Tips For Moving Employees To Another Location

The success of every business depends on the quality of its employees. Moving with your top talent can be a good idea if you open a branch or move your business to your new location. 

However, relocating an employee can be daunting, considering the costs involved. But financial costs are not the only price you pay when moving.

There will also be the psychological toll the move will have on the employee and their families. 

But if handled right, employee relocation is worth all the effort. This article offers essential tips about how you can go about it.

1. Communicate the Move to Your Employees Early Enough

It is always best to inform your employees about the anticipated move months or even a year before the due date. Besides allowing them time for psychological adjustments, your employees will require time to make the necessary plans for the move. 

You could use oral communication to inform your employee about the relocation plans. However, it’s best to follow it up with formal communication.

For example, you could send the employee a notice letter, such as this ARC employee relocation letter. Stipulate the relocation dates, reasons for relocation, costs, and the perks available for them while reassuring them that everything will be fine.

2. Facilitate the Move

The idea to move is largely yours as a business owner. So your employees will look to you for guidance on how best to go about the process. One of the first steps will be helping them find a new home in the new location. 

If they had a home or a mortgage, it would be best to facilitate the home selling and buying process to ensure that the whole process is manageable, which can impact their performance in the new location.

You should also consider facilitating the transfer of their kids from their current school to a new one in the new location. 

Moving belongings can present significant challenges for your employees. So, you should be prepared to offer logistical support, like helping them get a professional mover. The last thing you want is to create a situation where your employee needs to get off on the right foot because of one party’s failure.

3. Give Employees Time off Work

The last days before the move and the first few days after the move are always the most hectic. You should consider allowing your employee paid days off work to ensure that they finalize their preparations and adjust to their new living environment. 

The number of days to allow your employee will depend on the relocation distance and the employee’s situation. For example, a single person may need less time than an employee with kids. 

When planning return-to-work dates, it’s important to allow flexibility in case your employee is still unprepared. The last thing you want is to rush them in a way that could cause a strain on them and affect their morale and productivity

4. Offer a Relocation Package

If you want to avoid getting too involved in the relocation process, you can choose to offer your employees a relocation package.

A relocation package is a pre-paid deal that usually covers the employee’s entire cost of the relocation, from assistance selling a home, finding a new home, moving and shipping costs, and some household goods.

Also, pay attention to any tax implications related to the package, such as allowance payments for house hunting trips or meals, if this applies to your location. Also, the relocation package should not be cast in stone. Ensure you leave space for adjustments if more is needed to cover the bill. 

Some employees may want something other than a package, so it’s best to allow them several options. Besides the relocation package, consider including some financial perks which can act as an incentive for the relocation.

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