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Introduction to digital marketing

In today’s world, we are hemmed in by digital media. Take a look around, we are always in contact with at least one digital device every time.

We use gadgets such as computers, tablets, smartphones, Television, interactive billboards, and game consoles in our daily endeavours. This one premise is a treasure house for digital marketing.

What then is digital marketing?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an innovative way of marketing through the use of digital media.

It is a term that covers the measurable, targeted, and interactive marketing of products using digital media to reach a target audience to convert and retain them as customers.

The basic idea of digital marketing is using digital technology to achieve marketing objectives.

Digital marketing is employed whenever the internet, electronic devices, social media, and other digital technologies are used to promote a brand

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Digital marketing vs Internet marketing vs Traditional marketing


Let’s get some things straight before we proceed. Though these three have a lot of similarities, overlap in many areas, and have only a thin line separating them, they are quite different.

Traditional marketing approaches marketing using traditional means such as radio, handbills, and other print media, billboards, commercials, and other conventional means.

It mainly covers marketing and advertisement that does not rely heavily on the use of online channels for information propagation.

Internet marketing reaches out to the target audience through the internet. Internet marketing emphasizes building a sound online presence on the web.

The key requirement of internet marketing is the internet. Digital marketing on the other hand uses but does not solely rely on the internet to function.

Internet marketing is fundamentally a subset of digital marketing. While Internet marketing requires the internet to thrive, digital marketing would flourish with or without the internet.

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What are the types of media used in digital marketing?

There are three fundamental types of media used to reach customers.

1. Paid media

This is the most dominant type of media and it has the largest coverage of all three types of media.

These are media that you pay for to reach out to your target audience. Employing paid media is one of the unique ways for any business to increase sales.

The price you pay is usually proportional to the broadcast size. If you pay more, you tend to reach more audiences.

These media include influencer marketing, pay-per-click ads, and paid media advertisements.

2. Owned media

Unlike paid media where you pay directly for the promotional services, you do not pay for promotion on owned media. For owned media, you use the resource you own to promote your brand and business.

This gives you full control of what is promoted and how your business is represented. These media include your blog, company website, and social media. You don’t want to underrate the benefits of social media for your business.

3. Earned media

This is user-generated exposure. This, in its simplest form, is the marketing done outside the scope of paid or owned media.

This includes referrals from friends, family, or satisfied customers through word of mouth or other means of recommendation.

This media also include likes, shares, mentions, and reviews. It is worth mentioning that it is not practical to use only one of these media.

A combination of all three is more efficient as they complement one another.

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Delivery of digital marketing

Both intrusive and non-intrusive methods are engaged to deliver information to the target audience. Non-intrusive approaches by showing information in a subtle way to the target audience.

Intrusive use is a more direct approach to marketing. The line between the two is however blurred since intrusiveness is subjective.

The main types of delivery used in digital marketing are:

1. Permission marketing

This is a form of digital marketing that the customer can choose to opt in or opt out of. It gives the customer the ability to choose and control the content you market to them.

Email marketing is a sound example where customers can subscribe to a newsletter from any brand (or a set of services or products) and they can choose to cancel their subscription anytime.

This is one of the ways to improve your customer experience.

2. Interruption marketing

This uses a direct method to deliver your marketing content. Advertisements or promotional messages are displayed to the target audience interrupting whatever they were doing.

The content shown to the viewer is timed so that it calls the attention of the viewer. An example is the TV commercials, and ads displayed while watching videos online.

3. Behavioural marketing

This type of delivery requires more work and data. This method of delivery requires a ton of research, gathering data, taking insights, and understanding people’s interests and behaviour.

This helps you to give marketing content tailored to your viewer. This makes behavioural marketing most effective because when people see your promotion content, they see contents that are relevant to them.

You may outsource your digital marketing to an agency that specializes in behavioural marketing to ensure that your promotions are tailored to the specific interests and behaviours of your target audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Digital marketing strategy

There are two strategies you can use to reach your target audience.

1. Pull strategy

Pull strategy can also be termed inbound marketing. This is used to grow your brand or a new product.

This strategy focuses on creating content that your target audience will find educative, relevant, attention-grabbing, and enlightening.

This content would draw your audience to your brand because of the relevance of your content.

The end game of this strategy is to get people to know your brand, love your brand, and understand what your brand can deliver in terms of products or services.

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2. Push strategy

This is common with a well-established brand. it involves showing your content to as many viewers to boost your chances of reaching new people.

Push strategy tends to push your content to a larger number of people with the hope of reaching audiences you have not reached before.


The channels of digital marketing are Email Marketing, Web analytics, Organic search, Paid search, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content optimization, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Automation, and, Lead Generation.

Convergence in digital marketing occurs when one device integrates more than one channel of digital marketing.

An example is a smartphone that integrates Email, SMS, the internet, and social media marketing.

It is without a doubt that digital marketing is a very wide field and it is constantly growing.  I know you now have a glimpse of what it is and how it can transform your marketing strategy.

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