4 Reasons Wearing A Watch Is Attractive

It is said that the watch is the most important accessory a guy can wear. A good watch tells people you mean business, it communicates your personality and taste, and it’s something you can incorporate into any look.

No matter how informal or casual an event might be, watches are one of the few items you can sport at pretty much any occasion. Even if you don’t dress up too much regularly, investing in a timepiece will help take your style to another level.

Plus, it’s way less risky than footing the bill for one of those crazy expensive shoes or belts (not to mention ties). Finally, the fact that everyone wears them means that watches are prime for small talk—a great icebreaker if there ever was one! See more reasons you should always wear one.


We all want to show who we are without saying a word. For example, we choose what clothes to wear, what car to drive, and how we accessorize.

Watches do all of that for you. Watches can say a lot about your personality, values, and interests.

The type of watch you wear shows your level of sophistication and social status. It shows your success and how you got there. It is one of those things that get better with age.And it says that you know the time!


4 Reasons Wearing A Watch Is Attractive
4 Reasons Wearing A Watch Is Attractive

Watches represent a great investment, especially if you purchase a mechanical watch. If you take care of it and keep it in good condition, a watch can last long. 

Many people will inherit watches from their parents or grandparents. Furthermore, if you spend the money on a high-quality watch – like those Seiko 5 watches – that model will hold its value and potentially even increase value over time.

Then, when you come to sell the watch later, you’ll get a very good return on your initial investment.


If you’re looking to accessorize your outfit, then a watch is a good place to start. Watches come in all shapes and sizes: round, square, rectangular, or even an oval.

There are also many sizes from which to choose. If you want to wear the watch more like a piece of jewelry than as an accessory, then the smaller size would suit you best.

On the other hand, if you want it more for the functionality of telling time and less for the style aspect, then go for something larger, so it’s easier to read.

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You’re wearing a watch, and someone notices it. They compliment you on the watch and ask you where you bought it.

You tell them that it was your grandfather’s, and he received it as a graduation present from his parents.

The person is impressed by the history behind the watch, says how beautiful it is, and expresses how great they think it is that you wear something that was passed down through generations in your family.

And then they tell you about their childhood memories. A conversation gets started because of a watch. That’s pretty cool!

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