40 Money-Making and Easy Agriculture Business Ideas

There are options in the agricultural sector that offer scalability and success without requiring acres of land or superhuman profits.

More people are trying to find out how to become a successful farmer as there is a wealth of information available online.

To make the money they need, aspiring entrepreneurs can choose from a variety of inventive and profitable farm and agricultural business ideas.

Agriculture has proven as one of the more dependable sectors in the midst of the financial crisis and global recession.

Furthermore, this industry is steadily growing around the world, and there are hundreds of agriculture-related business ideas that can be launched rapidly.

To get into the agriculture business, you only need a basic understanding of farming. Even better, this field provides a plethora of lucrative agriculture business prospects.

As a result, almost everyone who works in this field can look forward to a bright future. 

If you are planning to start a farming venture or grow your existing agriculture business in the next several months.

Here’s a list of agri-businesses that require little capital to start but have great earning potential.

All of these businesses are also relatively easy to establish but it is important to have a working knowledge of the industry and a relevant skill set, plus a reasonable amount of farming land, of course.

1. Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is an urban farming solution. Areas, where agricultural land is scarce, are the breeding grounds for vertical farms.

Urban buildings, shipping containers, and mineshafts, etc. are some of the popular places that people use to grow their vertical farms.

Vertical farming is a money-maker. You require only a limited piece of land but can grow a lot of crops on that land in vertical layers.

Compared to traditional farming, this method gives you a higher yield of the crop. You can start your vertical farm/garden in your home, your backyard, or even in the basement.

2. Beekeeping

This is also known as apiculture or beekeeping. For most people, it frequently starts as a hobby.

The first investment is relatively inexpensive and you can offer bee byproducts like beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly, and, of course, honey, which is quite popular among consumers, with this amount of initial capital.

good beekeeping starter kit can range from $40 to $400, depending on your needs and preferences.

Most of these packages already include basic hive components, such as a deep hive box, bottom board, foundation, outer and inner covers, hive tools, and protective gear.

Getting one of these kits is the best way to learn the ropes of nurturing bee colonies for profit.

It is one of the most affordable options on this list. According to Beekeeping for Newbies, the startup cost for a single beehive is around $1,500.

However, some of that money may be only a one-time expense as most of the equipment you buy is supposed to last you a long time.

However, it is a venture that requires an interest in the vocation that goes beyond the money. You will need to seriously study beekeeping if you want to make it turn a profit for you.

While you can start your beekeeping business with just one hive, experts suggest going with at least three.

Even in the beginning. That’s so you can learn their habits, compare them, and equalize your winter stores.

Although you only need a tiny area in your backyard, you must first check with your local government to determine if beekeeping is permitted in your area.

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3. Microgreen Farming

Microgreens refer to the leafy green vegetables that are harvested before they reach their full maturity.

Plants and vegetables such as peas, sunflowers, and broccoli (among several others) are planted as microgreen seeds and are then harvested when they reach a length of 1-3 inches only.

Since they pack a lot of punch and flavor in their tiny bodies and are brain-boosting foods everyone needs. Microgreens have quickly become a favorite of celebrity chefs and foodies alike.

According to estimates, compared to a mature plant, a microgreen plant can contain as much as 40 times more nutrients.

How? Because of the high levels of vitamins and concentrated levels of other nutrients that are all present in a tiny body.

So instead of eating a large plant with a reduced nutrient level per micro-square, these tiny veggies allow you to get more from a single bite. 

You can begin by investing a moderate sum of money. You can either make products to meet local demand or produce commercially and export them, depending on how big you start.

4. Agriculture Retail Agency

If you possess farming experience or have other agriculture-related skills, such as gardening business ideas, landscaping, or even an interest in the field, you can open up an agriculture retail agency.

You can provide farmers with specific products and services that improve their yield or grow their business.

These products and services could include seed distribution, equipment and technology, crop protection products, and several others.

Your agriculture company can also provide rural farmers with opportunities to showcase their products/expertise online.

You can start an agriculture company that offers agriculture marketing services, such as specialist web design, social media presence management, and digital marketing solutions. These are some of the services you can offer your farming clients.

There are not many such businesses online and you can really carve out a niche for yourself with a cool logo using an agriculture logo maker.

5. Herbs Farming

Consider starting a herb garden or farm if you are looking for agriculture business ideas. If you decide to grow specialized herbs, such as medicinal herbs or popular herbs (basil, chives, lavender), you can easily get $30,000 per acre annually from your crops.

Since herbs do not take up a lot of space, vertical farming is an ideal solution to consider for your herbs.

You can take advantage of the many benefits of vertical farming and utilize them to get an even greater return on your herb harvest.

In addition to selling herbs to clients and distributors, you can also start up many side hustles that use your herbs as the central ingredient.

Herbal teas, soaps, and candles are a few of the items that you can manufacture with your herb production.

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6. Mushroom Farming

This is another crop that does not need a lot of land to grow. Mushrooms are quite simple to cultivate, especially considering that they can grow in the wild in the harshest of environments.

Knowing which mushroom strain to cultivate and how to maximize your production enough to become a reliable supplier to other businesses, is essential to making a viable company out of mushroom farming.

You can grow mushrooms in limited quarters and even inside houses. Vertical farming comes to mind again.

It is also a low-budget crop as well as low-maintenance. Plus, the crop cycle is short. From planting to harvest, it only takes around six weeks to get to the harvest. Therefore, as a steady income flow, mushroom farming is a profitable choice.

It is also a money-making choice because mushrooms are used in a diverse range of foods. Due to their biting texture and abundant flavor, these wonderful fungi are favored in many cuisines and you’ll never be short of potential buyers.

7. Backyard Plant Nursery

This is a farming business that requires a bit of a higher level of relevant knowledge and skillset. Creating a backyard nursery is less about space and budget issues and more about expertise issues.

For those who are confident about their knowledge of agriculture and have worked with a variety of plants, opening up a nursery in their backyard is a profitable business idea.

It requires little capital, and not too much space, but a lot of patience and knowledge. For your plant nursery to give you good returns, you will need to grow a wide range of seeds.

There needs to be a variety of colors, structures, sizes, species, and maintenance levels. The more variety of saplings you can offer, the higher your orders will be from gardeners, landscaping experts, and other businesses.

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8. Sustainable Farm Consulting

The United Nations has already asked global leaders to pick up their pace in achieving their sustainable development goals.

These goals extend to agriculture and farming too to create secure, environmental-friendly, and sustainable food and agriculture reserves.

You can jumpstart the conversation about sustainable farming in your community by offering your services as an expert consultant.

Educate farmers and workers about the latest research, technology, and advancements in sustainable agriculture practices.

Offer products and services that help the local farms adopt sustainability through your expertise. 

9. Pet Food Production

This is a specialized agriculture business where you need to strictly comply with the stringent (but necessary) FDA requirements.

However, it is a highly profitable business idea and you can easily reach a six-figure annual income by providing high-quality gourmet food to people’s cats and dogs.

Technically, your pet food production business can start in your kitchen, but should it? Sure, you can start small and prepare the first few batches of your pet food recipe in your kitchen.

However, to fully embrace it as a business, you will soon need a separate workstation where you can prepare the recipe, research new ones, take care of branded packaging and shipping, and even manage your business administration and marketing tasks.


Snail farming refers to the practice of cultivating snails for human use. It has been proven that their flesh is both safe and delicious.

You’ll need to know a lot about snails and the technologies that can assist you to care for them if you want to work in this sector. The rainy season is the perfect time to start this business.


Fish farming is the practice of commercially breeding fish in tanks and ponds for the purpose of food production.

Commercial fish farming is already a lucrative business endeavor in many parts of the world. This type of business can be conducted at any time of year.

It necessitates the use of current procedures as well as one of the business you can start with little capital investment.

Surprisingly, the fish may be simply raised in tanks until they are ready to be sold. They do not require the widespread collection of wild fish.

Commercial fish farming contributes to the preservation of natural ecosystems as well.


This is an excellent crop to grow because it is consumed all around the world. Rice farming is a prominent agricultural crop due to the high demand.

If you live in a location where the temperature and soil conditions are conducive to rice development, you’re in luck because you may invest in one of the best agriculture business ideas.


There are a lot of livestock farming enterprises out there, and there are a lot of new ones opening up every year.

You can invest in the production of various feeds, such as fish feeds, pig feeds, and poultry feeds, among others.

In the long run, this can be a high-cost venture because you’ll need a variety of machines to create the feed, as well as packing bags and raw materials.

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Maize is a straightforward crop to grow. With the advent of science, it is now possible to cultivate throughout the year.

Maize is in high demand both in the domestic and foreign markets. Maize is the crop to choose if you want to start your own agriculture business.


The meat of goats and sheep is high in protein. It is quite popular all across the world.

Without a question, it is a time-consuming and challenging business, but the market exists. As a result, you will not be sorry for investing your time and money.


Sugarcane grows in certain areas and necessitates careful cultivation and control. It is one of the most widely cultivated crops.

If you live in a region where sugarcane plantations are feasible, you won’t need to explore for additional agricultural business ideas.


Organic product demand is rapidly increasing. This is due to the fact that such items are thought to be healthy and free of chemicals and pesticides.

Starting an organic farm greenhouse is a concept to explore if you’re seeking a successful future in the agriculture company field.


Chickens are eaten in practically every country on the planet. The good news is that it is a highly profitable firm with huge profit margins.

Aside from chicken, egg production is a significant source of income for poultry farms.

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Growing and selling fruit and vegetables is one of the most successful agriculture business prospects.

You can start collecting them from local farmers if you can’t cultivate enough of them. We can’t survive a day without fruit and vegetables.

This demonstrates the huge demand. As a result, if you’re looking for a way to generate money, you should aim to meet the market need for fruits and vegetables.


The market for botanical pesticides developed in tandem with the popularity and demand for organic products.

This business can simply be started from the comfort of one’s own home with a modest capital commitment. Make sure you plan everything out properly before you begin.

The location of your firm will have a significant impact on its success, hence, some steps should guide you in locating your business.


Tea and coffee are both profitable crops. Cultivate them, meet local demand, and export them outside of the country.

It has the potential to be a significant source of revenue because they are in high demand on the international market as well.


Flower farms are a famous tourist attraction, but this type of business can be used in a variety of ways.

It can open up more revenue streams by providing flower shops and engaging with event planners for décor.

For an affordable rate of capital, you can establish a low-cost flower farm in your garden and expand from there.


Fruit picking is a popular weekend activity for families, and it has proven to be a profitable industry for small farms.

Most entrepreneur farmers who explore offering fruit picking have a working farm and are wanting to diversify their revenue streams.

Customer feedback is important and will have a significant impact on your business. Make sure your farm is safe and clean, and that your employees are efficient and helpful.


Bamboo is a durable and robust building material. It’s also utilized in the manufacture of furniture, decorations, paper, writing surfaces, musical instruments, and war weapons.

There are so many possibilities! You can imagine how high the demand is! As a result, bamboo growing is one of the agriculture business ideas.


The process of flour milling entails transforming grains into flour. Wheat, corns, millet, and cassava are among the grains you can choose from.

Although wheat milling can be done from home, marketing will be easier if you set up a separate and larger workspace.


Instead of utilizing soil, hydroponics involves growing plants in nutrient-rich water that is kept in contact with the plant roots.

This method greatly eliminates the possibility of waste and contamination, both of which can destroy the product and cause diseases, making it popular among health-conscious consumers.

Hydroponics, like aquaponics, is a low-cost investment that increases plant growth rates to 25% of a well-designed garden, which means you’ll have more things to offer.

Do you want to try out some cutting-edge farming technology? You should consider hydroponic farming. It is, in fact, a novel method of planting that does not require the use of soil.

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Farm sitting deals with helping to temporarily take care of people’s farms when they have to go away for an extended period of time.

This business idea allows farm owners to transfer the responsibility of the farm to a temporary but expert caretaker without taking on a full-time employee.

It allows entrepreneurs like you to get some hands-on experience or earn some side income without fully investing yourself in the market.

Whether you are learning to be a farmer and want to get some practical training or experience that you want to use to earn some extra cash, farm sitting is an easy and profitable part-time agriculture business idea to think about.


Seed multiplication has become so lucrative that some innovative farmers are really making money from it.

It’s simply the multiplication of seedlings for other farmers’ use. Yam seeds are multiplied, just as maize, okra, fluted pumpkin, etc.

These seeds are produced in large quantities for commercial purposes. They are brought to the market and people (old farmers or intending farmers) buy them and money is made.

Some farmers specialize in seed multiplication and it is one of the best ways to be a successful farmer.


Money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Almost every home in most villages cannot do without local baskets. People learn the craft and do it for a living.

My grandfather was known for that. He made so much money producing local baskets for market women, other farmers, etc.

As an entrepreneur, he found the necessary need to make that commodity available for people who needed it, and he made so much money from it.


Just like baskets, many people cannot do without the local mats because of their texture. It’s always cool in the dry season. Used for sleeping out when the weather is hot inside.

Many people are so crafted in making it, and they make huge money. Even in today’s society, many still use local mats, hence the need for massive production of them.

The gain one makes here cannot be overemphasized because the raw material is gotten free of charge. It’s a by-product of a palm tree.

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money making and easy agriculture business ideas

This commodity is in high demand. Thatches are used for beautiful bush bars, homes, and modern sit-outs.

A thatched house is always cool. Unfortunately, not many know that it gives money to venture into the production of thatches, we think only the elderly ones in the village do it. It’s a lucrative agricultural business that brings money.


Palm oil is a household commodity that one cannot do without. Most  African dishes are prepared with palm oil, yet the people that produce it are limited.

It’s such a high-income commodity that requires more producers. The price of oil is on the increase today because not many are into it.

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money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Broom is a piece of household equipment that is used to sweep and keep the house clean, very essential, yet people shy away from its production.

The very few that see the lucrative nature of that commodity, are making it large today.


Plantain is an iron-giving food. Hence, due to health issues, many are required to always consume a large number of unripe plantains daily. This makes the demand so high.

So there’s a need for people to delve into plantain farming to meet up with its demands. Plantain farming is another money-making farm one should always think of.

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money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Just like plantain, banana is also another good fruit that is in very high demand in the market. Its nutritional value cannot be undervalued.

Some kinds of bananas are for diabetics patients, while some are for general use. Any variety one ventures into is money, so farmers are supposed to look into the massive production of bananas.


money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Such a beautiful fruit requires massive production. Pineapple is a very nice fruit that draws the attention of everyone when a good variety is seen.

The queen pineapple takes all the glory, people love eating pineapple, yet the demand for it is far higher than its production. Farmers should look into this whenever they think of business in agriculture.

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This is the king of them all. Cocoa is used in the production of lots of beverages. Cocoa is used in pharmaceutical industries, cocoa is priceless. It’s a goldmine. Yet many do not know that it gives fortune.


money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Firewood and charcoal have become the most wanted since the prices of gas and kerosene have skyrocketed.

Many can no longer afford gas or kerosene, so firewood and charcoal are their redeemers. Any farmer that looks at it from this angle will make long-term smart money.


money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Palm wine is a very good natural wine that many people take, yet not many know that money is in it.

It’s used in traditional events like marriages, meetings, occasions like funerals, etc. It’s in high demand on a daily basis.


money making and easy agriculture business ideas

Mushroom is a traditional meat that has so much medicinal and nutritional value. It is underestimated by many out of ignorance, but those that know its worth, never joke with it.

Any farmer that looks into the production of mushrooms for commercial use will be envied, there’s so much money to grab from it.


So, there you have it: easy and profitable agriculture businesses you can think about as your next venture.

Since all of these require very little capital to start, you can start them as experimentation and grow and modify them as you go.

The world economy is recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The USDA revised its forecast for U.S. agriculture trade for FY2021.

The revision reflected strengthened confidence in the sector. The revised forecast showed an increase of over $21 billion from 2020 and was estimated at $157 billion. So, go ahead and invest in agriculture.

Agriculture is still a vital industry in our globe today, with producers, consumers, and exporters of agricultural products all competing for market share.

Farmers will undoubtedly be in higher demand in the future, with the global population estimated to reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

If you’re thinking about starting an easy agriculture business, this collection of farming business ideas might help you get started.

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