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Top 10 Careers in the World With High Salary 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to rethink their career choices and the world is yet to fully bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.

Some are still sticking to their old jobs while others have already switched careers.

Whichever spot you find yourself, choosing a career path can be difficult in dire economic circumstances but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for career opportunities.

After all, opportunities present themselves to those who are willing to make a difference. That said, here are 10 careers with great potential for skill development and financial growth:

1. Data Analyst

Being a data analyst is a lucrative career with great upsides. Companies are looking for people who are smart enough to decipher data.

After all, data is the bedrock of information. Automation, digital technology, and information security use data in one way or another.

This is the age of digital transformation. Today, data interpretation skills are considered an extraordinary advantage. Tomorrow, they’ll become mandatory.

Data analysts are not bound by a single field. They can work in multiple sectors like finance and healthcare. Almost every field employs data analysts in some capacity.

The primary responsibility of a data analyst is to spot patterns and trends. Organizations use this information to forecast growth trends. 

2. Health Worker

Health workers in diverse medical fields are often at the forefront in times of emergencies. They risk their lives to protect others yet they don’t get enough praise for their services and cooperation.

The emergence of the pandemic speaks volumes about the need for a larger health care force. Doctors and nurses are still fighting to contain the deadly virus. 

The surge is being reported in countries with a greater ageing population. Moreover, the demand for registered nurses and home care aides is increasing. That means more people are confined to their homes due to their age.

After all, most senior citizens prefer to receive aid in their homes rather than to live in a care facility. The more the number of senior citizens, the greater the demand for home aide service providers.

3. Environmental Scientist

The world is choking with all kinds of pollutants and the atmosphere is being ruined with toxic gases. Such critical times require coordinated efforts to protect the environment.

The good thing is that many countries have begun to adopt environmentally-friendly initiatives and strategies in manufacturing companies are beginning to introduce green products.

This renewed focus on protecting the environment has created a demand for environmental scientists and green energy technicians. Moreover, the shift to cleaner sources of energy requires comprehensive research.

Environmental scientists have the necessary skills to ensure that energy extracted is clean and pro-environment. Countries across the globe have announced vacancies for energy technicians. The year 2021 is a great time to score a career in environmental sciences.

4. Mechanical Engineer

Engineering is among the most sought-after career paths. It is a lucrative field with huge prospects for growth.

It is a complicated yet rewarding job. An engineer is a person with good analytical and problem-solving skills. Mechanical engineers perform multiple tasks.

It could be as little as designing a small part of a motorbike or great as installing entire wind turbines. The increased reliance on automation and robotics has created a great demand for engineers.

Nevertheless, it is important for the engineers in Missouri to earn 30 professional development hours or PDH. Therefore, looking for Missouri Engineering Education courses to develop your profession would be wise.

5. Marketing Specialist

Businesses need crafty marketing strategies to achieve long-term growth and success. And who would provide them with the strategies than a marketing specialist?

As a marketing specialist, you should know multitasking and various marketing tools. This job requires close coordination between different departments.

Marketing strategists analyze patterns to devise efficient marketing strategies. You can also get these marketing skills for free on Learnoflix as long as you are a registered affiliate.

6. Computer Scientist

Computers are everywhere, hence, computer scientists are paid high salary packages. The field of computer science has greatly benefitted from technological advancements.

And it won’t be slowing down in the future. Having computer knowledge skills as well as digital skills and systems can get you a high-paying job. You can expand your skills to become a coveted computer scientist.

7. Human Resource Specialist

The pandemic has forced companies to rethink their recruitment strategies. Organizations are looking for HR managers with diverse skills.

The current requirements may be challenging but they come with great rewards. You’ll need to learn how to use different HR management tools & acquire filing and record management skills to become an efficient HR representative.

8. Speech-Language Pathologist

Many people overcome their speech challenges with the help of a speech-language pathologist.

While it is a desk job, you will be having frequent interactions with patients. The speech-language pathologist is a great career with high upsides.

9. Mathematician

The world needs more mathematicians. Getting a degree in Mathematics can land you a high-paying job with great social benefits.

Tech giants like Google, Tesla, and Microsoft are constantly on the lookout for mathematicians.

10. Electrician

Smart home automation is becoming the new normal. As an electrician, you will need to constantly update your existing skillset. It is quite a flexible career with great earning opportunities.


Having any of these high salary careers can be a game-changer for you.

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