List Of 7 Underrated Smart Devices You Should Have

There are already a lot of smart devices that have been invented in the past couple of years.

Almost all had a positive influence on our lives. However, only a handful made an impression on the public.

There were smart devices that received less attention than some of the other smart home gadgets, but they still have significance.

So we compiled a list of these underrated smart devices that you didn’t realize you needed.


You might be the type of person who’s always looking to improve your cooking. If yes, then this smart thermometer is for you.

The device is simple: It stays in your oven; when it detects the temperature of your food hitting its ideal point, it vibrates gently and lets you know via the companion app on your phone or tablet.

With this smart device? No more overcooked meals! And since there are no wires connecting the device to anything else in your kitchen, nothing stops you from setting up multiple cheese plates with different temperatures.

You can refrigerate or freeze extra portions without worrying about ruining them by forgetting about them for too long—as long as they’re within range of a wireless signal.

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Clean air is important. Air purifiers can improve the quality of your home’s air and help remove allergens and odors from the atmosphere.

With so many different models available, choosing which one is right for you can be difficult.


There are several home lighting designs for your home but smart lights are a great way to automate your home.

You can control them from your phone, have them turn on and off automatically depending on the time of day or use them to create the right mood for any occasion.

When it comes time for bedtime reading or watching TV by yourself (or both), you’ll never need another lamp again!


Smart curtains are a great way to increase the familiarity and comfort of your home. Thanks to technology, smart curtains can be controlled remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

A single tap will open and close your curtain, but you can also program automatic opening and closing sequences throughout the day.


Smart plugs are a great way to get started with smart devices. They’re easy to use, available in several varieties, and they’re cheap.

In addition, a smart plug can be programmed to turn off at a certain time (like when you leave home) or start again later.

Some smart plugs even have Wi-Fi features, so you can check on them remotely. Specifically, smart plugs in the Philippines are underrated to the point where some don’t even know they exist.


If you need some cool ideas for your home, I assure you that smart smoke detectors are a great way to protect yourself.

They can give you peace of mind knowing that if there is ever a fire or carbon monoxide leak, your smart device will be there to alert you and help save lives.


Video doorbells are an excellent method to monitor your house while you are away.They can also be used to see who is at the door or check on your pets, and many have additional features.

Some video doorbells will even alert you when mail arrives or if water is detected in specific places so that you don’t have to worry about leaks while away from home.

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