12 Incredible Tips For Commercial Property Maintenance

Running a business is not only about maintaining the accounts, working on increasing the customer database, and growing profits. Instead, it is much more than that; you also have to focus on property maintenance.

A well-maintained property is a win-win situation for companies because it directly impacts the market image. Your brand is reflected in the way your operating building looks.

Moreover, you are responsible for providing a safe environment for your employees or tenants. Thus, regular maintenance can help you achieve that goal and increase employee productivity. Moreover, it is a good way to retain your tenants. 

Therefore, the next time you ignore the leaking tap, remember how strongly it can impact your business image.

Commercial property aesthetics are essential. They can be the difference between a business that thrives and fails.

This article describes how and why you should take care of your building and ensure it’s in its best condition.

Reasons Why Commercial Property is Important

Knowing the maintenance requirements of the commercial building is essential on a timely basis.

Definitely, it comes with the surety that there will be significant ROI if the building remains functional in the future. The below pointers require your kind attention for the same:

1. Tenants will stick around

If you are not keeping the property in good condition, do you think the tenants will stay there? They will definitely prefer moving to another place to run the business if the maintenance is not up to the mark.

It also means that the lease agreement will get violated. However, if you cannot fulfill your responsibility of providing a safe environment to the tenants, they have the right to leave. So, focus on property maintenance if you want to see your tenants stick around for longer.

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2. Reduce expenses

You might find maintaining the property costlier, but it saves money.

For instance, keeping the roof clean and away from debris and snow lets it last longer; hence, you don’t need to pay for repairs or get it replaced anytime soon.

Several small things break daily in the commercial building; however, maintaining and preventing damage reduces future expenses.

3. Ensure Safety

When it is about commercial property, safety comes as a significant issue. But, with the proper maintenance, there can be fewer injury risks. Also, there will be legal issues if you are not keeping the property for everyone.

The above points ensure that commercial property maintenance requires expertise, effort, and time to do it rightly. However, your maintenance plan and practices also play an essential role. So, here are the tips to consider for maintaining commercial property.

Commercial property maintenance tips to follow:

1. Periodically check to avoid hazards

Firstly, carry out routine checks to avoid risk to life and property. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Maintain HVAC system services quarterly to keep the commercial property habitable and prevent unexpected fires.
  • Check for any structural damage
  • Change the air filters every month
  • Ensure the accessibility and good condition of every fire control system
  • Find out if there is any infestation and destroy them

2. Make regular improvements

Another way to keep your property looking its best is to make regular improvements. This could mean painting the walls, getting new furniture, or adding new landscaping.

The importance of maintenance in any business cannot be overemphasized.

From small changes like using enhanced waterproofing supplies to large changes like replacing the flooring can make a vast difference in the style of your property.

If you don’t have the budget for major improvements, you can still do plenty of small things to keep your property looking fresh and up-to-date.

One easy and relatively inexpensive way to make regular improvements is to change out your window treatments.

Something as simple as new curtains or blinds can brighten up a space and give it a fresh look. Another easy way to change the look of your property is to switch up your artwork.

3. Improve the curb appeal

The exterior of the commercial buildings is what I meant here. Though other elements like lightning and roofs are essential, you cannot ignore the exterior paint or lawn of the property.

It is advisable to restore the faded paint whenever required. Start landscaping the lawn weekly and add the fence to the pool area or patio to enhance the curb appearance.

4. High-traffic areas require more attention

The commercial properties have a lot of foot traffic, and some areas are busier. Lets’ say; in the central lobby of the office building each visitor passes through; hence, the walls and floors need more of your attention.

So, for such areas, you might want to get epoxy floors. They are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. These are not only appealing but are functional and essential in that scenario.

Moreover, epoxy floors are non-slippery; thus, they mitigate the chances of slip & fall accidents. Such flooring is the priority for commercial property owners, for providing a safer environment.

5. Keep the generator for emergencies

Any inactive part in the backup generator calls for disaster. Because they are motionless for a long time, the air can slink in the unit injector solenoid, causing the generator to be inoperable.

Therefore, every emergency generator has to be started for approximately five minutes to rev up the parts and pump up.

Carry out the transfer load testing monthly, whereas the scheduled full test is annual.

6. Remodel the projects

Commercial property remodeling is essential for maintenance and a modern look. Of course, this is what makes the tenants stay there.

The general principle here is to keep the building the same way you want your home to be. So, if you notice remodeling is required, do it instead of ignoring it.

Replace the repaint, peeling and chipped ceilings or walls, ripped carpets, and change the exterior within a year with fresh and new paint.

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7. Do not ignore pest control

Rampant pest infestation is the worst problem when it is on commercial property. You might need to spend several dollars temporarily killing, exterminating, and removing the tenants.

Remember, if the tenants have not grumbled about the pests, this does not mean they are not facing the issue. So, conduct a pest audit by the experts at least once a year for pest control.

8. Upkeep the Fixtures

The next thing required is to fix the fixtures. Otherwise, there will be damages or accidents to the commercial property.

Also, the damaged fixtures like door handles, damaged doors, broken lights, and small windows make the building shabby. Ensure the change of the damaged fixtures to avoid unhappy tenants and maintenance backlog.

9. Energy audit of commercial property

Auditing the energy consumption is critical in knowing where to lower the overall cost yearly. As an owner of a commercial building, you must understand that energy cost is a significant overhead. There are useful tips to cut your electric bill in half.

This way, you will find out what is crunching on the budget. Taking assistance from professional energy will make you aware of the things where you can cut off the cost, like:

  • Change the old bulbs with energy-saving ones
  • Repair the insulation in the windows and doors
  • Replacing the roof insulation
  • Changing the window glass

Having a regular energy audit lets you find out if the tenants are comfortable and happy in the commercial property or not.

10. Be strategic with your lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in the overall look of your property. Be strategic with your lighting by placing lamps in dark corners and using light fixtures to highlight specific areas.

You can also use different light bulbs to create a particular mood in each room.

For example, you may want to use softer lights in areas where people will be relaxing and brighter lights in places where people will be working.

11. Work with a professional

If you want to ensure that your property always looks its best, it is worth working with a professional.

A professional fit out contractor can help you choose the right paint colors to pick out furniture and fixtures.

They can also help you create a lighting plan that will highlight the best features of your property.

If you are serious about maintaining and improving your commercial property aesthetics, working with a professional is the way to go.

12. Keep your property clean

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is vital to keep your property clean if you want it to look its best.

Hire a professional cleaning company to come in and do a deep cleaning of your property at least once a month. In between professional cleanings, make sure to sweep, mop, and vacuum all areas of your property on a regular basis.

In addition to keeping the inside of your property clean, it is also important to maintain the outside. If you have landscaping, make sure it is trimmed and tidy.

If you have any outdoor furniture, make sure it is clean and in good condition. First impressions are everything, so you want to make sure your property is looking its best at all times.


As a commercial property owner, there are several things that you need to look after other than looking for the right tenant. With the tips mentioned above, you must maintain and keep the property in good condition.

Reducing expenses, checking for hazards, improving curb appeal, pest control, etc., are all required to keep the commercial property in good shape. New updates and constructions have to be coded to the existing commercial building.

Keep your property clean, make regular improvements, be strategic with your lighting, and work with a professional to get the best results.

Follow these tips to maintain and improve your commercial property aesthetics and be on your way to having a beautiful and successful business!

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