5 Ways To Make Your Bar Stand Out With These Skills

5 Ways To Make Your Bar Stand Out With These Skills

Independent breweries are becoming more and more popular, which is largely due to consumers increasingly wanting a wide variety of beers and different tastes.

The big companies simply cannot compete with the many different year-round and seasonal brews that small breweries can produce.

And many independent breweries run their bars, which means customers can sample a range of glorious beverages that are on tap as well as beers that can be bought to take home.

So, there is perhaps no better time to begin your bar or brewery, or an establishment that operates both a bar and brewery.

If you are planning on operating such a business, you will need to come up with a solid business plan before you proceed. You will also need to ensure you get your branding just right.

But before you do that, you will need to ensure that you have the right skills to run your bar or brewery. So, check out the following five skills that you will require.

1. Bar and Cellar Skills

When running a bar, you not only need to know how to pour a pint and how to mix drinks. You also need to know how drinks should be stored and how to hook them up to taps.

If you have no experience in bar work, it is highly recommended that you work in a bar to get experience before you plan to launch your establishment.

2. Financial Skills

At the end of the day, successfully running a bar or brewery means ensuring you have a good business head on your shoulders.

So, you must have excellent financial skills to do things like keep on top of your accounts and taxes, maintain the right level of inventory, and generate a healthy profit.

If you know more about working behind a bar or making beer than you do how to run a business, you should develop your business skills. You could enrol in an educational course before you write your business plan and launch your startup.

3. People Skills

From interacting with customers professionally and members of staff to communicating well with suppliers and retailers, having fantastic people skills is crucial for making your bar or brewery a success story.

4. Skills in Using Specialist Equipment and Brewing Processes

A successful brewery is highly dependent on having the mastery to make tasty and full-bodied beers.

Hence, if you have more business knowledge than you do know about the bar and brewery industries, it is a good idea to enrol in a brewing course. Practice your brewing methods before you launch a brewery business.

You must become skilled in using equipment like mash tuns, grain mills, fermentation systems, heat exchangers, filtration systems, cooling systems, refractometers and hydrometers before you set up your business.

To learn more, check out this helpful article that lists in detail what you need to know about starting a brewery.

5. Marketing Skills

You could produce or sell the best beers in the world, but unless you have effective marketing skills, your startup will not last long.

To make your bar stand out and get people to buy drinks from your brewery should be a top priority. Therefore, you need to be skilful in marketing your business at a local level as well as online.

For the latter, you will need to create a website that utilizes UX and UI design methods to draw people in. Also, make good use of social media to build up a following, and place online ads on suitable platforms.

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