10 Money Making and Easy Agriculture Business Ideas

The world economy is recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The USDA revised its forecast for U.S. agriculture trade for FY2021. The revision reflected strengthened confidence in the sector. The revised forecast showed an increase of over $21 billion from 2020 and was estimated at $157 billion.

If you are planning to start a farming venture or grow your existing agriculture business in the next several months, we have brought you a list of agri-businesses that require little capital to start but have great earning potential.

All of these businesses are also relatively easy to establish but do require a working knowledge of the industry and relevant skillset, plus a reasonable amount of farming land, of course.

1. Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is an urban farming solution. Areas, where agricultural land is scarce, are the breeding grounds for vertical farms. Urban buildings, shipping containers, and mineshafts, etc. are some of the popular places that people use to grow their vertical farms.

Vertical farming is a money-maker. You require only a limited piece of land but can grow a lot of crops on that land in vertical layers. Compared to traditional farming, this method gives you a higher yield of the crop. You can start your vertical farm/garden in your home, your backyard, or even in the basement.

For more on vertical farming and its future, here is a helpful link from USDA.

2. Beekeeping

It is one of the most affordable options on this list. According to Beekeeping for Newbies, the startup cost for a single beehive is around $1,500. However, some of that money may be only a one-time expense as most of the equipment you buy is supposed to last you a long time.

However, it is a venture that requires an interest in the vocation that goes beyond the money. You will need to seriously study beekeeping if you want to make it turn a profit for you.

While you can start your beekeeping business with just one hive, experts suggest going with at least three. Even in the beginning. That’s so you can learn their habits, compare them, and equalize your winter stores.

3. Microgreen Farming

Microgreens refer to the leafy green vegetables that are harvested below they reach their full maturity. Plants and vegetables such as peas, sunflower, and broccoli (among several others) are planted as microgreen seeds and are then harvested when they reach the length of 1-3 inches only. Since they pack a lot of punch and flavor in their tiny bodies, microgreens have quickly become a favorite of celebrity chefs and foodies alike.

According to estimates, compared to a mature plan, a microgreen plant can contain as much as 40 times more nutrients. How? Because of the high levels of vitamins and concentrated levels of other nutrients that are all present in a tiny body. So instead of eating a large plant with a reduced nutrient level per micro-square, these tiny veggies allow you to get more from a single bite.

4. Agriculture Retail Agency

If you possess farming experience or have other agriculture-related skills, such as gardening, landscaping, or even an interest in the field, you can open up an agriculture retail agency. You can provide farmers with specific products and services that improve their yield or grow their business.

These products and services could include seed distribution, equipment and technology, crop protection products, and several others. Your agriculture company can also provide rural farmers with opportunities to showcase their products/expertise online.

You can start an agriculture company that offers agriculture marketing services, such as specialist web design, social media presence management, and digital marketing solutions are some of the services you can offer your farming clients. There are not many such businesses online and you can really carve out a niche for yourself with a cool logo using an agriculture logo maker.

5. Herbs Farming

Consider starting a herb garden or farm if you are looking for agriculture business ideas. If you decide to grow specialized herbs, such as medicinal herbs or popular herbs (basil, chives, lavender), you can easily get $30,000 per acre annually from your crops.

Since herbs do not take up a lot of space, vertical farming is an ideal solution to consider for your herbs. You can take advantage of the many benefits of vertical farming and utilize them to get an even greater return on your herb harvest.

In addition to selling herbs to clients and distributors, you can also startup many side hustles that use your herbs as the central ingredient. Herbal teas, soaps, and candles are a few of the items that you can manufacture with your herb production.

6. Mushroom Farming

This is another crop that does not need a lot of lands to grow. You can grow mushrooms in limited quarters and even inside houses. Vertical farming comes to mind again. It is also a low-budget crop as well as low-maintenance. Plus, the crop cycle is short. From planting to harvest, it only takes around six weeks to get to the harvest. Therefore, as a steady income flow, mushroom farming is a profitable choice.

It is also a money-making choice because mushrooms are used in a diverse range of foods. Due to their biting texture and abundant flavor, these wonderful fungi are favored in many cuisines and you’ll never be short of potential buyers.

7. Backyard Plant Nursery

This is a farming business that requires a bit of a higher level of relevant knowledge and skillset. Creating a backyard nursery is less about space and budget issues and more about expertise issues. For those who are confident about their knowledge of agriculture and have worked with a variety of plants, opening up a nursery in their backyard is a profitable business idea.

It requires little capital, not too much space, but a lot of patience and knowledge. For your plant nursery to give you good returns, you will need to grow a wide range of seeds. There needs to be a variety of colors, structures, sizes, species, and maintenance levels. The more variety of saplings you can offer, the higher your orders will be from gardeners, landscaping experts, and other businesses.

8. Sustainable Farm Consulting

The United Nations has already asked the global leaders to pick up their pace in achieving their sustainable development goals. These goals extend to agriculture and farming too to create secure, environmental-friendly, and sustainable food and agriculture reserves.

You can jumpstart the conversation about sustainable farming in your community by offering your services as an expert consultant. Educate farmers and workers about the latest research, technology, and advancements in sustainable agriculture practices. Offer products and services that help the local farms adopt sustainability through your expertise. 

9. Pet Food Production

This is a specialized agriculture business where you need to strictly comply with the stringent (but necessary) FDA requirements. But it is a highly profitable business idea and you can easily reach a six-figure annual income by providing high-quality gourmet food to people’s cats and dogs.

Technically, your pet food production business can start in your kitchen, but should it?

Sure, you can start small and prepare the first few batches of your pet food recipe in your kitchen. However, to fully embrace it as a business, you will soon need a separate workstation where you can prepare the recipe, research new ones, take care of branded packaging and shipping, and even manage your business administration and marketing tasks.

10. Farm Sitting

Now, this is a pretty easy one and that’s why we have kept it for the last. Farm sitting is exactly what it sounds like. Helping to temporarily take care of people’s farms when they have to go away for an extended period of time. Farm sitting allows farm owners to transfer the responsibility of the farm to a temporary but expert caretaker without taking on a full-time employee.

It allows entrepreneurs like you to get some hands-on experience or earn some side income without fully investing yourself in the market. Whether you are learning to be a farmer and want to get some practical training or have some experience that you want to use to earn some extra cash, farm sitting is an easy and profitable part-time agriculture business idea to think about.


So, there you have it: 10 easy and profitable agriculture businesses you can think about as your next venture. Since all of these require very little capital to start, you can start them as experimentation and grow and modify as you go.

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