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27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money

Many students face financial challenges. 

Many students get broke most of the time, especially in third-world countries where there is little or no financial support from the government. Besides, it is a herculean task to find a well-paying job that will be flexible enough to fit into your class schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people who are not students also experience financial crises. However, this should not continue in the age of the internet.  There are now millions of online jobs everywhere.

The fact is, many students now study and earn to augment the effort of their sponsors. Often, the aim of having another source of income as a student is to offset the high cost of tuition fees. Sometimes, students even have enough to start up their full-time business at the end of schooling.

A way to earn while learning is through online jobs. This allows you to get things done from your comfort zone among other advantages.

Here are twenty-six (26) online jobs you can take on to earn and a brief explanation about each job.

27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money
27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money

1. Freelance writing

Start an interesting blog and build a portfolio that will attract clients to use your writing services.

You can also contact us to pay for your writing skills if you have prior writing experience.

If you do not want to be a blogger but you still want to write content professionally for a lot of people, you can be a freelance writer.

There are tons of websites where you can find writing projects you can bid for. Some of these websites are Guru and Freelancer.

2. Blogging

Blogging, as my friend defines it, is making money out of your hobby. I actually agreed with him because he makes money out of what he does for fun.

To own and maintain a blog is getting easier by the day.

You can host your Blog for a small amount and maintain the same even for less. You can check Whogohost or Bluehost among others. One of the advantages of blogging is the fact that you are not restricted to a particular topic or niche. You can diversify as you get more comfortable.

3. Freelance website design

You can design and sell websites online. There are lots of software to aid you and almost-ready websites and templates that you can use to build a perfect website.

When you become a professional and can avoid some design mistakes, you can begin to sell them to reputable firms.

Accompanying a web design is a domain name. You can also sell domain names you bought from the domain registrar (your main investment) e.g Flippa, Godaddy, Qservers, etc.

4. Graphic Design

You can earn extra income if you can do graphics designs. Can you design logos, brand materials, or media graphics? go for online graphic design. Almost all websites that offer freelancers a platform have a section for graphics design.

Just package yourself well and make captivating designs to get people to patronize what you do. You can use Canva, Doodly, or Crello to make beautiful designs. 

5. Online Transcriptionist

This is a job you can bid for on so many freelancing websites. An online transcriptionist does the same job as a standard transcription save the fact that you get the audio form online.

Are you good with the computer system, fast in typing, like to convert audios to text and you would have a little time on your side, you can transcribe online?

You would first need to pass the onboarding process and then choose what you want to transcribe. Do it at your pace and you would like it. You can check Upwork and other platforms for such jobs.

6. Social media management

Even though many do this as full-time online jobs, nothing stops you as a student to have it as a part-time job. You spend a considerable time on social media platforms every day and you can easily convert that to an income if you pick up social media management.

As a Social Media Manager, you will source for and post content on social media. You will also be in charge of growing the number of followers. You will also relate with the followers when necessary. Need I mention those social media platforms? I think you already know them! Facebook and so on.

7. Online photography

27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money

Many students have benefited from this for a long time. You need not take photos just for the sake of keeping precious memory. You can take pictures and sell them to online photo studios and galleries.

The best part of this is that you can sell the photos one at a time or you can sell in bundles. If you don’t want to sell to these websites, you can build your online photography studio but for that you need to learn how to click the picture properly and learn through online photography classes.

Examples of the websites that can buy your photos are iStock; Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Etsy, and Alamy.

8. Online tutoring

I must say this, not to scare you but to inform you that online tutoring can be demanding. This shouldn’t stop you if you have a passion for teaching and you have some free time.

There is a lot of online teaching platforms that will pay you as you teach and there are lots of subjects and topics that will suit you. SparkTutoring, Superprof, QKids, VIPKID, are some examples of online teaching platforms.

9. Read books and get paid

This might seem like fiction to your ears but for real, there are lots of sites that pay you to read books. These sites have books covering a vast number of topics. Books like Scooper also pay you to read the news.

10. Create an online course

This type of online job differs from online tutoring.

As an online tutor, you actively teach a student or a group of students live at an appointed time. On the other hand, when you teach an online course, you need not do it live.

To teach an online course, you have the option of passive interaction. You can create, record and sell your courses online with materials that suit your taste.

Examples of the site where this can be done are Teachable, Udemy, GitHub and Skillshare.

11. Online-store

This is trending not only among the students but also among non-students. It is easy to start up an online store without a physical store. As long as you can post your wares or other people’s wares, you are good to go.

One interesting thing about this online job is that you can start earning from the very first minute you set up your store. Some way to go about this as a student is to drop-ship from bigger stores like Aliexpress, Jumia, 1688, etc.

12. Online marketing

27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money

This way of making money might look similar to the online store but they are not the same.

In this case, you work as a marketer online and you earn a commission on all sales you make. This is less stressful compared to marketing since you can promote and market products without leaving your comfort zone.

13. Online arbitrage

Online arbitrage simply means buying and selling simultaneously in a different online store because of discrepancies in price.

So you, as a student, could take advantage of the price to make money. An instance of online arbitrage is buying on Amazon and selling on your local store.

14. Online flipping

You cannot deny the fact that you spend a lot of time on the internet either via mobile or a computer. The largest pawn shop is the internet.

Where else can you have the attention for flipping products? You can flip your stuff or other people’s stuff for cash. There are things that you have used but are in good condition to be flipped.

Example of sites to flip online is eBay, Mercari and Jumia Market. Some of the things you can flip are clothing, Tech gears, computer system and components, kitchen wares, furniture among others.

15. Sell books online

The book business cannot be overlooked especially in this information age. You can buy books for a low price and sell at a higher price, keeping the profit for yourself -the soul of the flipping business.

As you can buy used booked for a cheap price, so can you also sell the books you have used to others through online buyback. Cash4books and Bookscouter are some of the sites that would help you in selling or buying books for the right price.

16. Sell yourself online

This might seem out of place at first but you can sell your unique abilities and skills online through gigs.

If you have ever come across some weird gigs on Fiverr, you would grow the confidence to sell your unique ability.

You might be in for a surprise as to how crowds will be drawn to your gig and you will make a lot of sales.

17. Publish online books

If content writing is too cheap for you and selling other people’s books has become boring to you, you can take a step further to write and publish a book as one of your online jobs.

The hassle of publishing a book online is minimal compared to regular book publishing. You can self-publish your books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or sell directly on Amazon, eBay, and Sendowl.

These sites will ensure your money is delivered to you and the book is delivered to your customer.

18. Take a micro job

Micro-jobs are online jobs you will finish in a short while. The best thing about this job is that you do not need a lot of time to complete the task.

It can even take less than a minute to finish. Search for one in the I.T industry and continue to grow from there.

19. Virtual assistance

You can also make money online as a student if you can offer a helping hand as a virtual assistant.

You will be in charge of data entry, bookkeeping, appointment keeping, managing meetings, replying to emails and other secretarial duties as may be directed by your employer.

VA networking and Zirtual are examples of companies in the Virtual Assistance Niche.

20. Brand ambassador

27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money
27 Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience To Earn Money

You can be the face of an organization online and still earn money off it.

You can also serve as a company representative to the customer whereby you are charged with the task of customer service and public relations.

21. Create and manage PTC

Paid to click (PTC) sites are websites that pay the viewer for viewing their Ads. The money per view is miniature but when you consolidate over time, you will notice it is worth something. 

22. Online surveys

You get paid for something you do regularly as a student. Without conscious effort, you, as a student, take surveys. So, wouldn’t it be fun when you do the same thing for cash?

You can do this online from anywhere, at any time on any device (mobile phone or computer). Those few minutes before the lecture starts, your breaks or other free time can be converted to cash by taking online surveys.

Take a look at these online survey sites: Survey Junkie and Viewpoint.

23. Solve captcha

Do you know that those small scrambled image websites use to protect themselves from spammers can generate income for you?

You must have solved captchas to gain access to some websites. Visit 2captcha to get started on earning as you solve the captchas.

24. Earn money by uploading video

Akin to selling your picture online, you can monetize your video by uploading them on YouTube.

Google AdSense generates income from the video you have uploaded to your account and pays you too.

You can make this your side job by recording and uploading useful videos, skits, training or comedy to your channel. It wouldn’t be bad to use some tips to make your video trend.

25. Freelance video editor

As an extension of the two and three-dimension graphics, you can go a step further to get jobs on video editing. You can use Iskysoft, Openshot, Shotcut, Fx home, VSDC, Filmora.

This is one of the highest paying freelance jobs you can get. You can start with editing short clips and skits until you can take on bigger jobs.

26. Use Airtasker

Airtasker is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.  As a student, you could sign up and begin to get tasks that will earn you some dollars by the side while you study to earn your degree. Airtasker can also help you complete your home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design or even build a website.

27. Online data entry

This is the last I am putting on this list because you have to really discover which one works for you best and research the sites before diving into the job. One warning is to avoid sites that ask for a fee before you can take a project.

Online data entry just requires good typing speed and language knowledge to function properly and get paid. It can also be accompanied by the filling of forms and generating results for your employer. An example is Smartcrowd.


So, which of these online jobs do you think you can start? Don’t discourage yourself by seeing the obstacles. As long as you have you need money to pay your bills, you can start earning even as a student.

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