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Thirteen (13) 9-To-5 Job Alternatives You Have Always Wanted

For the longest time, you may have felt strongly to settle into the standard routine of nine-to-five employment.

And, for the vast majority of people, that really was the only option available. However, the world is constantly moving and changing.

The rise of the internet has opened up so many different options for people’s careers which are genuinely amazing.

Great news!

We no longer live in a world where you’re stuck working the same old nine-to-five. The fact is, no rich man or woman wants to stay 9-5 in his or her office anymore.

You can do your own research but my uncle who is a multi-millionaire doesn’t go to his office until eleven in the morning, and sometimes returns home twenty minutes after.

My point is, you don’t have to work a 9-5 job to be successful. If you have always wanted to do something else, something that doesn’t make you get up before 8 in the morning and rush out of your house, then you need to read this.

Do you have a work you don’t love or a boss who you don’t seem to understand? There are alternatives available to just about anyone who wants to go after them.

If you don’t want to work until 9 pm and return home all stressed, bored and depressed, why don’t you go for a change?. Yes, I know the risk of not having any financial security or other employment benefits, however, what is life without risks?

You are not alone. I mean searching for an alternative for the dreaded 9-5 jobs is a common thing people do these days due to an increased need for personal time. In fact, about 86% of industry workers prefer an alternative for their 9-5 jobs but with the same or a higher pay rate.

It might seem very blurry for you to come up with ideas that will help you move from an employee to an employer or self-employed worker. However, this article is here to help you. I’ll attempt to give you 12 ideal alternatives for your 9-5 Job.

With that in mind, below are some job alternatives:

1. Virtual Assistant

I remember doing a piece on this one recently, as I went deeper into my research, I really began to envy the individuals who do this job. It’s almost like your typical dream job.

That is if your dream job includes sitting at home with your laptop and phone while helping other people organize their lives from the comfort of your home.

Considering the pay, a typical virtual assistant earns about 65,700 dollars a year. Surprising right, a virtual assistant actually earns more than 50% of 9-5 job workers.

This alone made me want to abandon writing and just enjoy my life being a virtual assistant. However, being a virtual assistant isn’t just roses and butter, you will have to build up your portfolio and status to drum up serious pay from clients.

Regardless, this can’t be too hard especially with the internet and a few online courses, you can become an exceptional virtual assistant with just a little effort and some time.

2. Copywriter

Welcome to my world. Copywriting isn’t a 9-5 job, however, it is not an easy job. I remember around last year when I was explaining to a friend how creative and diligent you must be to become a copywriter, he was adamant that copywriting was just as easy as taking the words of another person and saying it in a different way. It is true that copywriting is about twisting words, however, how can you twist that paragraph to be more engaging than the original piece. So my friend and I made a deal, if he was able to construct a 2000 word article from a 500-word article, I would pay for the tickets to a music concert we both wanted to attend really bad. As I expected, he got stuck around 650 words and could no longer continue.

My point is, if you are looking for an easy job, you are looking in the wrong direction especially when it comes to writing. However, if you are fully interested in writing and you have the passion for creating engaging and helpful content, copywriting is a good alternative to your 9-5 job. I personally won’t make copywriting a career especially if I have financial responsibilities or a family, except I have signed a contract to develop content for established brands.

I told myself that I would be blunt in this article, copywriting is a good alternative to 9-5 jobs, but the pay will hardly be enough to settle your light bills except you drum up some serious client satisfaction reputation. So my dear reader, if you are prepared for the persistence, the ups and downs and the financial struggles that come at the first stages of starting a career in copywriting, then go for it but if you are not, simply read on for more alternatives.

3. Freelance Web Designers

If you like controlling your working hours, and you like working from anywhere and at  anytime, I will suggest freelance web designing as a career. Let me give you a little information on what being a freelance web designer entails. So as a freelance web designer, your primary job is to create and sometimes, maintain the websites of new or old businesses. You can source for clients on online platforms like Upwork and freelancer. However, some web designers I know prefer direct pitching to clients. They claim that through direct pitches, they can interact personally with their clients, get to know what they really want and provide added services like firewall website protection e.t.c.

However, to become a freelance web designer you obviously have to learn to design websites. There are a thousand and one computer training schools, including online academies that conduct professional courses on website design. You can commit to taking one of such courses and you should be done within a space of two to three months. Trust me, it would be worth it when you are done. An established freelance web designer earns no less than 70,000 dollars a year and never has to pay for office space, except he wants to expand his business.

5. Social Media Consultant

The internet has created tons of new opportunities for youths and those seeking alternatives to the typical 9-5 jobs. One of such opportunities the internet has created is the job of a social media consultant. A social media consultant as the name implies is an expert in social media and analytics. Social media consultants are responsible for creating and maintaining social media handles of various brands. Their job ranges from creating engaging contents, to scheduling and organizing these contents to reach a larger more specific audience.

A social media consultant can work for any brand and from any location. Artistes, politicians, athletes, brands and actors all make use of social media handles to interact with fans, engage followers and advertise new products to the world’s fastest-growing community, the internet. If you are the type that prefers irregular work hours instead of the defined closing time jobs or you prefer to determine your own working hours, then this might be a suitable alternative for you.

I have a friend, well he is actually a mutual friend who does social media for a popular artiste. During our mutual friends birthday party, we were all talking about our jobs and he gave us an insight to what a social media consultant life is really like. Of course, he laid emphasis on the work he had to put in to get to the stage he was in his career. According to him, as a social media consultant to an artiste, you get to fly and go everywhere with the artiste if you like. You can also manage his/her social media from the comfort of your home, it all depends on your travel tolerance. He was proud to let us know that he had been to three different continents and four countries on an all expense paid trip. He refused to let us in on how much he earns per year and that was understandable, however, he hinted that he earns almost close to what an oil worker earns in Nigeria. Just the mention of an oil worker’s salary and a job that isn’t on a boring 9-5 schedule, I was impressed as well as surprised. I decided to add this job to the list of 9-5 job alternatives.

6. Personal Trainer

Most personal trainers today are people that were once 9-5 workers. They probably woke up one day to the sound of their alarms by 6:30 am and decided that the 9-5 life just wasn’t for them. If you are the type that loves to get up and close with clients, you identify as an extrovert and you don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day, try this career. You can be a personal trainer and still have time to join a book club, attend you kids PTA and read at least a book a day. My point is, you can be a personal trainer and still have enough time for your own personal life.

7. Political Campaign Manager

Do you like the steaming hot environment of a good political brawl, then you might have just found your dream job in form of a political campaign manager. A political campaign manager coordinates with a team towards getting their candidate elected into a political office. There has been arguements regarding the common saying “Politics is a dirty game”. For many, politics is only the game and the players are the ones that choose to be dirty. I am not a fan of politics but I find this particular job to be very interesting. Not just the energy, but the challenge and rush that flows through your veins when you plan a campaign strategy. Plus you can decide your working hours or the election could decide for you. In the end, you won’t be working a 9-5 job as a campaign manager.

8. Tax Accountant

As an independent tax accountant, you are able to perform accounting during the tax season, then take a well deserved break during the off season. This is a good job for people who like to vacation or simply chill off at a certain time of the year. If you are good with numbers and you are not a 9-5 job kind of person, you could consider tax accounting.

9. Makeup Artists

You know how women used to take hours to do their make up, and some people even made a joke out of it, ” if you are going for an occasion by 10am, make sure to wake your wife to start preparing by 6am”. Well surprisingly the skill of applying makeup is now one that has made several women rich overnight. According to a female friend, no woman would want to do her wedding makeup herself, even if she is also a makeup artist. Makeup artists cash out at the most irregular hours and they do not charge small. A make up artist charges no less than $300 per session with clients. Sometimes, they are flown in from a different country and lodged in an hotel for an early morning job. This is a typical example of turning your hobby to a paying job.

10. Chef

In case you are not aware, being a chef is one of the most lucrative careers in the world. If you are a good cook and you don’t fancy rushing out of your home by 7:30am, battling traffic or commuting in a crowded train, only to return home just before 7pm and order pizza for dinner because you are literally too exhausted to make a proper meal and then you go to bed knowing you have to do it all again the next day, and the day after that till you are 70, then I think you should really consider becoming a chef. Depending on your success as a chef, you could make enough every year to go on a deserved vacation to one of those Caribbean islands. What is more important than doing something you love and getting paid for it?

11. Music

Music has always been a burning passion in me and one day I might just lay down my pen and pick up my mic. The Music Industry is filled with creative, intelligent and talented individuals who decided that the 9-5 life just wasn’t for them. Many of them spent years struggling underground before they got their big break. Many might say that the music industry is already saturated, but I beg to disagree, the music industry is everything but saturated. There is always space for one more talent.

12. Freelancing

Being stuck in a boring routine that you have absolutely no control over is the cry that most people have about 9 to 5 jobs.

You may end up having to build your entire life, from your family to your social life, around work.

If that’s something that you find yourself stuck in then freelancing might well be the alternative for you.

Freelancing offers you the chance to dictate your own work schedule. You have a choice about how much you take on, and what kind of work you do.

There are plenty of different freelance careers out there.

However, it’s often pretty safe to say that if you have a skill, there will be someone out there who wants to pay you for it.

13. Setting up your own business

9 To 5 Job Alternatives You Have Always Wanted
9 To 5 Job Alternatives You Have Always Wanted

Another common issue people have with their job is that they end up working under a boss who doesn’t care about them and refuses to listen to any kind of feedback.

There’s nothing worse than sitting on a sinking ship and not being able to do anything about it.

If that’s something that you’ve dealt with then starting your own business might well be the answer to your problems.

By starting your own business, you’re able to finally put yourself in the driver’s seat and you’re able to create something based on your drives and your expertise.

The only thing that you need to remember is not to fall into the same habit that your old boss did.

Always be willing to listen to the people you work with and take feedback when it’s presented to you.


Freelancing or setting up your own business may be more fulfilling but it won’t come easy.

Truth is that there are actually a lot of ways in which these kinds of careers can be more of a challenge than a traditional job.

You just need to be able to weigh up your options. Analyse those challenges to know if they are more than the positive changes that these kinds of careers can bring to your life.

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