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Want To be A Lawyer When Your Grow Up? See These 7 Signs

The American legal landscape offers immense opportunities for young professionals and seasoned lawyers.

You can expect a great start and good progression wherever you are in the country. But your growth trajectory depends on several factors, and timely changes set you up for success.

After all, sticking to a comfort zone can be detrimental because it can cause stagnation and boredom in the long haul.

You may even end up despising your job, and every day could seem like a huge burden. Fortunately, a proactive approach can save you from reaching the situation.

Want to be a lawyer? Timely action is the key, so you must follow your instincts and make a switch at the right time. Here are some signs that you should consider advancing your legal career.

1. You feel bored in your current job

Doing the same work day in and day out sounds easy because it puts you in a comfort zone. But eventually, your professional life becomes monotonous, and you miss new challenges in your career.

A successful legal professional thrives on complex cases and prestigious clients, so not getting exposure to them is a red flag. You may also miss delving deeper into a specific area of your interest.

Niche specialisation is a major plus point in the legal profession, and missing out on it in your current role indicates that you must look for a change. Assess where you are right now, and decide whether you are happy to stay in the same place for the foreseeable future. If not, consider tips for switching industries sooner than later.

2. You feel a lack of career progression

Like all other professionals, career progression is a significant factor for lawyers. But you should not consider only promotions and raises as progression.

In the legal field, it is also about getting new learning opportunities, additional responsibilities, and challenging cases.

Having a mentor in the current team is a chance to progress in your career. You may also visualise yourself with a partnership in the law firm. Further, you must seek access to formal career development.

If you foresee none of these in your current job, a change is probably the wisest decision.

3. You see greener pastures elsewhere

Most American states have thriving legal markets, but the demand for lawyers in some areas is far more than the supply. For example, relocating to New Orleans is an excellent idea because it has immense potential for job seekers in the legal industry.

You can quickly access a list of recruiters in New Orleans to understand how likely you are to advance your career by moving to this part of the country. A career move makes sense if you see greener pastures elsewhere.

Although relocation is a daunting prospect, it can open up a chance for a big leap.

4. You want a fresh start

At times, you may want to change your job only because you want a fresh start. Although it may not seem like a serious reason, it is worth considering.

You may want to move to another city to join a partner, provide better education for your children, or be near your parents.

Moreover, a change is exciting when you foresee new beginnings in your personal life and social circles. It is also a chance to grow your professional network, which will surely help your career in the long run.

5. You are not comfortable in the current location

Besides better opportunities in another state, you may want to relocate for other reasons. Moving elsewhere makes sense if you are not comfortable in your current location.

The high cost of living, the erratic flow of cases, and the fear of job uncertainty are a few reasons you may not be happy about working in your current city.

Research areas with good job potential and low cost of living to stretch your income and save more. You may take up a job that pays an equal sum yet save a lot by moving to a less expensive location.  Think long-term to make a move without apprehension.

6. You miss a good company culture

Company culture matters as much for law firms as for any other business vertical. A positive work environment is the mainstay of the high-value corporate culture.

It makes you feel good about being a part of the organisation, and you do your best to contribute and boost the firm’s growth.

You will probably identify your employer’s culture by working for them for a few years. A great one has leaders that model the core values and inspire others to follow them.

Consider factors like transparency, diversity, inclusion, and positivity to understand the company culture. If something appears amiss, it is a sign to switch and find a better workplace.

7. You do not have an optimal work-life balance

Employees want more than high salaries and growth prospects to stay with an organisation. They expect an optimal work-life balance in their roles, whether they are sales professionals, caregivers, personal support worker, factory workers, or lawyers.

Consider the work-life balance in your current jobs by digging deep into factors like work hours, the flexibility of location, and supportive management. A law firm that does not let its employees get the best of both worlds is not worth working with.

A poor work-life balance can harm your mental well-being, cause frustration, and affect productivity. Moving to another job should be your top priority if you are not happy in this context.


A job change is an integral aspect of career progression for all professionals, and lawyers are no exception. The legal domain is one of the most dynamic fields, where opportunities abound when the demand grows.

The skill shortage in the industry is another reason for better options always being around the corner. You must not overlook these signs that indicate an impending change.

Want to be a lawyer? The sooner you switch, the better. But you must take a strategic approach to job changes instead of moving ahead without a plan.

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