Business Tips For Interior Fit-Out Contractors

Business Tips For Interior Fit-Out Contractors

Specialized fit-out contractors provide the finishing touches to development and construction projects.

Therefore, you can class yourself as the icing on the cake!

All project managers will want to ensure that their offices, shopping centre, or residential development are fitted out in style. You need to convince them that you are the best firm for the job. 

Here are some business tips to help you stay in business profitably and successfully.

1. Create a portfolio

One of the most powerful marketing tools you will have at your disposal as a fit-out contractor is photographs. Videos are great too.

This is something that companies like Levitch have mastered. If you can give potential clients a real feel for what they can expect by choosing your business, then you can increase your chances of securing their work by a significant degree. 

After every project you carry out, you should take professional, high-quality photographs, and create a portfolio on your website. Mediocre photos simply won’t cut it.

In fact, they can do more harm to your business than good. So get to grips with lightings and angles, and show off your services as much as possible. 

Videos always represent an exceptionally powerful marketing tool. You can take potential buyers on a virtual tour of some of the work you have done to date. You can show off your level of quality, creativity and professionalism.

It is as close as they are going to get to visit the buildings you have already fitted out. By incorporating photos, videos and case studies on your website, you really can stand out from other contractors in the industry. 

2. Select Tenders To Respond To

Business Tips For Interior Fit-Out Contractors


You, as a fit-out contractor, will need to submit a tender whenever a company wants you to work on their project.

While it can be tempting to respond to each and every tender, as you want to make as much money as possible, you need to determine which tenders to respond to with care. 

Fit-out contractors differ dramatically; some businesses deal with small-scale office jobs, others work on massive hotel and museum projects. Not all companies are going to be right for all projects.

It is important to be realistic. You shouldn’t try to be too ambitious by applying for projects that your company really does not have the capacity for. Remember, the preparation of a tender proposal is a very costly and time-consuming process. 

3. Are you up to the task?

You should look carefully at the specification, and ask yourself certain questions.

  • Can you, without question, meet the main requirements?
  • And, if so, will your business be able to handle this financially?
  • Would it put too much pressure on your organisation?

Aside from this, if you know who the incumbent supplier is, it would be a good idea to try and find out details regarding the existing pricing arrangement. This is important, as it will help you to determine whether it is within your proposed price range that will guarantee that you make money by taking on the contract.

It may be beneficial to partner with another SME if you run a small company yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask the nominated purchasing contract questions or for clarification on any of the requirements. 

I hope these tips help your interior fit-out business! 😉 

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