6 Powerful Tips To Excel In Real Estate Investment

After a slow pandemic season, the real estate business is back with a bang in the US. The demand in most American states is booming, and the long-term pricing potential looks great.

Investing in commercial real estate is the wisest move if you have spare funds and are ready to use them to make money and create wealth.

The investment is likely to pay handsome returns in the long run, but you cannot undermine the risks of the domain. Prices may fluctuate if demand goes down and area-specific or property-specific challenges abound.

But a strategic approach can help you address the risks and maximise profits and growth. I’ll explain some actionable tips to maximise commercial real estate ROI.

1. Avoid all-cash deals

Commercial real estate is capital-intensive, so you must have ample funds to dive in. But starting with a hefty sum does not mean you should pick properties in all cash.

Of course, having no loans, pending mortgage payments, and zero interest burden sounds good. But it is not always the best way to go, specifically when you wish to run on a large scale.

You can use the same funding to buy multiple properties by paying a part in cash and taking out loans for the balance.

Although you make mortgage and interest payments on these properties, diverse investments lower the overall risk. Moreover, you can sell a few down the line and get the same money in rotation to earn a higher ROI in the long run.


2. Prioritise the bigger picture

While planning, your financing strategically puts you in a good place as a commercial real estate investor; you must think long-term.

Seeing the bigger picture is crucial because location preferences, living habits, and technological advancements are ever-evolving.

A market or segment that is hot now may turn cold in a few years. You cannot take a set-and-forget approach with your investments because it is like leaving ROI to chance.

Staying ahead of the trends is the key to success. Also, ensure that your property will likely always be in demand. For example, a residential home will always find buyers if located in a safe and clean neighbourhood.

Likewise, office spaces are in demand if the location is accessible and commercially viable.

3. Review your tenants regularly

Your tenants are a significant factor in determining your ROI from commercial real estate. You must ensure they pay good rent on time and take good care of your place over the years. Renting out your place to a random tenant is the last thing you should do.

You must ensure a proper screening process to verify their credentials through background and credit checks. A steady job and good income make them viable prospects. Also, be watchful about the paperwork and review the rental agreement on renewals.

A surprise visit to the property is a smart way to understand their take on maintenance and upkeep. Letting a property manager handle these tasks is even better because it frees you from the hard work.

4. Pick less expensive properties

The basic rule of commercial real estate investment is that less expensive properties transfer into higher ROIs, provided that other factors are constant.

It would help if you worked with a seasoned real estate agent to secure the best deals on properties. Think local if you wish to expand your business beyond a single city. Working with a local is an advantage as they know the market well.

For example, if you plan to invest in Chicago, you must look for an expert who knows the real estate in Chicago inside out. They can help you find deals below the market value.

They also ensure profit potential, which is as important as the price advantage. Buying a low-value property in a neighbourhood that does not sell does not make sense. An expert professional weighs all the factors before guiding you with deals.

5. Boost value with relevant renovations

Savvy investors pick properties that have the potential to appreciate over time. But you cannot expect them to grow by themselves or wait for the market to provide a boost.

You must take proactive steps for value enhancement, and investing in relevant renovations is the best way to achieve it. Renovating key areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, can make it a lot more enticing for tenants. This is one of the best ways to find buyers.

You can go the extra mile with renovations with projects like landscaping improvements, solar installation, and home automation. While these improvements cost a bit, they ensure an increase in rental value.

You can also sell at a premium if you want to go house-flipping down the line.

6. Find ways to lower your annual costs

There are factors to consider when investing in real estate. The cost of ownership of commercial real estate extends beyond the buying price. You also have to pay annual expenses that affect your ROI over the years.

While some expenses are a given for owners, it is possible to minimise others with some easy measures. For example, you can shop for a cost-effective insurance policy that offers optimal coverage without costing a fortune.

Long-term collaboration with a property management company to handle your properties is a good option.

You can rely on these professionals to screen tenants, collect rents, and maintain your properties. It lets you focus on maximising your ROI and growing your business. Hiring a local property manager can save you a lot by avoiding travel expenses.


Although commercial real estate investment is inherently lucrative, you cannot take things for granted. Having a strategy from the outset is crucial to cover your risks and make the most of your investment.

Be selective about the properties you add to your portfolio, find ways to reduce the cost of ownership and collaborate with an expert property manager to manage your estate.

With these simple measures, you can make your business profitable and stress-free without doing a lot of heavy lifting. Smart money decisions regarding cash and mortgage loans are enough to do the rest.

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