Benefits Of Emotional Branding As A Marketing Strategy

Benefits Of Emotional Branding As A Marketing Strategy

‘I’ve got one, two, three, four, five – senses working overtime…’

That’s what XTC said back in the eighties – and it’s still true now; perhaps more than ever…

We’re all constantly ‘switched on’ and distracted these days, aren’t we?

And that can make it a challenge to get any marketing message across effectively.  Unless you understand the way people’s brains work – and how to make a real emotional connection.

So how do you introduce an emotional attachment into your business to connect with your customers? You need to tap into the senses to ensure marketing success.

It’s so important to consider every one of the senses – if you want to devise promotions people really respond to.  

But how can you do that – and what should they include?

1’ll tell you…

1. The gift of sound

Sound and vision are a gift to marketers – and they make a lasting impression. That’s even evident in our old-time adverts. I guess they still make you remember the good old days when you see the old logos.

But I’ll go on to discuss the emotional connection music makes in a moment.

Sound can be an extraordinarily important tool in your marketing campaigns – but it’s also often one of the most underestimated.

Why is music important?

Benefits Of Emotional Branding As A Marketing Strategy
Benefits Of Emotional Branding As A Marketing Strategy

Music has a unique effect on our brains, especially in terms of memory. And, when it comes to your business, it’s a brilliant way to make people remember you.

Just think of all those jingles you heard right back when you were a child?  You can still sing most of them now if you’re honest. You’re doing that right now in fact – aren’t you? 

I know…

So why does that happen?  

Research shows that music activates many different centres across the brain – including the emotional ones.  It creates a stronger memory – which is, of course, very important in marketing.

It can create an immediate perception too – which is really useful in brand creation and reinforcement.  Just think of all the companies who tap into this – who use music to build a sense of nostalgia or excitement, for example.  You remember them immediately, don’t you? 

It works…

Businesses even use music with a seasonal feel to trigger the emotions we associate with Christmas, or holidays, for example. Our brains remember that pathway – and a great marketing campaign is born…

2. The gift of vision

Benefits Of Emotional Branding As A Marketing Strategy
Benefits Of Emotional Branding As A Marketing Strategy

When you combine music with great visuals, you create an even stronger connection – which lingers long in everyone’s memory.  You paint a picture of an aspirational lifestyle, perhaps – or tell the story of what your brand is about.

Using music and video also gives you instant access to enormous free traffic sources – and is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote yourself. 

Users can embed your videos into their online sites and/or share the content themselves too – which helps build a ‘tribe’. And increases brand loyalty.

But how do you make sure your campaign connects?

If you want to create a truly successful music and video campaign, it’s best to engage some real professionals. Specialized companies can offer a range of expertise to make sure it really connects.

So next time you’re planning your business’s marketing strategy, don’t forget the impact emotional connection can make.  By appealing to people’s senses, via the use of video and music, you really can make a lasting impression.

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