What To Look Out For When You Need Scaffolding

What To Look Out For When You Need Scaffolding

Do you need scaffolding for a small-scale project at your residence?

Maybe it’s a larger project you have in mind, such as a commercial or industrial building?

Whatever your scaffolding requirements, a competitive quote won’t be your only consideration. What you need is a firm that offers fully trained staff.

You want peace of mind, knowing that the individuals erecting the scaffolding are fully up-to-speed with health and safety legislation and procedures.

And, you’ll certainly want the right equipment for the job in hand. You definitely want your project to be delivered to the required standard, on time and to budget.

Below are some necessary things you should look out for: 

Look out for the Best Scaffolding Company

This should be your first step. 

You should be looking for a company that will provide the correct equipment, on time and within your budget. You will also want the highest standards in terms of safety.

No one expects you, as the householder or project manager, to know all the ins and outs of scaffolding.

However, you and the company you chose, are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of those on and around the site.

This means that from the outset, the burden of choosing a firm which is properly competent and experienced is on you.

Of course, your reason for requiring scaffolding could be anything from preparing for having insulated roof panels installed to re-roofing a property, as well as jobs involving fascias, soffits, cladding, and guttering.

Therefore, you need a scaffolding company that is experienced in erecting scaffolding for the task at hand.

The first thing that should be on your checklist when searching for scaffolding companies is that their staff have undergone accredited training in the provision, erection, and use of this equipment.

More than that, they must be fully aware of and adhere to their responsibilities under health and safety legislation.

Scaffolding is dangerous. Those working on it are more liable to fall victim to accidents than in any other area in the construction industry.

You, therefore, need to check your proposed service provider’s compliance with both legal responsibilities and recommended best practice in the field before you go any further.

Make sure you hire contractors who are accredited by national bodies.

Check The Reputation Of Scaffolding Companies

Starting your search for scaffolding companies online is often a good idea if you don’t know where to begin.

The best firms will have a comprehensive website that lists the ways in which they adhere to the relevant regulations.

This gives indications of the qualifications and accreditations held by the company and their staff.

You will also often be able to judge whether each company is a good fit for your project. Do they have past experience in the type of building that needs work?

The demands of a domestic roofing project are likely to differ from a large-scale restoration project on a historic building.

Look for examples of similar scaffolding undertakings in each company’s online portfolio.

However, the very best recommendation a firm can have comes from word of mouth.

If you can, speak to former and existing clients of the company in question. Ask them how the project was managed.

Was the right equipment delivered to schedule?

Was health and safety a priority, and were routine safety inspections carried out? Were any issues addressed promptly and efficiently?

Were the company’s staff polite, competent, and tidy in their work?


You’d agree with me that one major reason why you agree to set up a scaffold is due to safety.

Therefore, you are expected to keep an eye out on this.

While setting up a scaffold, avoid going for cheap materials. Cheap materials can be detrimental and even more costly.

Take for example, you went for cheap materials in order to save money and work within your budget.

Unfortunately, an accident happened and a worker was terribly injured.

If the worker decides to go to court and sue for compensations.

You’d definitely end up paying more for compensation than what you spent on obtaining cheap materials.

This is by all odds, not a wise situation for a businessman. Prevention, they say is better than cure.

Therefore, before you choose a scaffold company, make sure they are up to date with their permits, guides and safety regulations.

A scaffold structure is made up of moving parts and if you are not careful, things could go wrong very fast.

Hence, it is necessary that you ensure  everything is taken into account when it comes to the safety of your scaffold and general safety on your construction site.

Use The Right Scaffold

Another key thing to look out for, when setting up a scaffold is the appropriate scaffold for your project.

Before you choose a scaffold, you need to check your construction needs.

There are different types of scaffolds available. However, not all scaffolds are effective for all kinds of construction.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to know which is best for a specific purpose.

In other words, it is vital for you to know exactly what type of scaffold your construction needs.

Generally, The adjustable and suspended scaffold is typical for the construction of very tall buildings.

However, the building being a very tall one doesn’t guarantee that suspended and adjustable scaffolding will be the best for it.

If the shape of the building is not a perfect square or rectangle, just like so many buildings these days.

Then, you might need to use a supported platform scaffold that is more flexible, easier to install and use.

In addition, if the platform needs a cover from the weather, a supported platform scaffold is also ideal.

But if your construction site isn’t big enough for the installation of a suspended scaffolding with a crane, then you might want to use the supported platform.

On the other hand, the best advice will come from the scaffolding company that you will hire.

However, it is better to know the basics so that you are not left in the dark when they are suggesting the best option.

Ground Stability

The topography and terrain of your construction site will play a major role in your choice of the scaffold.

Take for example, you are working on a construction site that does not have a levelled terrain.

Then, you have no business considering a supported platform scaffolding. 

On the other hand, if the ground is levelled and strong, a supported platform scaffold would suffice.

You do not want to set up a supported platform scaffold on uneven ground or wet ground.

However, if there are doubts about the terrain of your construction site, then a suspended scaffolding will be a better option.

But if you are working on a site where a supported platform scaffold will obstruct the road access in a city or hinder access into the building.

Then it is wise for you  to go for a suspended scaffold.

 Here are some advantages of using a local scaffolding company, because the will definitely be conversant with the local weather conditions, topography and terrain of that area.

With these information, they can suggest the right scaffold for your construction site.


Like earlier stated, most construction site accidents are caused by faulty scaffolds that will collapse and cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

Before you begin construction or the setting up of a scaffold, you must take into consideration the projected height of the building.

This helps you avoid preventable errors or mistakes.

The good thing is that most scaffolding comes with a label on how to use them and their limit.

you will need to make use of this so you do not end up stretching your scaffolding, which might eventually lead to accidents in your construction site.

Also, most scaffolds have a height limit and extending them is putting your workers and project at risk of damage, because a collapsing scaffold could really affect your project as well.

While you might think that a good decision is to buy bigger scaffolds, you might end up just paying for something you might not use.

So it is wise to make sure you choose the right scaffold for the project you have at hand.

A good scaffolding company will also be able to give you professional advice on the best scaffold that will suit your project height.


Money is an essential factor in carrying out a successful project.

Whether you like it or not, pricing is also a major factor in choosing a scaffold for your project.

After the scaffolding company must have laid down the options for you, it is now up to you to check back with your financial managers or your budget to see if your company can spare the expense.

It is only normal for businessman to want to go for the best option both in function and price.

This is another advantage of using a scaffolding company that is around your project construction site, it will save you the potential cost of shipping in equipments and materials from out of town.

It will also save you the headache of mixing or missing equipment during the shipping of materials.

Not to talk about the cost of shipping these materials from out of town, it is obviously more expensive shipping materials from out of town to just contracting a next-door neighbour for the job, provided he can deliver quality service.

However, supported platform scaffold is the most pocket-friendly because it can be reused for another project in the future.

Adjustable scaffolding are usually more expensive but are very effective in making work faster and easier to complete.

Suspended scaffolding is the most expensive since it has to be custom-built around the project, especially if it is not a project with a straight forward dimension or shape.

However, do not make price be an excuse for choosing a scaffold that is not ideal for your project.

You must first consider safety and other factors before slipping in the price factor.

It will be absolutely unprofessional and unwise the excuse that lack of sufficient fund was the reason why you set up a supported platform scaffold on an uneven terrain

I’m certain the lives of your employees are important to you and you won’t want to endanger their lives.

Ask For Expert Advice

You’d definitely agree with me that no one is an island of knowledge, right?

That is why it is necessary for you to take advice from people who are more experienced in this expertise.

You never can tell, they could suggest a scaffolding company around your location that would be able to recommend the best scaffold for your project.

They can even help set up the temporary structure in a standard way.

At all stages of your construction project, it is important to seek expert advice on various issues.

It is better to be associated with ignorance than for your firm to be associated with loss of lives or the destruction of a project.

A good scaffolding company will be able to give continual advice on different aspects of the project.

Advise on nature, improvements and repairs that need to be made.


it’s time to ask for a quotation for your project. You can tell a lot by the way the firm handles this.

Do they speak knowledgeably about their industry and your project, and advise you effectively on what will be required?


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