11 Apple iPhone iOS 14 Updates To Check Out

Apple has always emphasized deploying stringent security measures in iOS devices, and I am going to talk about iOS 14 today.

Starting from iPhone to iPad, every Apple product gets new security features every year. Earlier, iOS 13 got some major security updates on September 19. Though, Apple introduced security features in the iOS 13’s to keep their device safe.

But, according to the users, these security functions drain the iPhone’s battery life. Even, the continuous pop-ups caused hindrances while using the iOS devices properly. And, for this reason, Apple brought significant changes to iOS 14’s security patches.

Apple conducted the annual WWDC event in June. During this conference, the developers disclosed the upcoming features of the next iOS.

On June 16, 2020, Apple unveiled the exclusive security features of iOS 14. And, the developers ensured that users wouldn’t face any security issues that they experienced in iOS 13.

After switching from iOS 13 to iOS 14, users have opted for better security enchantments. Starting from an app tracking feature to a new sharing option, iOS 14 has everything.

Recently, Apple announced that iOS 14 would get new security features. So, there is no need to update iOS 14 this time around. You can use iOS 14’s security features even after the official release of iOS 15.

Why Should You Switch to iOS 14 from iOS 13?

After the initial release of iOS 13, many users faced random bugs and glitches. And, it can be cumbersome for an individual to use an iPhone that frequently crashes. And, for this reason, many users have updated their devices to iOS 14.

Moreover, in certain iOS 13 devices, users were unable to open MP4 content. Many iPhone users struggled to access the MPEG 4 files.

Apple claimed that these sorts of problems usually occur after a cyberattack. Some iOS 13 users stated that this issue takes place after updating the iOS.

So, the actual reason behind this content accessibility issue is still unknown.

iOS 14: What’s New in this iOS Version?

Apple has introduced hefty new features in iOS 14 to improve the user experience. The developers have revamped the home screen design and tweaked Siri’s settings.

In this iOS version, users can use the features of a few apps without downloading them. But, do you know which feature can help to do that?

Locate the “App Clips” feature from the iPhone Settings to find nearby restaurants. You can even pin the important client message on the iOS messaging platforms.

Moreover, FaceTime has received major updates in iOS 14. You can now resize the video tab and open applications while video-calling.

But, make sure to activate the “Picture in Picture” mode to avail of this benefit. And if you are facing system glitches in FaceTime, contact an iPhone repair service expert.

Additionally, Memoji got new hair styling options in iOS 14. You can now add trendy headwaters and face covers in your Memoji character. Moreover, Apple has added a new real-time weather update feature.

Apple Maps has a new cycling direction that can help you to navigate in the right direction. And, Apple has strengthened the device protection by including the following security features:

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1.    Prevent the Third-Party Apps from Using Camera

Have you ever felt like the camera or the microphone is spying on you? Yes! This is the prime reason why Apple has added an advanced security feature on iOS 14.

With this feature, you can restrict unwanted applications from using the camera. In iOS, the applications need to take user permission before using the camera. But, apps like Facebook can take the camera access without requesting the user.

Do you use any third-party camera apps on the iPhone 12s? That can also take the camera permission without your acknowledgement. And, there is a high chance of data breaching from such an illegitimate app.

To withstand such security concerns, Apple has implemented a new app detecting feature. You can see a green dot on the iPhone’s screen if an app uses the camera.

Did you see an orange dot on the screen? This signifies that any iOS app is using the microphone feature. Moreover, this security feature can be enabled easily.

Check which applications have accessed the camera/mic details from the “Control Center”. Use this feature to prevent security threats.

2.    Change the Easy-to-Detect Passcodes

Billions of iPhones were hacked for using easy to decode passwords. You might have kept the passcode simple so that it can be easily remembered. But, that can increase the data vulnerabilities in iOS devices.

Though, Apple suggests using letters and numbers to make the password strong.

But, that sometimes might not help you to prevent data breaches. Thus, Apple introduced a new security feature to minimise cyber crimes. All you need to do is head towards the Settings section. And, from there look for the Password column.

Did you get the ‘Security Recommendations” option? Tap on that to identify the password that a hacker can easily guess.

And, if you need to set a new passcode, tap on the “Change Password” option. You will be provided with a list of passwords, choose an easy one and proceed.

3.    Know Which Apps are Using iOS Clipboard Data

All the old and the latest versions of the iPhone have “ClipBoard”. Usually, users access this app to save a website link, messages or videos.

Moreover, some iPhone users paste their favourite movie lines, photos and passwords. Many users reported that certain iOS apps monitor this clipboard information.

To prevent this security issue, Apple added a new feature in iOS 14. With this feature, you will be notified when applications access the clipboard data.

Millions of iPhone users have used the iOS 14 beta program to protect the clipboard information from breaches. So, switch to iOS 14 to get an additional layer of security on the iPhone 6s.

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4.    App Privacy Card is on the Way

Though it is not yet confirmed, Apple might add an “App Privacy” feature in iOS 14.

And, with this feature, you can acknowledge what the apps do after collecting the data. Consider removing those susceptible apps from the device for better security.

Currently, the developers are testing this feature to make it flawless. Apple didn’t disclose when this feature will come into play. But, once it’s added, you need to activate it from the App Store.

You have to tap on the “App Privacy” link to know the app’s details. Moreover, you can even see if the third-party app is passing the information to another app.

Or, how that specific app records the data and sends those to online websites/ into other devices.

iOS 14 users are assuming that this privacy card might roll out by the end of 2021. Wait until then and when it comes, make sure to update the App Store.

5.    Enhance the Web Security

With the advantages of social media, you might spend a lot of time surfing the internet.

Starting from FaceTiming to sending emails, nothing can be done without the internet. But, the rapid internet accessibility has paved the way for hackers to steal iPhone data.

If anyone traces the MAC address, they can easily access the sensitive information.

Moreover, cybercriminals can check when you are logging in and out from the Apple account. But, when you are using iOS 14, you don’t have to fret over such security issues.

Because Apple has enhanced internet security by adding the “Private Address” feature. Move to the Settings section, and from there tap on the “Wi-Fi” menu first, then tap on “Use Private Address”.

With this feature, users will get new MAC addresses when the iPhone connects with Wi-Fi. And, this will make it difficult for hackers to identify the correct MAC addresses.

Though, after updating iOS 14, this feature can be automatically enabled. But, if it is not, make sure to toggle on this web security option for safe browsing.

6.    Sharing the Location Details

There are a lot of navigation apps that access the user’s location without their permission.

Moreover, iOS apps like Apple Maps can track your location even when you are not using it. In iOS 13, users get the option to disable their location when they are not using the navigation apps.

And, in iOS 14, you can hide your current location by enabling the “Precise Location” feature. This can prevent cyberattacks. After updating the iOS version, open the device setting. And, tap on Privacy and Location Services. From there, choose the location-based app where you want to restrict location usage.

You will be provided with three options, never choose the “Always” option. You can go with the other two options to prevent location tracking.

7. Track the Malicious Sites from Safari’s Privacy Report

You might have earlier used the cross-site tracking prevention feature, right?

It helps users to prevent illegitimate sites from tracking the device data. Moreover, you can hide online activities from cybercriminals. And, Apple has added this ultimate data security feature on iOS 14.

After launching Safari, go to its Settings first. Now, look for the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” feature. Toggle on this security option. You can also turn on the “Block All Cookies’ option to keep the device safe.

Further, you can even get warning messages if you open any suspicious website.

Now, search for the “AA” button in the Safari browser. Once you get that, tap on it to open the “Privacy Report” tab. On this page, you will get the details of the websites that were blocked by Safari. Never consider accessing those websites because that can be harmful to the iOS device.

8. Bug in Communication Limits Feature

Additionally, Apple added a new communication limit feature in iOS 13. While using this parental control feature, iPhone owners find it a bit problematic.

Because this feature was unable to restrict kids from using the iOS apps.

Apple hasn’t yet come up with any solution to fix this privacy feature. But, the developers exemplified that, for changing the device configuration, this error has occurred.

So, it’s high time to change the iOS version to avoid such inconveniences.

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9. Save the Battery from Draining!

Did you face battery drainage issues while using cloud platforms in iOS 13? In iOS 14, you can overcome these issues. Even while using the Spotlight app, many noticed a decrease in battery percentage.

But, in iOS 14, Apple has integrated many battery-saving features. Go to the “Control Center” and turn on the “Low Power” feature to save more than 20% battery.

You can even check which apps are consuming the most battery power in iOS 14. Consider limiting the usage of those applications to extend the battery life. Disable the “Background Refresh” option when it is not required.

10. Bring Back the Mobile Data Connection

Many get random mobile data connectivity issues after the iOS 13 update.

Moreover, some of them were unable to use the internet even when the Wi-Fi was on. You might have also experienced issues while receiving or making calls.

Even iOS 13 users claimed that they were unable to send messages also. After acknowledging these problems, Apple worked on them. And, resolved these connection errors in the iOS 14.

Are there any Other Security Features that were added in iOS 14?

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Nowadays, most apps come with in-built tracking technology. To prevent these apps from tracking the user’s private details, Apple included a new feature. But, do you know where this feature is located? Go to the Privacy tab first, and then choose the “Apple Advertising” option.

However, even after turning on this option, Apple might continuously remind you to toggle that option off. In certain instances, after getting into the Privacy section, select the “Tracking” option.

And, then turn off the “Allow Apps to Request to track” option.

Moreover, Apple has upgraded the Face ID technology in iOS 14. You can now unlock the device without removing the face masks. And, this sort of feature will help iPhone users to maintain hygiene standards.

Also, it will bring ease in safely accessing their device.

So, go to the “General” section from Settings and tap on the “Download” option. Wait for 15-20 minutes to install iOS 14 on the existing iPhone. But, if the device is taking an hour to download the latest iOS, contact an expert.


The above features helps you know more about your iphone.

However, if you are unable to Find the Game Center in iOS 13 or facing hindrances while connecting the iPhone with Bluetooth, contact an iPhone repair expert to get rid of these iOS 13 problems.

But, before that, consider updating the iOS Now to Unleash Infinite Possibilities!

You can possibly resolve the ongoing errors in iOS 14. So, get better security by taking an immediate step.

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