5 Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment

This article means quite a lot to me and I intend to make it as comprehensive as possible. I am a student and I completely understand the frequent financial drought that usually plagues the lives of students.

As a college student, if you have to work and study, you would have to work regular jobs like sales rep in a store, a waiter at a coffee shop or even as a cashier at a supermarket to earn that extra money to add to the allowance from your parents.

Well, thanks to the internet. Many opportunities have been opened up for students who are seeking to earn money while they find out who they really are in college. Do not get me wrong, even high school, in fact, smart elementary school students can also work from home while being a little bit independent of your parents.

Personally, as a student, I hate having to ask my mum for money to sort out every of my financial need.

I do not feel this pressure to abandon school to start chasing money, however, my ego screams in pain every time I ask my mom for money to buy personal things.

As an adult that still enjoys some privileges from my parents, I learnt a lot of things concerning respect and how to earn it. I noticed that after I stopped calling frequently to ask my parents for allowance, they called to ask me how I was coping in school.

I told them I work partially while studying then noticed that my father respected me more like someone that makes his own money. Everything changed & it changed for the better.

With all I have said up there, you must be eager to learn about these jobs you can do without even having to leave your hostel or dorm. So my dear reader, put your seat belt on because I am about to take you on an amazing world of internet jobs you can do without having to leave your home, school or even your dorm room and still earn a substantial amount of money.

1. Data Entry Analyst

The good thing about this online job is that it requires very little training or experience. It is a perfect choice for young students or freelancers who are new to the online environment and probably have no real skillset yet.

Data entry is pretty much entering data from a particular source into your computer and compiling the information for your client. Due to the one-dimensional nature of the job, it is very competitive as it is the first level for new online job hunters who want to know what it is like working from home.

However, it would be bad of me not to tell you that this job doesn’t pay the kind of cheque that will buy you those new Balenciaga sneakers, or that new Louis Vuitton shirt you have been eyeing for weeks. This online job can only probably give you enough money to buy some affordable things like food, or pay for your faculty or association dues.

2. Freelance Writer

online jobs

The technicalities of this particular online job are a little more sophisticated compared to the job of a data entry analyst. This does not mean that the jobs listed in this article will be tougher as you scroll down. The points were just listed randomly.

However, it is true what I said about writing needing a little bit more skill. Let’s face it. You can’t just pick up a pen or open your word processor and start writing or typing away. Some proficiency in English or whatever language you want to write is needed. You need some experience writing articles or write-ups for a large audience, and some good marketing skills.

If I could do it, trust me, you can. Just start writing to build a wonderful portfolio to secure bigger and better-paying jobs. Writing is a talent but it is also a skill that can be learnt. Don’t listen to people that tell you that you have to be born with golden hands to write epic literature.

No great writer was suddenly able to write wonderful literature without having to go through some developments.  I remember when I first started developing interest in writing; I was writing everything from poems to drama to fiction novels and articles. After I was sure I could write fairly well, I decided to make money from my newly found skill.

I was in my freshman year when I started sending out my resume with practically no experience to blogs, entertainment and business websites.

I remember one day vividly. It was the day I was given my first gig, and also the day my self-confidence was brought down significantly. I was rejected by Bellanaija who asked me to try to develop my craft before even applying again.

That was a turning point for me especially when it comes to my writing, I tried to improve and I even began taking online courses but I was fired from my new gig in less than a month. My severance package was pathetic and that; that was the real eye-opener for me because I knew then and there that writing was a craft that needed to be developed constantly. 

I went back to the drawing board during my second semester as a freshman and began to write randomly. It was crazy that I was writing over five thousand words per day and my dad became worried because of my ongoing Engineering studies, but I was writing all day – seven days in a row. I guess the extra work I put in paid off because I finally secured three part-time gigs and I am literally financially stable now.

I was even able to get my mom a fairly expensive shoe for her 50th birthday 😉 .

3. Graphic Designer    

Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment
Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment

I was never an artistic person so this was quite out of the question for me. However, it might be the online job that suits you very well; I mean if you are a college student that appreciates art, this is a modern way to make money from it without having to leave your dorm room.

Nowadays, people who are good at creating graphical contents and are also quite good at using computers. When it comes to profitability, I have a friend who earns more than one hundred thousand naira per month by creating logos and graphical contents for new and rebranding companies.

Just like writing, graphic design can also be learnt even if you don’t have any drawing or art experience.

Do you know what is more intriguing about this online job, you can actually turn graphic designing into a career. I mean a full-time job you can go into when you leave school. As long as you’ve built a substantial clientele, you can turn your small one-man hustle into a company. Then expand by employing other graphic designers like yourself.

It might sound pretty much like a long shot but it’s not. You can start small but keep thinking big. Do not relax or become complacent when the money you are making from your jobs start paying recurrent expenses.

This is a mistake that many entrepreneurs and online freelancers make when they start becoming too comfortable in a position. They are afraid of expanding and improving work performance which allows other new businesses to overtake them.   

4. Social Media Manager/Influencers

This became popular after social media applications released a slightly complicated algorithm for choosing which content gets seen.

Generally, quality content will always get an audience. However, if you want to promote an event or brand, there is a lot of work to do. You might need to analyse and study the target market. Improving social media presence involves creating suitable content to trend in an environment where users are interacting with certain types of content. 

For this reason, brands prefer to leave social media campaigns to professionals that plan a successful social media campaign. However, not every social media campaign end successfully, especially when they are handled by people who have little or no knowledge of how the media works. Nevertheless, if you are the one that likes to try new things and strategies to problem-solving, this is a suitable job for you.

I tried this particular niche but my pitch didn’t fly. Let me paint a picture of the perfect individual for this job. A social media genius with a thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram plus some marketing and writing skills. You can still try if you don’t match that description.

Some topics trend naturally. Although others need that deliberate extra push to get that subject matter out there and have everyone talk about it.

5. Resume Writer

Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment
Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment

The name pretty much explains the job. A resume is what introduces you to your interviewer before or during an interview process. A resume writer is an individual that helps to build a resume. It’s almost like making someone look good enough for a particular job.

Some people are too busy in college to write a nice resume, or just don’t know how to write one. This is where you can come in as a resume writer to help do the job. There are different standards of resumes and you have to keep up with the ever-changing accepted standards.

Do you have an interest in becoming a resume writer? You can start by checking up recent resume samples. Then, come up with your unique concept. 


Don’t bother looking for a market for your skill. You already have a good environment – the college environment. It won’t be difficult to find young, new graduates who are eager to use your services.

Believe me, once you create a good resume for someone, you will get clients based on referrals, not even adverts. I know 2 people in my hostel who write resumes and other things like term papers for fellow students. Just for the extra cash!

You can leave the graphical aspect of the content development for the graphic designers. However, if you have all the above qualities I mentioned, you are halfway across the river to the golden shores.

As a college student, I need not mention the fact that you’ll need a good problem and team collaborative skills. Why? whether you like it or not, you will have to work with a team. 

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Post Author: Chibuike Nwogbo

Nwogbo Chibuike is a student of Electronics and Computer engineering at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He started writing at the age of 10 by learning new things and writing about what he has learnt. Specifically, he likes the feeling of creating another world through writing. He is also a dedicated Christian.

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