Last-mile delivery is big business today, with startups in this sector often transforming themselves into globally recognized brands over a relatively short period of time.

It’s also a market which has yet to reach saturation point, meaning there are opportunities for newcomers to get in on the action.

All you need is a compelling idea for a company to create, so here are a handful of options to spark some inspiration.

1. Deliver medical supplies

With more entrepreneurs starting their own medical practices, there’s rising demand for the shipment of medicines, apparatus, and even patient records.

Speaking of specializing, launching a delivery business which caters to the healthcare sector ticks this box and many others.

Clearly, it’s important to research different regions to find those with the most need for this type of delivery service. Pinpoint the perfect place, and you’ll be set.

2. Deliver takeout & groceries

Getting food delivered to your doorstep is a practice that more people are indulging in than ever before, and it’s only thanks to delivery businesses that this is possible.

There may be big-name apps already cornering the market here to a degree, but that just means startups can grab a piece of the pie by specializing.

Focusing on a particular niche, whether that’s customers who need super-quick service, or those looking for a particular category of product not covered by larger rivals, is the way to sustainable growth.

3. Deliver flowers

Flower deliveries are another tried and tested service, and yet this is also a market that has its own unique pressures to account for.

The fragility of the blooms, as well as their limited lifespan when not in the water, means that it’s important to save time with Circuit’s delivery management software, and recognize the importance of tools like this even if you’re just getting started.

4. Deliver IT hardware

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the role that IT delivery operators have in both consumer and business-based operations.

Customers will come flocking to you if they know that you’ll not only get their costly computer equipment to them in one piece, but you’ll also be able to set it up for them on-site.

5. Deliver craft & artisanal alcohol

The trend for craft beer, natural wine and high-end spirits has been gaining traction for many years now.

Yet, it has really managed to take off in the last decade or so thanks to the proliferation of subscription services.

There are unique challenges with delivering alcohol, with specialized packaging required to keep glass bottles out of harm’s way.

And because consumers are willing to pay handsomely for the convenience of having curated selections of their favourite booze brought to them each month, these obstacles are worth conquering.

6. Deliver office supplies & other commercial goods

It’s not just consumer-facing delivery businesses that are worth getting into right now.

Starting a company that targets businesses and understands the unique needs they have in this regard is a wise move. There will always be demand for fast, efficient, secure and reliable providers in this space.

Last-mile delivery of office supplies and commercial goods makes the most sense if you are based in an urban area, of course.

This is another example of where market research early on can save you from making missteps and some startup mistakes.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you’ve found the kernel of an idea for your own delivery business among some of the top-level recommendations we’ve provided.

There’s no denying that cracking into this market is a challenge, but delivering goods will also always be necessary, so it’s a business with a future as well.

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