How To Cut The Electric Bill Of Your Business In Half

How To Cut The Electric Bill Of Your Business In Half

Running a business isn’t cheap; you know it, and everyone knows it!

This can often be evidenced by the utility bills that the mailman happily sends your way if you’re living in the 21st Century (you are, by the way). 

If the cost is more than you expect, this might only add to the financial problems your business might already be facing.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your business energy costs, and while you might face a short-term expense in some cases, you should be able to make savings in the long term.

Here are some tips to cut that electric bill in half!

1. Commit to better habits

It’s about using your common sense really, so if you or your employees are guilty of bad habits, you should make an effort to curb them.

As examples, you should turn lights and appliances off when they aren’t needed. You should turn the heating down or off when the temperatures are not blisteringly cold.

And you should open your windows in your office to let cool air in, instead of being reliant on the air-con always. Simple steps, but highly effective when it comes to reducing your energy bills. By the time you have mastered these habits, dealing with unexpected power outage wouldn’t be a problem.

2. Look for renewable alternatives

This isn’t practical for every business, but if you can go down this route, you will save yourself a fortune on electricity and water bills.

You could add a solar panel system to your premises as this is one way to receive free electricity and heating from our friend, the sun!

You might also collect rainwater, either through a filtration system for drinking purposes or through poly water tanks which are especially useful if you’re in the business of farming and harvesting.

There will be an expense involved when looking to switch to renewable alternatives, but thinking of the long-term future of your finances, they might be cost-effective.

3. Buy energy-efficient devices

an energy saving lamp reduces your electric bill in half
How To Cut The Electric Bill Of Your Business In Half

Check the equipment in your workplace, from the computers and printers in your office to the refrigerator you might have in your break room.

Do they have the Energy Star seal of approval? If not, consider replacing what you do have with their energy-saving alternatives.

Most modern appliances are energy and eco-friendly as standard, but look for the appropriate certification when you’re shopping around. Again, there might be an expense, but you will see a noticeable drop in your electricity bill.

4. Book an energy audit

audits can help you cut your electric bill in half
How To Cut The Electric Bill Of Your Business In Half

You can do an energy audit yourself by walking around your building to assess where you might be wasting energy. This includes checking your appliances for the Energy-Star label, as well as looking for any drafts that might be coming into your building.

You might then make the relevant next steps, such as switching your appliances and insulating your business premises.

However, you might also want to book an energy audit, either by calling your utility company if they provide a free energy audit program or by paying for an energy audit professional.

They might pick up on something you haven’t noticed, and will give you advice on trimming your energy usage.


Don’t be afraid of the mailman again (or the ping from your email inbox). There are all kinds of ways to reduce your business energy costs, including the suggestions presented here.

So, heed what I have just told you and commit to further research. You will have fewer financial problems within your business if you do.

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