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5 Benefits of Industrial IoT Solutions With Examples

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” – Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

It is unbelievable how much change has taken place over the last couple of decades. We have access to entire libraries in the palms of our hands.

When technology advances at its best, it brings the world together. It does this in ways that our parents and grandparents couldn’t have even dreamed about. 

It is true, we still have far too many people that don’t have access to primary healthcare, food supply, or housing, but we’re also in the best place in history as a species to solve these problems especially agricultural problems.

Businesses and specifically businesses involved in manufacturing have a pivotal role in finding solutions to the world’s problems.

With that thought in mind, here are some benefits of exciting advances that could revolutionize how we save our planet.

1. Advanced Manufacturing

The transformative technological effects on businesses involved in manufacturing have become quite innumerable. Of the most exciting developments that affect manufacturing is the concept that describes how objects use the internet to communicate.

Another is how artificial intelligence (AI) programs compile massive amounts of data for intelligent learning. Both of these concepts have improved the manufacturing systems and strategies. The efficiencies of the manufacturing sector have been very well-received.

2. IoT Solutions Increase Profits

Industrial IoT Solutions combine to allow for intelligent and real-time adjustments in manufacturing. This can have massive impacts on output and bottom line profits. 

3. Time Reduction

There are now highly advanced ways that you can use to maximize your business through additive manufacturing.

Rapid tooling and 3D printing provides solutions to manufacturing businesses that dramatically reduce their time to construct prototypes, tools, and designs.

4. IoT Solutions leads to Mass production

The forward-thinking part of Industrial IoT solutions helps to accelerate your concepts. That’s from initial thought to prototype to mass production.

Hence, you reduce the entire chain involved in that outcome. This means you can get to the final stage of product development sooner, cheaper, and more effectively. 

The longer-term implications suggest that once your final product is ready, you can also advance on that product. How? You may ask. Real-time data of its usage will be gathered by the intelligent systems of AI and IoT.

5. Less Global Issues

Think about it. If the global business community will change the way the planet operates, we’ll need the infrastructure to do that. We will need to move forward to more sustainable practices.

If we’re going to match the means with the end, the manufacturing process needs to evolve into sustainable operations. Otherwise, what’s the point? The World Economic Forum agrees that green manufacturing is crucial for a low-carbon future.

Developing new materials, decarbonizing energy, and delivering digital innovation are critical points for development. Here is where things get very interesting for the manufacturing sector. 


Not only would Industrial IoT play a key role in green innovation, but it will also revitalize the manufacturing sector. This will also drive economic recovery in critical global markets even after the devastating effects of financial crises.

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