Home Lighting Design Ideas For Your Home Renovation

It’s time. You are now going to renovate your home. What would be the first thing you need to work on? The walls? Doors? What about the lights? Your home cannot work without good lighting.

Having no lights can be difficult, even on light fixtures that don’t add character to your room. How else can you get through the night?

Lights are more than just providing safety. It is a guide to knowing where you are. So in, home renovation, it can go in different directions.

The type of light and design can vary depending on your time and budget. Here are some recommendations for lighting fixtures.

1. Downlights

Downlights are one of the most budget-friendly fixtures you can get. It ranges from a small bulb to a big bulb.

Most are sold individually, but there are 2-socket variants available such as the ones from Ecolum. These lights are installed on the ceiling, which has a good lighting range.

If you want a brighter downlight, you can get a bulb with a higher wattage. One advantage of downlights is that they can still work even when the bulb reaches its limit.

2. Panels

Panels give more lighting coverage due to their rectangular shape. However, they must be placed in strategic locations to use their coverage.

At the same time, when the circuit is being set up, it must be arranged in a parallel configuration. It ensures that the other panels can still work when a panel is not working properly.

Unlike in a series setup, when one is not working, all lights will follow suit. Panels are also great when considering new home construction.

3. Chandeliers

Chandeliers can vary depending on the shape, design, and cost. If you have an extra budget, you can make the chandelier the home’s centerpiece.

Most affluent homes save chandeliers for large rooms like the entrance or the dining room. Some even place it at the center of a staircase.

The great thing about chandeliers is their flexibility. You can have one modern chandelier in one room and an old-timer chandelier in another. One catch, however, is their fragility.

Some chandeliers are made out of glass, and they must be maintained. It is also the reason why specific chandeliers are only sold at specialty lamp stores compared to the hardware store.

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4. Wall Sconces

These lights are surface-mounted on the wall. They can have the light directed upwards, downwards, or both. There are also wall sconces with a broad lighting coverage. You will see a lot of options at Glass Domain.

While not used often, it can add ambiance to the home. For example, a fence of the home has no wall sconce. Since no light is available, it will be difficult to find the home at night.

For aesthetic purposes, wall sconces can also be used for intimate moments. For example, when all other lights are off, you can use the wall sconce for managing tasks or reading a book by yourself.


Lighting fixtures can be tricky. For home renovation, it can make it or break it. You need to consider the current budget before you think about buying a new one. These fixtures are investments for a better home.

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