How to Use TikTok for Business

TikTok – What is it?

You have seen it on the news and watched your social media flooded with images and videos of the app. You also may have felt compelled to make one yourself!

TikTok is arguably one of the fastest-growing social media applications of the age. 

Created to give the youth a platform to express themselves, TikTok is an app where short 15-second videos are created, shared, and discovered. 

From lip-syncing to comedy, dancing, and drama, close to 1 billion people across the world have taken to the app to share their interests.

The company is worth a whopping USD 250 billion (May 2021). This makes it the most valuable private company in the world.

There are several reasons why this application has taken over the internet to become one of the most-used social media platforms online.

One of these is that the application has plenty of celebrity endorsements. It has taken the steps to build successful partnerships in association with notable names in the entertainment industry have resulted in the application being promoted to audiences across the world.

Another reason why TikTok is only growing in popularity is that there is a significant spotlight on localized content. With videos, challenges, contests, and trends of local lives, audiences across the world are connected to the content on the platform. 

Where do Brands come in?

How to Use TikTok for Business

TikTok has revolutionized and simplified the process of video sharing and creation. This makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to be a part of the robust community.

Given the significantly short format of the videos, you do not need a lot of time and effort to engage in the application. 

TikTok may not seem like a marketing channel, given that . . . there is absolutely no space for traditional advertisements. All other kinds of social media platforms have space for advertisements and TikTok is not one among them. 

How then, has this application boosted the sales and market value of multiple brands across the world? 

Simply put, brands that recognize the potential for popularity and growth are those that have been able to create effective campaigns. From trends like “sapnu puas” and “the Vogue challenge”, the campaigns are directed to a specific audience.

TikTok’s largest demographic is between the age group of 18 to 24 years. This is followed by audiences in the age group of 13 to 17 years. 

Brands across the world have utilized TikTok’s unique contests and challenges. They have also used hashtags to leverage their name in a largely competitive world. The result is advertisements and marketing campaigns that are attention-grabbing, creative, and relatable.

Tips to Use TikTok for Business 

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If you are seeking to build a brand strategy with the use of this dynamic and engaging app, here are tips that will help you create a compelling campaign! 

1. Understand the Platform 

The first step to creating brilliant marketing campaigns in TikTok is to get comfortable with the application. This is especially true because TikTok is one of the newer platforms that requires a specific learning curve. 

There are 2 best ways to understand this platform. Spend time creating a personal profile and play around with the app. Scroll through all of the videos on your feed, making a note of the content people publish. 

There are also a large number of effects and editing tools available on the application. Experimenting with these can help you decide what is most in alignment with your brand. This will help you enjoy the benefits of emotional branding.

2. Know the Kinds of Ads on the Platform

While it did take some time before TikTok introduced ads, there are currently five different kinds for entrepreneurs to understand. These are: 

  • Branded Lenses – Branded lenses are often used to capture faces and create photos with references to the brand.
  • Hashtag Challenges – Brands can use hashtag challenges to create a compelling and highly-interactive digital marketing campaign.
  • Brand Takeovers – In brand takeovers, different brands take over the application for a day. They go on to create videos, GIFs, and images with embedded links.
  • Infeed Native Content – Brands create content that is integrated into the “For You” feed of different users. 
  • Top View – A video format of advertisements that presents the brand in the best placements on the application.

Try a combination of these advertisements to create a campaign that conveys your brand message to the target audience. 

3. Create Engaging Content 

If you really need to create engaging content, TikTok is an application that can give you just that.

It requires a dose of creativity and fun! Add these two ingredients to your marketing campaign and you will have created dynamic and impressionable content.

There are a number of tips available to create creative photos and videos.

Most users on social media do not have access to expensive equipment or large production budgets. You can create content with smartphones.

Stick to being authentic about your brand when creating your content, allowing the demographic to connect with its motto. 

One of the best ways to draw audiences in is by using children and pets. This is because most TikTok viral videos involve one or both of these components. If your brand does not have a mascot, consider creating one that will attract attention.

There is a wide range of unique features and effects that you can add to the videos. This makes them fun and attractive. Experiment with these effects to create interesting and amusing content. 

4. Be Smart with your Shares 

Once your content is good to go, you can choose several options to make your content even more engaging. These include: 

  • Description – Choose a catchy and creative description that hooks the audience and draws them to your brand. 
  • Hashtags Add relevant hashtags keeping in mind current trends and patterns. 
  • Tags – Tag all associated brands, partners, and specific members of your audience. However, be careful when connecting a person to your brand name.
  • Links – Add relevant embedded links that will direct the audience to your brand website. 
  • Other Platforms – TikTok presents the option of sharing videos to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can earn money from YouTube as well!


Be smart, creative, and inventive with your content and you should have marketing ideas in place that will invite attention to your brand. Do your research and stay ahead of the times to make the most noise! 

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