How To Turn An Idea Into A Product

Thinking up a creative, unique and profitable business idea is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes an enormous amount of time, research and analysis to develop a strong concept that’s sure to achieve success.

You may be under the impression that thinking up this brilliant idea is the hardest aspect of the journey. Unfortunately, the work is just beginning.

Turning your idea into a real product can be a difficult step to take due to the volume of resources that are required to transform concept to product. Thankfully, this guide contains a number of tips and recommendations that you can utilize.

Following them will increase your chances of achieving success, and there’s no time like the present to start. 

1. Find Funding

First and foremost, you need to find funding before you can even begin to consider which steps to take next.

Without a pot of cash to dip into, you won’t be able to purchase materials, hire staff, or outsource essential services that you desperately need to turn your idea into a real product. Fortunately, there are a number of different funding pathways that you can explore, starting off with a business loan.

This is the most accessible form of funding. Most individuals will be accepted by a major bank or lending society, and you’ll likely be able to influence the amount of your loan, too.

However, you must remember that a loan is something that you will need to pay back with additional interest. Hence, you must generate sufficient income to cover your repayments.

2. Get sponsorship

Another option that you may wish to explore is sponsorship. A number of successful entrepreneurs and organizations choose to invest in businesses that they believe will achieve success.

Providing you with a lump sum, they will likely ask for a percentage of your profits or a section of shares in return. This can be a great pathway to consider if you would like some guidance from an experienced businessperson. An entrepreneur offering funds from their own profits will have a keen interest in your abilities to succeed. 

3. Build An Online Presence

Even if you don’t have a physical store or brick and mortar workspace to operate out of, you need to build an online presence on platforms such as Tiktok or Youtube to create a buzz around your new business.

E-commerce is taking over the modern market, meaning a huge percentage of sales is possible through the web. Many people even avoid browsing in stores. They want to scroll online rather than dress and drive to a mall that has a set closing time and a limited range of items.

4. Build a website

Building a stunning website that introduces your new brand and describes your ethos will be a great. Make an ‘about us‘ page that visitors can read through to connect with you and your team.

Use your website to show your intended style and aesthetic. This will set the scene for any products or services you will offer in the near future.

The look and functionality of your website will be a good indicator of how your new business will actually be in the future, so it’s a good idea to contact a team of professionals like to take over this task if you aren’t technologically minded. 

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