22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

For several decades now, experts have argued on how intelligence should be graded in humans and other mammals.

While some argue that it should be based on the percentage of the brain used by a mammal, others argue that it is the overall effect of the capacity used by any mammal that should determine their intelligence.

For a fact, dolphins are rated to be one of the most intelligent animals on earth, they use approximately 15% of their brain.

Intelligence is simply the ability to apply abstract knowledge and skills to solve problems. Indeed, improving your intelligence quotient is one of the greatest favours you can do yourself.

Intelligence is a common factor in our daily life schedule and interaction, this makes it a very valuable asset to remain relevant in the society. According to Albert Einstein, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will probably spend its whole life thinking it is dumb.

This simply means that intelligence cannot be judged based on a defined scale, everyone is intelligent in their own way.

However, it is important I point out that this article won’t turn you into another Albert Einstein, but it will help you sharpen your already existing knowledge, help you grow your skill bank and build yourself mentally.

The main purpose of this article is to help you reach your full potential. Now here is a list of simple ways to increase your intelligence.

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

1. Read More And Randomly

A very famous writer once said the key to becoming a good writer is by actually writing. You cannot become John Grisham if you do not pick up the pen and start
writing something.

This is the same for becoming intelligent, in order to increase and expand your knowledge bank, you must start reading, and reading randomly. Personally, I find novels to be very educative especially in terms of developing
one’s psychology and imagination.

By reading novels, you are creating a unique virtual world of that particular book in your head, and according to science, imagination is a good sign of a healthy and intelligent brain.

If you want to add more abstract knowledge to your knowledge bank, why not pick up a book and start reading no matter the content. Once you are able to complete two books a week, you will notice the difference in your speech and creativity.

If you need that motivation to read, you can join a book club around your area or even online where you will get the necessary boost to pick up a book and read.

2. Play Puzzle Games

According to research, about 80% of people who play chess board game have an IQ of 100 and above. This is true because I play puzzle games and I can comfortably call myself an intelligent person.

Puzzle games will help to shape your mind, keep your brain active and program your brain to be more logical in its problem-solving approach. There are several puzzle games that might interest you.

All you need to do is find that particular one you can turn into a hobby. Games like Soduko and Chess are popular for helping to build the mind and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. You can also play online casino games on https://nex777.com/ to release the daily stress.

3. Set Short Term And Long Term Goals

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

Setting goals not only discipline you, but it also gives you a sense of purpose.

In order to increase your intellect, you must ask yourself what is my primary goal of
increasing my intellect?

The answer to this simple question will keep you focused and committed. The key to success in life is persistence and commitment.

If you are knocked down by the first or second disappointment, and you choose to stay down, then you might never achieve anything in life because you are a quitter.

4. Practice Yoga/Meditation

It is usually a stress-free brain and body exercise that helps you to perform logical tasks. In order to increase your intellect, you have to practice mental exercises like
meditation and yoga.

Chinese monks use this a lot and they are said to be one of the most well-mannered, intelligent and disciplined people in the world. There are other mind exercises but yoga is the most popular because it is a very effective stress reliever.

You can join a yoga class around your area, draw a timetable to help remind you of the days when you need to take time away from work and focus on your mental health.

5. Physical Exercise

Do you think my talking about intelligence should be restricted to the brain, then you are wrong. The body coordinates with the brain to perform several tasks and for this reason, you must keep the body fit.

You might be smart enough to think out a solution but your body isn’t strong enough to go through with it.

Moreover, a healthy and fit body will coordinate better with a healthy brain. Therefore, make sure you register at a gym and work out at least once a week & if you are really busy, you can try during the weekends.

6. Stay Hydrated

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

The importance of water in our body system cannot be overemphasized. Water helps with our food digestion plus our brain cells require a balance of different chemicals in order to operate at Max capacity and at its full potential.

7. Avoid Reality TV Shows

While these shows can be quite relaxing, they do not stimulate the brain at all.

These days, social network and Reality TV shows have made it harder for people to learn new things and be productive.

Instead of reality TV shows, you can decide to watch the news or documentary channel, they will stimulate your brain and you would probably learn new things while watching them.

8. Eat Good Food

This is probably one of the major tips to increase your intellect. If you are one to prefer snacks or junk to real food, sorry to burst your bubbles but you might need to abandon that habit and pick up the more healthy food approach.

You need to feed the brain in order for it to work to its full potential. If you do not feed the brain with good food, there is no way you would expect that it works to its full potential.

9. Eat Yogurt And Chocolate

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

Certain bacteria contained in yoghurt has been linked to an increase in intellect. So at least you might not need to abandon all your junk foods. However, be careful not to take too much of it because you could add 300 pounds overnight.

Chocolates are also linked to helping the brain retrieve long term memory, therefore you could take chocolates once in a while, but like yoghurt, do not take it in excess or you become a sugary mess.

10. Get Enough Rest

Think of your brain like a machine or let’s say these modern-day smartphones. As fantastic as they are, they sometimes shut down or need to be recharged.

This applies to our brain also, if you do not take proper rest, one day you will breakdown and it won’t be nice at all. Therefore, no matter how busy you are or whatever business you run, always factor enough rest time into your schedules.

11. Solve Math Questions

From time immemorial, math has always been known to stimulate the brain. If you want to increase your intellect, consider solving math questions once in a while.

Even though you do not eventually get the answers, keep trying different approaches, your brain is working and one day you might just be able to crack that particular question.

By doing the math, you exercise your brain and make it quicker and more effective. Programming also helps you think deeply and builds your intellectual capacity.

12. Redefine Your Thinking

Most people like to think from one perspective and even though it is natural, it hinders your creativity and intellect.

You must try to approach problems from all possible angles, try to see issues from other people’s perspective before you make a decision or start an argument.

This will help you avoid embarrassments and humiliation when you end up realizing too late that you were wrong.

13. Do Crosswords

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

Most of us skip this section on our daily newspapers. However, going forward, I urge you not to skip this part of the newspaper. Rather, try to solve this crossword puzzle in your spare time at the office, in the coffee shop or even in the restroom.

Crosswords have been known to increase brain speed at solving problems and coming up with solutions.

14. Draw Diagrams And Charts

Drawing is a good means to express emotions and imagination. Good painters like Leonardo da Vinci were very intelligent men and women, who loved to paint out their imagination.

If you are interested in learning how to paint, this is a good opportunity to do so. Painting and drawing diagrams can really help your imagination and long term memory.

15. Quiz Yourself

In order to increase your intellect, you must always challenge your brain by pushing it to its limit in order to exert its full potential.

Sometimes, using your left hand all day if you are normally a right-handed person, could serve as a suitable challenge to increase coordination for the brain.

16. Keep Your Brain Working

If you really want to push your brain to its limits, you must avoid unproductivity like a plague.

Do not ever be so idle or slow in doing things that stimulate your brain. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, pick up a book to read or try some math problems.

Whatever you do, make sure that your brain is being challenged.

17. Get A Rubik’s Cube

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

Personally, I call this a portable brain jump cable. A Rubik’s cube can be taken anywhere and you can actually play with it anywhere.

If you are someone that has breaks midday, you can take your Rubik’s cube and play with it during your spare time.

18. Avoid Too much Sugar

Although sugar gives our brain a short term boost, when the rush is over, the crash is just not worth it.

So try to avoid too much sugar and develop the brain naturally.

19. Learn To Play An Instrument

Many adults do not quite know the advantage of enrolling their children in a music class to learn an instrument.

Learning an instrument increases the hand and brain coordination and helps increase intellect. As a kid, I always wanted to play the piano, but I wasn’t as privileged because my parents didn’t have the money.

However, I noticed that my friends who played instruments were also good at other things that involved the brain and hand working together.

20. Work On your Vocabulary

22 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Intelligence

A good vocabulary is evidence of intelligence. If you want to cement your intellectual status and give yourself that confidence, you must work on your vocabulary and learn to speak to a large crowd.

Confidence is everything when it comes to dressing and speaking, you must be able to carry yourself because you are smart.

21. Learn To Accept Mistakes

In life, nobody is perfect, except God, of course. Therefore, you must be ready to stay humble and accept your mistakes when you are wrong.

A humble person is loved by the people, but an arrogant person has too many enemies and few real friends. It is good to be confident, but also make yourself corrigible and humble.

22. Learn A New Language

Research has proved that learning a second language can help to increase the IQ of an individual.

This is so because two language allows you to think from two different perspectives. This can help you solve problems.

If your first language was English and you decide to take Chinese classes, eventually you will start thinking from an English point of view and a Chinese point of view without even noticing it.

The most effective way to acquire another language is to immerse yourself in it. How do you learn a language that you may not speak or know very well?

The answer is with online resources, language learning sites and apps, and even the right kind of books. Alternatively, you may enroll in online language classes or schedule a one-on-one language tutoring session. In both cases, you can achieve a fast and positive learning outcome.


Like I stated earlier, you cannot become Albert Einstein overnight. It takes time and commitment to be able to achieve any goal.

However, with these tips laid out for you, you can surely push your brain to reach its full potential. Also, remember to take rests, the brain like any machine needs a break sometimes.

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Post Author: Chibuike Nwogbo

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