Here Are 7 Quick Ways To Raise Your GPA In One Semester

So, how do you raise your GPA in just one semester when you have just received the news that your overall CGPA is still crawling like a snail. I will let you know the quick things you should do.

Today, I’ll tell you how to ‘up your academic game‘, boost your grades and quite possibly, hit that elusive First Class cadre.

So, let’s go…

1. Make your lecturer feel significant

Now, what I’m suggesting is not brainless cronyism but an intelligent evaluation of your instructor’s personality. Therefore, build an improved version of whatever he or she serves you as his or her student. Your lecturer gets mad at you for not taking notes or listening in a class. Albeit, on a subliminal level, because he or she feels despised by your perceived disregard for his person.

This may sound like a needless involvement of psychology but trust me, we’re all psychological beings. Mastering the psychological terrain and the accompanying mind games is ‘sine qua non’ for success in any field of human interaction, so is a First Class grade too.

Also, along with the same lines, if you will in any way bring to bear what you learnt from another source on what your instructor taught, do so with such approach as to magnify your lecturer’s competence rather than his deficiency.

Essentially, I’m advising you to raise your GPA by standing on your lecturer’s shoulders rather than his toes to reach higher. There is a huge difference. Be better than him with him, not without him. Seeing this cooperative spirit, he’ll have no choice but to reward your cooperation.


2. Your ‘NOW’ may not depend on your ‘PREVIOUS’

Of course, we all know this but how often do we think it is necessary to evaluate our track record in order to squeeze extra performance out of our given abilities?

Evaluation and correlation do not just work for experiments and machines, they also work for humans! In fact, the basis for the overall assessment for students in higher institutions is the CUMULATIVE Grade Point Average (CGPA).

But the truth remains that, your approach and thinking as regards your ability to influence your performance positively, hardly ever factors the cumulative dimension – at least, based on my observation of students in my immediate environment.

For most students, past questions are as far as this goes. But what happens when one or more of the major variables at play changes – curriculum, lecturer, analogy, application, principle?

So, developing a holistic framework that is adaptive as well as robust for self-evaluation and overall performance correlation is most certainly needed to fit our reality to our desires.

3. Your ‘NOW’ is not enough to determine your ‘NEXT’
Quick Ways To Raise Your GPA In One Semester

Fatalism and apathetic lethargy are the doom of most folks around. While this does not have to be, they cling to the easier path rather than standing up and staying up.

I’ll admit, there are so many times that feeling utterly powerless after not exactly passing a test that you confronted prepared and confident. But I would also tell you that the sweetest victories I enjoyed as an undergraduate were the ‘bounce backs’ – where flunking is immediately followed by flying.

Too few students leverage their innate power of resilience, just too few! In my experience, persistent effort does yield results, you just have to make sure you’re not repeating your mistakes (or something just as silly). Having been brought so far by what you do, you can alter your direction by what you choose. So, don’t sit on your butt; take responsibility for your success and move up to a higher class of degree!

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4. First Class students are very human

This one is quite funny.

You hear people call academically sound students names like Guru, wizard, Brainiac, Prof and so many other positively embarrassing names. I actually got a few of those during my undergraduate days, and some still address me that way. This christening ritual sort of ‘deifies’ these First Class students such that there is this psychological distance you unconsciously create between them and you.

Therefore, a lot of people leave the First Class grade for the ‘gods’ and they themselves settle for the crumbs! Names are powerful entities; its mystery forms the basis for the structure of cognition and identity formation.

In other words, the name you address a person or a thing will determine how you relate to it. While I do not say you should not acknowledge these guys (which have earned the tag), you should do so without taking the psychological self-disrepute that goes along with it.

You should also work towards those goals that make your name change from the neutral to the extraordinary, all humans can.

5. Enjoy the journey
Quick Ways To Raise Your GPA In One Semester

Yeah, right… You want to raise that GPA so bad you can’t afford to see anything else. Then, you put everything else on hold and scorn all other activities.

You pile up resentment and discontent, so much that you disconnect from life’s very essence – process. Your focus is critical to success, tunnel-vision, on the other hand, tends to limit one’s prospects.

Specialization is key to effectiveness, marginalization will, in the long run, make one inept. Get the difference? By the way, when I say you should enjoy the journey, I don’t mean subscribing to wanton revelry.

However, what I mean is having an open mind towards all that can be learnt in life.

That in itself constitutes true education. That rich and rounded experience that not only improves your life but ultimately improves your aptitude when it comes to applying what you’ve learnt.

Rote learning, that which emphasizes knowledge excluding imagination and experience will do more harm than good to one’s ambitions.

Do you want to be the best? Give your mind a healthy and balanced diet, you’ll see that the results are splendid indeed.

Quick Way To Raise Your GPA In One Semester
Quick Ways To Raise Your GPA In One Semester

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6. Be the best juggler you can find

Don’t mind me, I just like drawing funny but apt analogies from mundane things. A juggler might be a mere Jester and a far cry from the highly regarded intellectual, but they actually have the basic principles of thinking in common – applied albeit to different things.

It is called balance. Balancing 9 or so courses per semester is quite similar to synchronizing the throw and catch of several balls in the air at the same time.

Whatever you’re balancing, balls or several courses, it is important that you let none slip, even the so-called insignificant ones.

Imagine clearing all marks in all courses except one, except a one-unit course so unlikable that it makes you so miserable. The misery it gives is so repulsive and you fail. This will beautifully smear your result.

Quick Way To Raise Your GPA In One Semester
Quick Ways To Raise Your GPA In One Semester

First Class performance is exactly what it is – First Class! No lax, no slip-ups, no loopholes. All bases are so thoroughly covered.

Irrespective of animosity towards a course or its tutor, you should ensure a balanced array of results. Not a lopsided blotch of great and ghastly scores.

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7. Kill the fear in you

Fear is the one thing that makes your weakness seem bigger than your strength. The truth is that it takes quite a lot of energy to sustain fear; energy that could otherwise have been deployed in establishing your strength.

Fear is like a gaping abyss. It consumes everything that comes within an interacting distance of it but gives nothing, absolutely nothing. Fear ‘promises’ safety at the cost of taking up life’s legitimate responsibilities; it truncates your ability to respond to situations sanely and productively.

It deprives YOU of the initiative to seek and explore solutions. Looking at our strengths through your fears makes you feel powerless indeed, but doing the opposite – looking at your fears through your strengths, helps put them in perspective.

Your sense of empowerment comes through a healthy self-identity, not from a feeling or the way things seem irrespective of how easy or intimidating as the case may be.

So, with the injunction ‘Fear not’ comes to the admonition to refuse to be swayed by apparitions of weakness or the ‘compelling evidence’ the situation presents. Strength rises and weakness wanes when you refuse to give weakness your precious energy.

The competition for your energy by these two entities is a persistent conflict at the core of a man’s reality, and by extension human societies.


Weakness or continuous failure is the ultimate gameplay of fear. It subtly lulls you to abdicate your initiative, suffuses the mind with inertia as if nothing else matters. It pushes you to the very brink such that you would think that to do nothing (and sometimes the wrong thing) really makes sense indeed.

If allowed, Fear will be a chink in any armour, no matter how strong. It will feed a heightened sense of danger, with self-preservation as its sole motivation at the ungainly expense of triumph and confrontation.

It will emphasise real but mundane threats with such convincing arguments that it will take discipline and exceedingly tempered prowess to devise a winning counter-argument. Do not allow fear to come into your pursuits. Do all you can do and be the best you can be. 😉 

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34 Replies to “Here Are 7 Quick Ways To Raise Your GPA In One Semester”

  1. Great tips! I found getting to know professors was very valuable throughout university. Although my GPA was always fine, I know having a good relationship with my professors helped me get extensions on assignments on several occasions (and definitely helped to boost my grades).

  2. Oh man! School. Ha! I haven’t been in school in SO SO SO longggggg! I have forgotten about GPAs – but my son, will one day be talking about his GPA (he’s only 4 months right now, so not any time soon) and man, it will bring back so many memories! I had a pretty great GPA because well, even though I hated school, I just focused and got it done!

  3. Your post took me years ago, back to when i was in school. Although this is done and dusted i can’t but agree with your tips especially the importance of resilience. Great post.

  4. That was a really great article. I wish somebody had told me this when I was in college. I will share this link with my about-to-go-to-college niece.

    1. Great tips for those who are still studying and struggling to have high grades. Wish I had read this before.

  5. I wish I would have understood the importance of studying when I was in school. It really pays off. Great tips!

  6. I always did better in school when I enjoyed the journey. I wasn’t in a rush to just get by, instead I made it part of my joy!

  7. It’s always nice to read this kind of stuff from people with first-hand and very human experience. I worked my ass off to get a 3.74/4 GPA while working part-time and having a family. Dude, I sat at my kids’ baseball games reading flashcards and writing papers between their turns lol. Talk about juggling. I think it’s hugely important to remember self-care through these times though. You won’t be much of an employee or business owner after school if you’re dealing with a burnout hangover.

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