8 Amazing Facts About Your Handwriting

8 Fascinating Advantages of Good Handwriting

Do you know how important your handwriting is?

Let me share what led me to improve my handwriting.

‘This your handwriting looks like a chicken’s trail on a muddy floor’ says dad as he went through my secondary school notes.

Those words sunk into my heart as I realized that handwriting still forms an integral part of our education system.

I hurriedly went to analyze his own handwriting too, on the pages of his study notes in his room. Truth be told, it was lovely. It looked like well-placed calligraphy.

Right there and then, I had the desire to improve my handwriting. By the time I was through with my self-taught handwriting lessons, I got compliments everywhere my writing was seen.

It didn’t end there, when I got to the university, I would copy my printed hand-outs into my personal notes, even if it will take me days to do that.

This, I found easy because I had fallen in love with my writing and I now seem to read faster and assimilate better when I read my writing.

From choir notes to school notes to attendance sheets to complimentary cards to bank forms, my handwriting stood gallantly with arms crossed, taking pride in itself and smiling at each onlooker.

The truth is, if each compliment were to come with a price, I’m sure I’ll be in trillions by now (Lol).

See why your handwriting is not just a trivial skill, but as important as any training you could undergo to add value to yourself.

1. It increases or decreases your exam scores
8 Amazing Facts About Your Handwriting
8 Importance of Your Handwriting

Do you know some exam papers are so hard to score simply because the written answers are not legible enough?

On the other hand, if your handwriting is so easy to read, the lecturer will more likely be impressed for making him read your scripts effortlessly and not straining his eyes as other writings would.

As a teacher, knowing that you would spend less time and energy to mark a particular student’s note is enough motivation to help you mark appropriately and completely.

As long as the majority of your exams are handwritten, good handwriting will give you an edge amidst your peers.

Don’t let your examiner guess what you wrote. Let your writing be bold enough to speak for itself. This is especially important for writing tasks as your examiner will give more attention to your spellings.

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2. It gives an impression – Whether false or real

There was a day I went to the hospital to visit someone. I helped out to buy some drugs at the pharmacy, unfortunately, I couldn’t read what the doctor wrote on the drug prescription note. I stared hard at the note over and over again but couldn’t fully read the full words.

Then, I assumed the doctor must be unprofessional and maybe a bit reckless. I may be wrong, but wouldn’t you want people to see your handwriting and say ‘please I need to see who wrote this, he must be good-looking and neat’. Wouldn’t you?

So, having legible handwriting gives you a much better personality. The good news is, you can learn and practise it. So come on, it’s not rocket science.

3. It creates opportunities

A friend, Bright, wrote a letter to one of the biggest secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria to speak to the students and motivate them for excellence.

Days later, he was contacted. He realized that one basic reason he got called was because his handwriting compelled the receiver of the letter to read through.

Obviously, the recipient was a busy person and would have shoved the letter somewhere for the next few days.

That’s the power of compelling handwriting, it could be easily used to make a judgement about us.

Besides, there is a strong link between handwriting and spelling, which can reinforce early writing skills.

4. Communication

Do you know some of your friends will look at some handwriting and say this must be my friend’s writing? she was here, I can see her writing on this sheet. So, would I be wrong to say, by your writing, we shall know your mark on the sand of time. Lol.

Imagine I wrote something for someone to see and the person gets there and cannot decipher what I have written. What happens to such information? It dies off, unfulfilled, mission aborted, no message passed.

As inconsequential as this may sound, it can be a saving grace in a life-threatening situation where the only option you have is to write a message to the person needing the information.

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5. Cognitive benefits
8 Amazing Facts About Your Handwriting
8 Importance of Your Handwriting

While I was a student, I had a jotter where I poured my thoughts when I’m done reading the lecturer’s notes.

As I kept doing this, I realized it was very easy for me to remember things because I wrote them after assimilation.

Sometimes, the whole picture of my notes will appear in my head and that gives me a natural speed to answer questions on time.

You see, handwriting promotes clear thought and natural structure that helps you re-evaluate and digest your notes.

This re-evaluation gives you the opportunity to add extra observations. You can give personal explanations to what you’ve written while maintaining speed, especially in time-limited examinations.

6. It makes you employable

As insignificant as it may seem, some companies and industries require at least some display of handwriting skills.

Some vacancies require a handwritten application letter or cover letter and you can imagine the fate of applicants who cannot write legibly and articulately.

Aside from being an employment skill, some fields such as Medical-related professions require medical notes and prescriptions for patients. An account officer or a financial recorder also need legible writing to do manual arithmetic and prevent a situation of miscalculation.

7. Fewer distractions
social media distraction
8 Importance of Your Handwriting

In this digital biosphere of I-pads and phone tablets, there is a lot of distractions from the internet and applications.

You remember something and you want to quickly type it on your phone, a call comes in and then a text message and then a WhatsApp message and then a comment on your Facebook post (You can relate, right?), and before you know it, you have forgotten that which you wanted to type on your phone’s notepad.

That’s what writing on a small piece of paper will not let you go through, why? Because it does what it should do and not multi-task as your computers and phones.

Besides, there’s a tendency you would want to edit your words as you type rather than letting it flow. This can be counterproductive for an inspired process. On the other hand, your hand lets you write your thoughts first and edit later. This way, you can preserve the creativity, originality and freshness of your ideas.

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8. Artistic opportunities

Studies show that there is something uniquely multidimensional about putting pen to paper to form words and phrases.

Writing engages the brain and motor skills in a different way when compared to typing on a keyboard.

It is likened to a holistic and tactile experience that engages the eyes, hands, fingertips, arms and hand muscles.

The truth is, with a pen in my hand, I could write tens and hundreds of thoughts that will flow naturally. I will link up creative and artistic opportunities that most likely wouldn’t happen when typing on a keyboard.

On a final note, Ryder Carroll, creator of Bullet Journal said “there is something incredibly powerful about making your mark on a paper.

It’s the exact moment when an idea leaves your mind and looks back at you for the first time. And guess what! He has never been able to replicate that experience digitally.

His statement leaves me feeling great. No wonder many writers attest to the value of outstanding handwriting. I’ll just let my ink have a full stop here. 

I hope I have been able to convince you enough to make your writing as good and legible enough to bring goodies your way. 

Don’t forget to share with some persons struggling to know the importance of their handwriting.

Let me ask – how sweet does your handwriting look?

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Post Author: Joseph Abimbola

Abimbola Joseph is a creative content developer who derives pleasure in encouraging individuals to be the best they can be in all relevant facets of life. She believes that we all have a better version of ourselves which can be leveraged to impact others and make the world a better place.

20 Replies to “8 Fascinating Advantages of Good Handwriting”

    1. Great article! I have never really thought about the idea of handwriting skills to be an importance. We have lost a lot as a society these days with everything being technological!

  1. I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I was incredibly shy as a child and someone complimented me on my handwriting I was so embarrassed I spent the rest of the year training to write horrible. Now I’m stuck with it. I’ve tried practicing and nope it’s one thing I’ve given up on now I must type everything. Lol silly kid I was.

  2. Reading this made me wish I had worked better to have nice handwriting. At 24 it’s not easy to adapt to it naturally! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I have an aunt whose handwriting looks like calligraphy. Me, my mom and my sisters all have similar handwriting which I’ve always thought was neat. We write pretty and flowy. I’m proud of this because I like things to look pretty. But I never knew all of the other benefits of good handwriting. What with technology and cursive being taken out of (some) schools, I didn’t know that people still appreciated handwriting. Nice article!

  4. Interesting post, I feel bad for those who do not know how to handwrite, How will they ever be able to read the constitution, letters, or other handwritten. Education is so important worldwide and handwriting is part of that foundation. I hope there will be pathways for learning to handwrite again.

  5. Very interesting read! I’ve always been very conscious of my handwriting and trying to make it look a certain way, and I’ve always been the type to prefer handwritten notes to typed. I find it helps me remember things a lot better!

  6. As a teacher, I can definitely relate. Some of my students’ handwriting is plain incomprehensible, or I have to work so hard to read their handwriting that my irritability factors into me giving them a poor grade! Now, I don’t have the most beautiful handwriting, but at least mine is legible. Personally, I think at some point (probably not too far in the future) everything will be digital, but until then, we must do our best to work with the system.

  7. I can definitely relate to the getting distracted while trying to write on your phone point! It’s frustrating! I love keeping digital records/notes but when I really need to sort something out and think through ideas, I have to hand write them. It’s the only way I can organize the information in my brain. Thanks!

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