17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

Each moment in life is to be cherished. Every stage of your life requires lessons to be learnt and decisions to be taken. Above all, waking up each day gives you another chance to prepare yourself for the future.

However, unpredictable moments may make you feel dejected especially when projects, plans, ideas, expectations, and dreams do not come to reality. At that point, life becomes meaningless to you and those around you might not even be able to help.

You might have even felt stuck in a particular stage of your life. The truth is that the vast majority of people simply aren’t all that satisfied with what’s happening in their lives and there are plenty of reasons for this.

Situations might be boring, stressful or you may be stuck working with people you don’t understand. However, at the root of all of these things is one, simple idea: you’re wasting you.

There’s a very good chance that you have a great deal to offer both yourself and the working world, but you’re wasting it on something that asks very little of you.

If that’s the case then you’re always going to be stuck feeling frustrated unless you make some genuine changes.

Overcoming these things will further give you a clearer picture and the strength to stop wasting your life. With that in mind, here are some ways to start living your best life. 

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

1. Shoot fear in the face

The reality is that there is one thing at the root of a lot of people’s reticence to actually get out there and make the most of their potential – fear.

Fear holds many of us back from actually doing what we want because the idea of failing is often far worse than the idea of not trying at all.

However, the only way to guarantee that you will never get what you want is not to go after it in the first place.

2. Have a little more patience

Of course, there’s a big difference between taking your first step on your desired path and actually reaching the end.

The truth is that far too many people end up falling away because they simply don’t have the patience to deal with the many challenges and setbacks involved in their chosen path.

If you want to make the most of your potential and stop wasting life, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort. These men and women patiently kept at it until they become thought leaders and record-breakers. They’ve got one head, you’ve got one too.

3. Manage your reaction to it

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

The status quo may not be good but it does not mean that you have to remain negative towards it. Your attitude towards any situation matters. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is your power to see the positive that will drive you with energy. You have to keep your head up even when things seem to go out of hand. Stop seeing yourself as a victim. Instead, take courage to be victorious in the situation.

4. Think of what you can make of it

Each one of us has gone through something challenging and tormenting, therefore, you’re not alone. The past is now in the past and you can’t change it. The only way you can turn things around is by learning from it.

Regret in any situation is not a solution or relief. It will only make things worse and look impossible. Look for the lemonade you can make from the lemon. It just keeps you on one spot for a long time and makes things worse.

You are unique and can accomplish and fulfil your dreams. Grab opportunities and have faith rather than have doubts. Yes, you can!

Don’t let anyone tell you less. And if you’re told such, don’t argue it, just smile and keep working on your dream until the results begin to speak for themselves. Rather than doubts, grab opportunities and have faith. Yes, you can!

5. Set Goals

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life
17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

Let me ask you a question. What could really be so important in your life that you desire to reach? How do you plan to achieve this no matter how big it looks?

Every sunrise is a sign of hope. The first decision you should have is to wake up on time. This means you’re already taking control of the day. Then try as much as possible to set simple goals for the day, week, month, and year.

This will keep you in high spirit and invigorated. It will get you focused and determined to be the best version of yourself. It takes a lot of patience and resilience to see anything materialize from what you have set up.

Challenges may arise but no matter what you go through, you must keep at it. It will breed a character of persistence in you. Don’t forget to set bigger goals after you’ve accomplished smaller ones.

6. Have a Good Role Model

The training you have while growing up can have a great impact on you for the rest of your life.  Your first or early influencer can shape you in such a way that their impact will reflect in every decision you make which means a lot.

Therefore, you need to find a good role model that have the attributes you desire and be sure to speak up when you need some help. As long as they have all it takes to be modelled after, you sure can learn a thing or two.

Climbing ladders of life requires that you have someone to look up to. It gives you more reasons to live your expectations. These people whom you desire to emulate have had their ups and downs.

They already know what works and does not work. Getting closer to them will save you some mistakes.

7. Be passionate and care about others

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

A heartfelt commitment to others makes you view life from different aspects and perspectives. When you genuinely care about others, you will realize that those above and below you deserve some love.

Think about them and know they do need someone just as you need others. Togetherness makes the world a better place. It brings more out of the mire when you stand for people in hard times. More importantly, it gives joy that knows no bounds. Extend help to those in need and try not to be selfish and mean.

Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that’s less than the one you are capable of living.”

8. Don’t let go of things that make you happy

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

More often we tend to forgo what we really love for the sake of others and become sad when the action is not reciprocated.

Therefore, you need to be sure of the networks or relationships you keep which will guarantee your worth. You are who you are because of the people you spend time with.

So, spend time with people who value you and speak positively. On the other hand, stay away as much as possible from people who damage your self-esteem or speak negatively of you without love.

If you have a hobby that makes you smile deeply and proud of yourself, do not let go of it. Keep doing it.

9. Learn from past experiences

Self-examination through a deep reflection gives you an idea of the impacts something or someone has had on your life. This helps you to consider whether to introduce some changes to your routine or stick to what has always worked for you.

Experience, sometimes, can be the best teacher. It is the lessons you learn during a phase of your life that will help you become more prudent. 

Challenges, obstacles, and bottlenecks always come to weigh you down, but these are moments you must realize the reality of life. It a point of learning that should help you to improve your life and impact others around you.

A reflection of what you have gone through helps you get clarification of the situation and builds insight into what needs to be done.

It will strengthen you and create positivity in uncertain times. Do not live in the past but derive lessons and use them as a drive for today, tomorrow, and other days to come.

10. Be hopeful

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

Hope is a proven secret to get ahead in life. It gives the willpower to pursue your mission, vision and dreams. It is what keeps you going. You may face challenges and pain in pursuit of your happiness, but hope helps you know that there are better days ahead. Hope breeds faith and perseverance. It is what allows you to stand amidst challenges that bring you down.

Hope increases creativity in decision making. It is a powerful engine that makes you navigate into the unknown or unpredictable and a powerful ingredient for success. Hope coupled with realistic resolutions increases the capacity to unleash the hidden potential in you.

11. Don’t hold grudges

If there’s anyone who disappointed you, don’t create enmity with them. Holding grudges with fellow folks won’t help you any further. Hatred is cancerous and cumbersome. Unfortunately, you’re the only one affected by it as the other person may not know what’s going on.

Just let it go. Get over it. It’s hard, I know. But it can be tougher when you keep malice and start finding other ways to complicate the matter. Let the hared be replaced with a peace that surpasses human understanding.

Don’t change your reaction towards the person or the situation. That’s the way to enjoy the perfect peace and start living a new life. Don’t create enmity or dim your light because somebody refused to shine or stopped shinning theirs.

12. Effective time management

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

In whatever you do, be it small or big, time management is paramount because it is a major resource of life. Time cannot be worked for, replenished, or bought but you must spend it every second. It does not cost anything. It is free of charge, but you sure do not want to spend it on frivolities.

Time is one of the greatest investments you can give to something. You want to go to school, learn a trade, do a business, know your partner more, train your kids or other activities, you will need time to achieve that.

It does not matter how long or how much time it will to be there but what matters is that are you ready to use your time for the things that matter most to you. So, start working on your time.

13. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks about you

You will never be able to satisfy everyone around you, and you don’t have to worry about people’s opinions if you’re not doing sure you’re on the right track.

Opinions are opinions and the facts you know about yourself are more valid than mere opinions. You are a work-in-progress. As you develop yourself, you need to believe more in yourself even when no one does. You are a journey, not a destination.

14. Surround yourself with genuine friends

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

Friends who understand you are a foundation of hope in times of uncertainty. When things go from bad to worse, the immediate help always comes from “genuine” friends. Living in a community where you have a chain of attachment to the right people will yield psychological welfare. Friendship plays a fundamental role as they may be the cornerstone to help you reach your desired point.

A good friend will accept you for who you are and support you in hard times. This reduces stress, depression and boosts your self-worth.  However, genuine friends are rare to get but tough times will reveal genuine friends and the ones not worth your time and energy.

It is important to get this right from the onset since a false friend may not be happy with you when you are making progress and might distract you or take you far from your goals. This might affect you mentally and physiologically and at such point, you will need to learn how to get over the friendship. Be wise.

15. Have a good self-esteem

The confidence within you is enough self-motivation. Knowing that you matter helps you build a life worthy of boundless opportunities. The courage to reach the higher heights lies in your ability to believe in yourself. Attach value to yourself and understand that you are not an exception when it comes to living a better life.

You do not have to settle for less. Be the masterpiece of yourself. You can be anything as long as you want it. Invest in yourself and be rest assured that you will yield results for a better life. Do not give up on yourself. You can make a U-turn at any point in your life, but you need your consent. Do not stop, keep moving.

Fall but rise again. Failure is not permanent; it is giving up that makes it permanent. Grab opportunities that come your way and always be the best in every situation you find yourself.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Lao Tzu

16. Stop settling for second best

It’s often all too easy for you to settle for less than you’re worth because you assume that you’re not good enough for what you really want.

However, if you keep settling for second best without going for the gold then you’re always going to be left wanting. There’s nothing stopping you from checking out an executive job search other than your own fear.

Oh, you think it won’t fly? Ask risk-takers what their experiences felt like? Fortune favours the bold and if you don’t go after the career you want, you’re never going to be happy at work.

I remember a friend of mine told me she walked into an office at age 19 as a fresh graduate and told the owner of the firm she wants to be her personal assistant. Hahaha. To cut the long story short, she got that role as her first job and has worked in several other multinationals. 

17. Figure out what you really want

17 Steps To Stop Wasting Your Life & Start Living Your Best Life

Do you want to be doing what you’re currently doing?

If you’re trying to find a way to meet more people who feel or think the way you do, there’s a good chance that you won’t. Which means you may not always get many validations on your path.

Hence, the only way to get ahead is being able to clearly differentiate between what you want and what you do not want.

However, understanding what you don’t want to do is only half the battle. The other side of that coin is figuring out what it is that you do want. This might sound like a simple question but the truth is that many people go their entire lives without figuring it out.

Dedicating your time to understanding what it is that you really want out of life leads to the first step in walking a path that will make the most of your potential.


Each moment one passes through in life is an opportunity to assess situations and learn. Waking up each day gives you another chance to prepare yourself for the future. However, if you feel too dejected as the projects, plans, and ideas fade, you need to do something else.

You can do anything in your little capacity. You can sift through a few things that will help you to stop wasting time for your good.

Do what you have to do to make you live the life you’ve always dreamt of. 😉 

Choose to give your life new meaning by using these tips and sharing it to those around you.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Lao Tzu

What do you think? Drop in the comment section. 😉 

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