dried flowers you’ve collected, or gather some interesting local rocks or shells.

13. Attend a concert

Get yourself a ticket if a musician you adore is performing nearby. You have the freedom to organize your evening whatever you want when you go to a show alone. 

14. Go for a walk outside

Being outside is a good way to unwind, refuel, and take in the tranquillity of your surroundings. Going on a long hike in a national forest or taking nature walks in a nearby park are both simple ways to explore the natural world.

15. Spend the day at the beach 

16. Go to a cooking class

17. Try a new workout or yoga class

18. Visit a local museum


19. Try out a new restaurant in the neighbourhood

Spend some money on lunch and explore the area’s well-known attractions and shops. Go at your own pace as you leisurely peruse your favourite store. You can just take the time to browse the retail eye candy and develop a wish list for yourself without having to specifically search for anything.

20. Schedule a massage at a spa

21. Try out a new coffee or tea shop

22. Go for a long drive

23. Go for a jog

24. Visit a zoo

25. Go to a comedy show

26. Go thrifting (Sampling and buying items that you like at a lower rate)

27. Take yourself out to dinner

28. Do a photoshoot

29. Explore your city for things you wouldn’t notice ordinarily

30. Take a painting class

31. Enjoy a day or two out in a hotel

32. Watch airplanes

33. Explore popular monuments

34. Go fishing


35. Try landscape painting and photography

36. Create a garden on your porch or backyard

37. Pick up litter around your environment to keep your neighbourhood clean

38. Take a tour to admire the high-rise buildings

39. Visit a historical battlefield or library

40. Go camping in a safe spot

41. Go for a swim

42. Wake up early to watch the sunrise

43. Go to a language class to learn a new foreign language

44. Go to the movies

45. Explore your hometown like a tourist

46. Have your favourite drink at an outdoor bar

47. Go to an amusement park

48. Go to a farmer’s market

49. Go cycling



This piece shows in-depth activities you can do alone and ways to develop a sense of ease being by yourself occasionally.

And even though this can appear awkward or unusual, it’s not. Many people feel uncomfortable being alone and are continually drawn to social situations. There should, however, be a balance.

While social engagement with others is necessary, it’s equally crucial to understand how to spend time alone without feeling uncomfortable.

There are several good reasons why you should occasionally hang out by yourself. Spending time alone allows you to relax, have a ton of fun, and discover a TON about yourself.

You get to understand what makes you truly happy, and what activities you enjoy doing and are ready to cease doing. You can develop new habits you genuinely enjoy by experimenting with different activities you can do by yourself.

There are countless activities you can do outside, so this list might go on forever. Don’t undervalue time spent outside, away from technology and the internet.

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