Top Qualities Of A Good Businessman

Top 25 Qualities Of A Good Businessman

You don’t have to be in business for long to discover that your state of mind means everything to its future success or failure.

As long as you are approaching your business in the right manner, you will find that everything tends to fall into place and operate much more effectively. Whereas, if you are all over the place, this will be much less likely indeed.

From basic education, you know that the factors of labour are controlled by the entrepreneur himself. As an entrepreneur, you’re responsible for your firm’s invention, short-term & long-term goals and general development.

A good businessman must be able to predict the market, organize options based on your predictions, take advantage of opportunities and minimize the effects of a market decline. You are responsible to create a foundation that will stand the test of time.

You might probably be curious as to what other attributes make a good businessman. Indeed, there are several characteristics asides from the primary aim of making profits.

I will give you tips on the qualities that will not only help you to grow your business but also help you manage a business effectively & still make the desired profits.

Knowing how to approach your business will, therefore, be a huge help in ensuring that you can run the business how it should be run.  That is what this piece seeks to address.

1. Persuasiveness

To be a successful businessman, you must be knowledgeable about the industry to succeed in business. Being a businessman and understanding how to influence people will help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

The crucial characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are characterized by the characteristics of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs often get their big ideas from people around them who have the characteristics and aptitudes of successful entrepreneurs, especially when they first start.
Before people will lend their support or before making any financial investments, they must first be assured that your concept is extraordinary.

Because of this, as a business owner, you must use persuasion to promote both your ideas and yourself to other successful business owners and clients.

Represent your brand or business in the best way possible because people are easily persuaded by what they can see. Present your ideas, services or goods to a potential customer in an extraordinary way and you will see how fast your business grows.

2. Positivity


Do you consider the glass as being half full or half empty? For business owners, the glass is always half full with the qualities of a successful business owner.

As an entrepreneur, you must develop the traits necessary to succeed in business because you must constantly see the positive side of things and dream big.

These characteristics can help you perform more effectively and improve the world.
Don’t dwell on the past or the bad. Instead, you should put your energy into moving forward.

Learn from your past mistakes and let them propel you to success.

You must view obstacles as opportunities rather than problems when you encounter them. Seeing the bright side of every situation will open your eyes to the opportunities therein. Never give room for negativity. Even when the task seems unsurmountable, engage your mind to be positive.

3. Availability

These days, we live in an instantaneous world. People will feel betrayed if they can’t reach you within a couple of hours. Give it 24 hours and you’ll probably have lost a client. There is no excuse for you to stop communicating with your consumers.

To keep your consumers happy and informed about what’s happening with your business, you must use a variety of communication methods, including social media and email, this is also a great way to treat customers professionally.

Your clients are ultimately your boss, thus you must put up a lot of effort to maintain their satisfaction.
You can hire the service of a personal assistant or receptionist to be in charge of responding to emails and calls from your clients.

4. Organization


You should have a structure in place that directs your everyday activities. Since the business can occasionally be stressful, you must make sure that your plan is maintained to assist you to make the most of each day.

Achieving increased productivity results in more activities being completed will contribute to the achievement of your goals.

The night before, make a plan for your day so you may start the next day off by completing your tasks. Keep a calendar with a list of all your weekly and daily commitments.

Follow your progress to see whether your actions are genuinely bringing you closer to your objectives.

In this manner, you can determine whether your efforts are genuinely advancing your company or are simply a waste of time. Maintaining organization will undoubtedly assist you in achieving the expansion of your corporation that you desire.

5. The ability to follow-up

Following up makes the difference between a deal closing and a lead vanishing before even entering your sales funnel.

It’s crucial to follow up right away after making the first move toward a prospect to continue the dialogue. Because you weren’t proactive in fostering their interest, you might lose your customers to a rival.

Additionally, it’s crucial to stay in touch with your current clients. You don’t want to lose them because you failed to keep them interested in your company keeping in mind that it was challenging to win them over at first.

Inform them of your further offerings that will enhance their initial buy. Offer them special discounts if they purchase within a specified window of time as well. More sales will be generated as a result of this urgency. You can also offer free doorstep deliveries as compensation. 

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6. Positive Entrepreneur-customer relationships

Since it has been proven that your consumers determine the success of your company, you must give them a top-notch experience. Being approachable and getting to know your clients on a personal level is beneficial.

Find out both their birthdate and the birthday of their child. On these occasions, send them unique cards. Additionally, it is beneficial to maintain a steady line of communication with your clients; you don’t want to avoid them and thus lose their support.

Return their phone calls and answer their emails. Learn about their life’s hopes and objectives. Although you don’t have to be their life coach, it would be beneficial if you understood what drives them to achieve.

You may use this information to give them more individualized service, which will improve your working relationship with them. When you do this, you will see your customers running back to you.

7. Taking chances

Life is a risk! In the same vein, creating a new business is undoubtedly risky. What distinguishes an entrepreneur is their capacity to take risks and absorb them.

By thoroughly analyzing your business concepts, the market or the industry, you can lower your risks. You should be constantly prepared to jump into an unknown undertaking. Even on projects that have failed in the past, be prepared to waste your time and money on the unproven. Yet build a strategy and the means to deal with the “unknown”.

A successful businessman will consider the risk with the cost to his career, time, and money. Is there a backup strategy in case this business venture fails?

If you aspire to be a successful businessman, don’t just take risks foolishly, rather take calculated risks. So that your business will not suffer.

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8. Knowledge Of The Business

  • Can you make a business plan without proper knowledge of the business?
  • Can you create a business strategy without first knowing what that particular market is all about?

You cannot put the cart before the horse. You must first start with a foundation in order to build a strong house. In business and just like every other thing in life, knowledge is power and power brings profits if used properly.

As a good entrepreneur, you must first acquire the basic knowledge of your business including competition, industry location, raw materials, suppliers, legal aspects of the business, government policies and restrictions amongst others.

You must take your time to study this data so that you are not blindsided by ordinary things you should have known about. This is a very important quality a businessman must process in order to fully manage his company without hiccups.

9. Time Management

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to manage your time. If you are a married man or woman, you should take note of this. If you can’t manage your time effectively, you might lose something.

It could be your personal relationships or even your health.

Try to balance everything so that you are able to achieve your goals and possibly have some time to relieve the stress in a bathtub.

Firstly, you need to make a To-Do list. If you are going to manage your time effectively, you need to make a list of the things you want to achieve at the end of the day.

However, making a list without tagging a timestamp is almost useless because then, you can be stuck on one task all day without moving on. Therefore, you need to create a To-Do list with a specific period of time for each task.

Your personal relationship doesn’t have to suffer because of your work. Part of what makes you a good businessman or woman is the ability to effectively balance your personal relationships and work.

Failing at anyone isn’t an option. Try to ensure neither of them suffers.

10. Accuracy In Decision Making

Another attribute that makes a good businessman is his ability to deliver instructions to his employees.

Sometimes, your decisions may not always be right,  but the confidence with which you make that decision gives your employees the idea that you know what you’re doing.

It is imperative you make good and accurate decisions. There is nothing like getting your employees to have confidence in your decisions.

You should be explicit enough when making decisions. Let your confidence go with precision.

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11. Alertness

A good entrepreneur is expected to keep in touch with world happenings and market development. You must stay up to date on the headlines of your trade market.

This will help you make better decisions and keep you prepared for the imminent changes in the business world.

Things change very fast in the corporate world, certain things can cause a stock price to rise, or fall and you need to be aware of when things like this happen, so you can make the right decisions.

12. Professionalism

A good entrepreneur must be professional in his dealings. You must be able to handle breakouts or problems professionally in the best way possible. You should also portray yourself in the best possible way, irrespective of your current size.

This is a very important quality because a businessman who can not differentiate between pleasure and business can not last long in the market.

In the business world, things can get really messy and your competitors will look for any gap on your part to bring you down. A weakness or a scandal is what is needed and you must not make things easy for them by being slack. Be strictly professional in the office.

13. Ability To Cooperate

Accordingly, a good businessman should be able to cooperate with his staff to execute certain tasks. As they say, two good heads are better than one.

As a manager, you must learn to build close relationships with your employees. This will make the network of production more effective. When there’s better communication between all parties involved, everyone works together to get things done properly.

You must be understanding, soft-spoken and humble around people you work with. Acting like a jerk will not make your employees respect you, rather, they would only fear you and this is not very good for your reputation.

14. Consistency

As a businessman, you must be able to display some level of consistency, especially with the people you are in contact with and your clients.

Consistency is the key to success.

Many businesses that failed did not realize how close they were to success before they gave up or started delivering low-quality services to their clients.

Your customers or clients should be able to hold on to your word. Let your next month be next month. Make sure you do not make promises you can’t keep or take more work than you can accomplish.

15. Energy

This is probably one of the reasons why young managers are becoming more common these days. As a businessman, you need to be energetic in order to address the everyday problems your firm seeks to solve.

Sometimes, you might need to move from one city to another without prior notice. This is one of the reasons why old managers want to hand it over to a much younger person.

Some issues demand you to be present in person, and you cannot let your clients down no matter what. As an entrepreneur, you must maximize the benefits of exercise and be ready to be on the move at all times. Moreover, you want to set a good example for your employees.

16. Creativity

This is another important quality of a businessman.

Creativity is everything when it comes to business.  You must be able to create something out of what everyone might call nothing.  This is what will separate you from your peers and competitors.

You must be able to create something unique that can be attributed to your company.  However, cooperation can also be very used to boost creativity by starting a team that boosts creativity and employee confidence.

17. Personal strengths & Charisma

A good businessman must have high moral standards, be charismatic and possess high character. Try to be friendly, jovial, adaptive and approachable. This way, your customers are confident that they can reach you when they need to.

No matter your position in your company, do not let pride consume you. As they say, pride comes before a fall. You must throw away pride and relate with people normally.

Also, a strong character can leave a lasting memory in the minds of people you meet.  Research has proven that people with interesting personalities leave a lasting image in the minds of people.

18. Integrity

This is one quality that is hard to keep but essential for anyone who wants to succeed in life. The corporate world can get really dirty sometimes, and you may be tempted to do some very unconventional things.

However, you must stand for something, unless you would fall for anything. Your integrity should be the only thing nobody should take from you.

You must understand that although you need to be flexible, it doesn’t mean you must do everything and anything to achieve your business goals.

If you would like to start a chemical production company, make sure you plan how to dispose of the toxic waste appropriately to prevent a massive health problem in the community of your business location.

Make sure that you are thorough in the execution of every aspect of your production.

19. Hardworking

A good businessman must be hardworking. This is pretty much obvious, however, you must be extra hardworking especially if your business is still at its startup stage. 

Nothing can replace hard work and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Until you have created a reliable customer base, you need to work extra hard and deliver promptly to your customers or clients.

Good things don’t come easy,  and you need to work hard enough to make sure your business stands on its two feet. 😉 

20. Assumption Of Responsibility

You must not try to shift responsibility on your subordinates when you should be held responsible. Your employees have personal lives and keeping them at work till 9 pm if it’s not necessary isn’t very nice.

You must be able to take responsibility for your actions and that of your employees no matter what. If your customers aren’t happy with the behaviour of an employee, take responsibility for the person’s actions,  invite the client or customer to your office and apologize on the company’s behalf.

However, you can now take disciplinary action against that particular employee if it is necessary. Shifting blame on your employees in the presence of a customer doesn’t say good about you and your business.

21. Adaptability

A good businessman should be able to adjust properly to any situation. The market changes frequently and you should be able to change with it.

If you cannot adapt properly to the changes in the market, your competitors will overtake you and push your brand to the background. You must be able to carve a niche for yourself in your industry or market. 

A business can never be static. There will be changes both in legal policies, government restrictions and other factors of production could also change. You must adapt nicely and continue operations to deliver to your clients on time.

22. Disciplinarian

Despite being a jovial and fun boss, you must be able to administer disciplinary actions against your employees when they go out of line.

If you are weak at disciplinary actions,  your employees will take you for granted and this might result in poor customer service.

You must be able to show your employees how you want things to be done around the office environment.

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23. Focus

You will need to be able to develop a strong sense of focus if you want your business to do well and this can’t be faked. You need to really focus, no matter how hard it might be to do at the start.

There are some things you can do to make it easier to focus on the business. One is to ensure you don’t have to focus on any extraneous parts of the company. You should rather have it looked after by someone else.

For example, you could get managed services to look after your IT and marketing so that you can really hone in and focus on the business day to day operations. Whatever you do to improve focus is likely to improve the business overall.

24. Patience

Top Qualities Of A Good Businessman
Top Qualities Of A Good Businessman

Growing any business takes time. You need to prepare for that if you hope for your business to do well. If you are not patient, you will start to get irritated when things are not panning out as you hope.

It also means that you are more likely to want to quit or otherwise sabotage your efforts. Instead, try your hardest to develop a little patience as you go about running your business.

If you can approach your business with a good degree of patience, you will likely not experience frustration along the way. This is definitely going to help you hugely.

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25. Sense Of Humour

Top Qualities Of A Good Businessman
Top Qualities Of A Good Businessman

It helps in any endeavour to bring a certain lightness and sense of humour to proceedings. That is something that can easily make your business run in a much more calm way. It will often result in a better way of doing business in general.

A good entrepreneur is one that is able to organize his business, distribute work accordingly in the office and still find a way to smile.

Running a business is not easy, and running a business in Africa is even harder. You need to know the way to involve relaxation techniques in the tension of running a business in a way that makes your business successful.

You should remember this if you ever find yourself struggling to deal with entrepreneurial stress in your business. Just apply a sense of humour to something and you will instantly find that it’s a lot easier to manage.


I have taken my time to put together this article and I can assure you that once you follow these tips, you would be able to build a strong brand.

You will build a reputation in your industry and you will be respected by your competitors and loved by your clients. Understand that in order to build a good and lasting business, you must first build yourself as a person. 

This is very essential to small business owners who want to carve a niche in the industry for themselves. You need to develop your character and gain enough knowledge on how to handle certain issues and changes that are imminent in the corporate world.

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