You’re building a new house and want to make it an amazing home?

You have to consider a lot of things when constructing a new home. From an architectural plan to the finishing touches and every other thing in between.  What do you think of when you picture a newly built home?

Perhaps a grand, large and open-plan home in the hills, replete with a massive driveway populated with expensive vehicles? Perhaps.

This could potentially be one of the end benefits of success. 

But what about the time before that? How do you, as a person, who is on your way to success, who do everything to improve, refine your intelligence, and be better, need? 

How do you arrange your new home? The features you put into your home will be with you for years to come.

You may think of the oddball genius sitting in his home with a telescope. Thousands of books piled on one another, blueprints pinned to the walls and soft classical music playing in the background.

But of course, this is hardly a modern image. Additionally, it’s not often that being disorganized can help you better yourself unless you have a personal method that works for your art.

You often fail to understand just how your home can benefit you, sharpen you, and allow you to get a proper shape to develop. But of course, you know that your home is more than just a place to eat, sleep and watch television.

How then can someone with a thirst for self-improvement and uniqueness achieve a great structure in their home or office in the best manner possible? How do you get these ideas to make your new home amazing?  May I submit to you that you are in the right place to get them?

I have some advice to this end below, and thankfully, you needn’t worry about having the largest or most sophisticated arrangement to make this a reality

1. Top-notch Organization

Put simply, if you view the condition of your house as an externalization of your mind, you’ll be on the right track here. Additionally, taking care of your home also gives you room to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Hence, this needn’t be dead space but a place where you can also spend learning and achieving something worthwhile.

For example, check your desk.

  • Do you assort your files alphabetically?
  • Do you have quick access to your computer desktop?
  • Is your stationery carefully aligned?
  • Do you have a shredder close by to take care of personal information?

It’s this kind of setup that can help you work more efficiently, preventing the need to look under folders to find the thing you want, or to feel as if you can’t focus due to the amount of clutter around you. Consider drawer parts cabinets if you have lots of stuff to keep at hand.

When you extrapolate this idea into the size of your full house, you see how your laundry, your kitchen, and your bathroom assortment all contribute to how you feel.

They can influence the breaking of the billiard balls of your morning and set up or utilise your business mindset.

2. Custom shelving

The best time to add this to your home is during the architectural planning stage. It is quite easy and will eventually pay off in the long run. Infusing custom shelves into your plans will ensure that you make ample use of your space.

Shelves can be built into archways, stairs, multimedia units and other places to fit. Another benefit of custom-built shelves is that they are usually more attractive than boring traditional shelves.

3. Custom Stairs

You can do more than build shelves into your stairs. You can design and build your stairs to your specifications.

Your stairs can be cylindrical or follow the profile of your house.

You need not follow the regular rectangular-shaped staircase, you can make it another shape but keep the functionality in mind, not just the beauty.

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4. Hidden room

Privacy is not a thing you get on a platter of gold, so to say. Starting from the architectural design stage, you should plan a hidden room within your home.

You can make rooms below the stairs or have a hidden room behind a shelf. Alternatively, you can add hidden doors to lead from one room to another. You never can tell when you will need it, either for an emergency or any other reason.

5. Dual closet

Building a new home gives you the chance to put in what you wished you had in your previous home. Why share a closet if you don’t have to? You should talk to your designer and architect to make use of the extra space in your master’s bedroom to make a dual closet.

This will save you and your partner a lot of hassle when sorting your personal belongings. You will also have a larger space to store your things. You are sure to always meet your things exactly how and where you left them since you are the only one using your closet.

The smart way to save and invest! Click on the image.

6. Universal Serial Bus wall charger

Another way to customize your home is to have USB slots from your power outlets. Smartphones make use of USB chargers and what could be easier than just plugging your USB cord directly into your wall power outlet?

This will save you the stress especially if you have multiple devices with different plug types- US, UK and other types of plugs. Another plus is that visitors can charge their devices with just their charging cords only.

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7. Extra power outlets

If you have a big family like my own, you will appreciate the need for extra outlets. If you are the type of person that entertains many visitors, extra outlets will ease your pain when it is needed.

Your visitors will use them comfortably and you never can tell when you will also need them anyway. They provide ample spots for a Christmas tree, light, additional gadgets, a second refrigerator and other appliances.

It is usually easier and cheaper to fit these extras while building than having a professional come to fit them in later.

8. Fresh air vent

This helps you to circulate fresh air in your house. Learn more about air conditioners and how you can keep the dark patches from attracting fungi on your own.

With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted smells or kitchen fumes in the house. This generally improves the quality of the air in your home.

9. Multi-zone HVAC

Experts at housepro.net suggest getting HVAC in your home, especially if the place has extreme or varying temperatures.

More so, if you are building a big house with rooms that might require special temperature needs, like that of babies or elders, I will recommend multi-zone HVAC.

With this, you can control the temperature of each room.


Who doesn’t like flowers in the house? All around the world, a mini garden inside the house is a common practice that has been for ages.

It adds creativity to the room and improves the air quality in your home. The type of garden you will cultivate will set the mood for your home.

The smell of international or exotic plants will add exotic flavours to your home.

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11. A Higher ceiling

One of the things I already have in plan for my next home which I will start building in two years’ time is the high ceiling. The high ceiling has a lot of advantages.

A higher ceiling makes your house more spacious and with more space, you can do a whole lot more of other kinds of stuff.

The high ceiling reduces heat in the house and accommodates vivid finishing touches like wall art and other fixtures.

It also adds a majestic look and feels to your home.

12. Taller basement

Still talking about large spaces, an extra foot to the height of your basement will make your basement feel more spacious. So, while building your new home, ensure you have a deep foundation to give you the space you need.

Since it’s reliant on the foundation, you must have accounted for this before you start building your home.

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13. Partition your home

You might be doing this without knowing it. It will profit you more when you do it consciously. This is usually more necessary for small houses. Something as simple as a curtain can be used to section your space.

This makes judicious use of your space while maintaining cosiness. You can also bring in personality and feel with paint, wallpaper or other artworks while maintaining the space.

14. Mudroom

Oftentimes, the porch (or veranda as North Americans would like to call it) is not enough to cater for your needs on a rainy or snowy day.

Homes without mudrooms often put the inhabitants into a state of dilemma when they have nowhere to take off their muddy shoes or hang their wet coats.

You do not want to enter your home with those dirty shoes or wet coats. Even if it was just a closet-sized mudroom, it would suffice most of the time.

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15. Get some organisational tools

Our homes tell stories to us. For example, an unpaid pile of laundry can often shout ‘sort me out, loser’.

It sounds harsh, but this impression can damage your self-esteem when thinking ‘well, why haven’t I sorted the laundry?’

The same goes for unopened mail or unpaid bills, a stain on the carpet, or windows that need to be cleaned.

For the most part, an organized home is an organized mind.

If you have a regular place where you place your keys, your phone, your wallet, and your mail, you are likely to stick to those norms. It will also make you become more productive at home.

This means that short-term memories needn’t be difficult to keep on top of. They need not confuse you every time you try to source something.

This can often seem like an overbearing responsibility, but it’s really rather simple when you think about it.

You can organize your home to the point that it organizes your mind. This is where excellent work takes place.

16. Cabinet Lighting

You will need both simple and visually appealing lights in the cabinets.

Let’s start with the aesthetic part – just imagine the brilliance the light will show when you open your cabinet and you won’t be needing extra lights when you are accessing the cabinets.

Visualize going to the kitchen in the middle of the night when your main lights are dimmed, lights in the cabinet will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Plan to have lights in your cabinet because inbuilt in-cabinet and under-cabinet lights are usually brighter than the use of the adhesive lighting system. Here are some lighting ideas for your home.


17. Outdoor theatre

It is both a luxurious and aesthetic addition to your home. Just picture yourself watching a movie in a theatre but under the night sky. Thrilled!?

That is what you get when you set up an outdoor theatre in your new home. It might just be a simple projector, a screen and a set of theatre seats or you can go mega with a specially designed space.

You can start planning your own house, even if you’re a teen or a single mum.

18. Smart devices

It is best you have this in your plan from the very first day. Having a smart home from the onset makes adding other smart devices easier. Some underrated smart devices include the use of smart refrigerators and cooking appliances in the kitchen.

Smart doorbells, door locks and smoke detectors will give both a fancy look and security to your home.

A programmable thermostat and smart air conditioning system will save you cost on energy usage. However, to fully enjoy the benefits, you may need an internet provider that offers reliable and fast internet. This will ensure that your devices can communicate effectively and efficiently, allowing you to control and monitor your energy usage from anywhere.

19. Extended garage

Something you can never regret is extra space. An extra foot in length or breadth of your garage will help you a lot. If you can afford a two- to three-car garage, please do.

Our garage should not only house our cars, but also our children’s bicycles, faulty gadgets, and garden tools. If you can make your garage bigger, please do! It will surely make your home cooler.

20. Hidden Garage

A hidden garage can be as simple as a two-car garage with other spaces behind the hidden door, or a hidden level (underground).

If you have the means, you can have a custom driveway with a parking space beneath it. You can also have an elevator to take your car to a subterranean garage.

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21. Heated driveway

If you hate shovelling snow or having to pay to clear the snow in winter. You can save yourself with a heated driveway. It uses a radiant floor heating system to melt off the snow on contact.

A combination of antifreeze and warm water is used to transfer the heat so the snow can melt off your driveway.

22. Heated floor

This technology is similar to the heated driveway. It uses warming coils running under the floor.

Either for the extremely cold regions or just for luxury – a heated floor is just too cool to be ignored.

It is one of the high-class things you can have around your shower.

23. Install CVS

A central vacuum system is a vacuum machine with several portals around the house. The CVS has its vacuum pump and container for dirt in a central place in your home.

The vacuum hose runs within the wall of your home and you can plug it into a local portal to clean the room.

An advantage of this is that the vacuum noise is localized to the central space and you do not have to lug around it all the time you use it.

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24. Cast Iron Sewer Stack Pipes

No one wants people to know when they go to the toilet.

No! You don’t really want that. So why not use cast iron since they are the pipes that handle the load when you flush?

25. Floor drains

This might be the least aesthetic feature that I will talk about. Even though it might not add so much beauty to your home, but it will surely come in handy in your bathroom and Laundry room.

This prevents flooding within your home should there be any plumbing problems. You can also have it in your compound if there’s no proper drainage in your street.

26. Window seat

Bay window seat | Window seat design, Window seat, Home decor

Having a well-lit and ventilated room has been the standard for all architectural designs from ages past.

You can take advantage of this by having a window seat where you can read using daylight. Here are some tips to create an effective study environment at home.

Another advantage is that you can feel fresh air enter the window without having to go outside.

27. Built-in sprinkler

Gone are the days when you needed to water your garden manually. This doesn’t mean you cannot do that if you want to, but you should have a sprinkler system that operates automatically or at the push of a button.

This will save you time when it comes to yard work. This will also save you the stress of manually sprinkling water. When correctly timed, your plants get enough water as when due.


You may often think of downtime as something that takes away your needs if you’re a go-getter. It’s not hard to see why you form this impression.

After all, if you’re relaxing on a sofa, you’re not getting out and developing your ambitions. But does that mean relaxation and meditation are purely hedonistic activities with no viable use whatsoever? Absolutely not.

In fact, they can come into play dramatically during your development. The industrial pumps that you install for your new pool to bathe in, the meditation room you set up or the part of the room you conduct yoga in can all help you think over your ideas for the day, release stress and combat problems from another mindset.

Think of your mind as a pool of water. Then think of the daily stress and activity as the troubling influence that causes those waters to ripple. Once you can, it’s easy to see how these depths can become muddied.

When you let that water settle through these actions, you can see more clearly. Ideas that may have been locked off from you come naturally. Your best thinking is often not done with conscious thought but with subconscious comprehension.

This is why the phrase ‘let me sleep on it’ is so powerful. It works. When you achieve this, your home will be just one more conduit. A conduit to get the best out of your thinking mind.


When you’re running a business, you have to wear many hats. This can be the hat of responsibility or the hat of leadership. It could be the hat of compassion when helping an employee through a tough time. 

All of this mental and physical demand can often take its toll. If you do not have something to release that stress while also engaging your mind in another way, it’s easy to blow your tops.

This is where a room to paint, write, dance, and have a creative ambition that you adore can be so useful. It will give you the tools to overcome yourself.

This is what a home should be for. Of course, gentle restoration and the ability to truly express who you are without all those responsible hats on your head. 

If you haven’t arranged your home or office in this way, perhaps this could be a fun new project to embark on.


With the emergence of online learning and remote work, it can be a brilliant idea to integrate or design a home office or workspace into your new home construction.

You can include a home office or workspace by considering some factors such as;

• Location

The home office should be in a calm, peaceful environment that is free of distractions.

• Size and layout

The home office should be spacious enough to contain a desk, chair, and any other essential furniture or equipment. The layout should be created to encourage comfort and productivity such as when you need to create some family projects.

• Lighting

For a home office, good natural light is important. The placement of windows and skylights should be taken into account to let in natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

• Power and internet

Make sure there are power outlets and an internet connection available in the office.

• Personalization

Adding personal touches to the decoration of the home office, such as plants, artwork, and photographs, can make the area more attractive and fun to work in.


Including a home gym or fitness room in your new home construction is an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

It will be easier and more convenient for you and your family to maintain an active lifestyle if you have a dedicated space for exercise and fitness.

To meet your fitness goals, you can equip your home gym with various pieces of equipment such as a treadmill, exercise bike, weights, and resistance bands.

A yoga or stretching space, a TV or audio system, and a water dispenser are additional items you can add to make your workout more fun.

To help create a comfortable and healthful environment for your exercise routine, you may also include natural light, good ventilation, and plants


You could protect your home, reduce the urban heat island effect, and enhance air quality by adding plants and vegetation to your walls and roof.

Green roofs often referred to as vegetated roofs or living roofs, are one of the amenities for luxury apartments.

These roofs are covered in vegetation, such as grass, flowers, or shrubs.

In addition to providing insulation and reducing the urban heat island effect, green roofs also enhance air quality.

Green walls often referred to as living walls or vertical gardens, are similar to green roofs but are installed on the walls of a building rather than the roof.

Similar advantages to green roofs, such as better air quality, a reduction in the impact of the urban heat island, and insulation, can also be obtained from green walls.


An open floor plan can make your house feel airy and expansive by allowing more natural light to enter the room. It can also make it simpler to entertain and interact with family and visitors.

High ceilings are another characteristic of open floor plans that can help the room feel bigger and airier.

However, it should be remembered that an open floor plan may result in more noise in the house and less privacy in some areas, such as bedrooms or offices.



A hidden room or panic room can be a useful security addition to your new home. A closet or a false wall can be used to conceal this kind of space if it is intended to be unnoticeable.

For your safety, it can also be built with strong locks and doors, communication systems, and surveillance tools.

In case of an emergency, the room can also be stocked with emergency supplies such as food, water, and a first-aid kit. This type of room can give you and your family a sense of security and peace of mind.

If you’re thinking of building a hidden room or panic room, consider the location of the room in the house, the type of security mechanisms to include, and the general design to ensure it blends in with the rest of the house.


A walk-in pantry or butler’s pantry is an excellent idea for extra storage in your new home. Both options give enough storage space for your dry goods, kitchen appliances, and other items.

A walk-in pantry is often positioned in the kitchen and has direct access from the kitchen. It’s an excellent way to implement healthy meal preparation ideas.

A butler’s pantry, on the other hand, is usually positioned next to the kitchen and acts as a link between the kitchen and the dining area.

It can be used to keep plates, silverware, and other serving items, as well as to prepare food and beverages for entertaining.

Both options can be tailored to your personal needs and preferences, with facilities such as built-in shelves, pull-out drawers, and even a second sink or dishwasher.


You’ve got to be creative with things to make your home amazing. You need ideas to spice up the interior and exterior of your home. Cool ideas are necessary to make your home aesthetic and functional at the same time. 

These are ideas that will fit perfectly into your new home construction. Just take your time to visualize it while working on your home.

Building a new home allows you to have things the way you want. A lot of variables can be tweaked to your specifications, however, exploiting this will ensure your workspace is both beautiful and functional.

In addition to living a good life, you also add value to your home should you want to sell it.

With these pieces of advice, you are certain to enjoy a more conducive home while in search of your best self. Let us know what you think about these amazing ideas!

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