7 Business Ideas For Students In Nigeria

Do you know what it’s like to be broke in school? Are you in desperate need of lucrative business ideas and chances that you may start as a student to supplement the little money your parents give you?

For a student, starting a profitable business does not require a huge capital investment. With a strong business idea and the right tools, you can start a business without investing much money or even acquiring inventory.

Any lucrative business plan begins with market research to get into the entrepreneurial spirit. As you examine the market, consider: What types of products or services meet demand in the current market? How can your abilities help you find new intriguing ways to meet those demands as a student?

If you are a student reading this article, the truth is that you can start a side business as a full-time student and still maintain good grades. I will show you lucrative business ideas guaranteed to earn a regular income as a student.

Once you have an idea of ​​what you want to offer, consider the business models that will best help you bring your idea to life. For budget-minded student business owners, a wise strategy for your business is of the utmost importance, like less money to spend means less money to burn as you search your way to success.

Whatever you do, do it well! If you do not have the skills required to start any of these businesses, I urge you to invest the time and money to acquire them. Consider any of these lucrative business ideas to get started.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing on Learnoflix or 7DC for students is a way to make money by referring products or services to your contacts or readers in exchange for a commission. You may make as much money as possible as an affiliate marketer without putting in all your time and effort.

A student with the ability to market other businesses products or services stands a good possibility of earning N50,000 per month or even per week; believe me, you can make that much. Affiliate marketing is simple; all you need is a phone or a laptop to go around the internet promoting products and services, which you can do at any moment while at school.

2. Typing and editing

The majority of students must type their assignments, projects, and thesis. You can start a typing business if you have a personal computer.

How does it work? After school, you gather handwritten homework and type them up. Install typing lesson software like Mavis Beacon and start practising if you lack speed-type skills.

You type it and then take it to a computer centre to have it printed for N20 per page. You might charge anywhere from N50 to N100 per page for each typing work.

This means you’ll make between N30 and N80 per page profit. If you can type 20 pages per day, you can earn an extra N800-1,600 per day and N4,800-9,600 per week.


3. Selling past questions

Previous school question papers sell like hotcakes, especially as exam day approaches.

You can collect old problems from your department and other departments, solve them using your textbooks, and then turn them into a brief booklet to sell to students during exams.

Depending on your production costs, you can sell for N500 or less.

4. Secondhand clothing business

The Okrika apparel company is popular. This entails purchasing secondhand clothing and reselling it to students. A small-scale okirika cloth business can be launched with N10,000. Jeans, shirts, shoes, and tops should be your priority.

Before you make a purchase, meet with people with industry experience for advice. This is to prevent getting your fingers burned while doing terrible business.


5. Hair plating and styling is a lucrative businesses

A  friend utilised his hair-cutting business to pay for his whole education. On weekends, she went to student hostels and inquired if anyone needed their hair done. He knit and repaired the weave as he worked on it.

For a fee, you can learn how to tie and weave hair and provide services at the school. Depending on your charge, you might charge anything between N500 and N1,500 for a hair tie.

6. Blogging

You’ve probably heard that people make a five-figure salary through blogging. Let me state unequivocally that this is 100% correct. Starting a free Blogspot or WordPress blog doesn’t cost much, and if you understand how blogging works, you’ll be making money in no time. In future articles, I’ll begin a new course in blogging, so watch out.

You are losing much money if you have good writing skill. You may make decent money from freelance sites in addition to writing for bloggers that don’t have time to write. Explicit success is an excellent place to start as a beginner and earn.

7. Design of Graphics

Graphic design is another source of income for those with the necessary talents. Because there appears to be a scarcity of skilled graphic designers.

The few available are always in high demand. You can construct a portfolio for yourself on odesk, nairaland, and other sites. Don’t be afraid to offer free services in exchange for individuals testing your work and providing feedback.


Being a student doesn’t stop you not to be earning money for your life. The student has many lucrative businesses that he or she can do to earn enough money without affecting his studies.

It’s not easy juggling school with a side hustle, but with the tough economy, creating your business empire while still in school will be a wise move.

Other lucrative small business ideas are out there, but these should get you started. Remember, the most wonderful idea that stays in your head is useless. The time to start doing something is now!

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