10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


One of the skills that people desire so much to venture into is Digital Marketing. This is because it evolves regularly and paves the way for other skills or opportunities.

It introduces marketers to various fields and ideas that can help build their expertise and grow digital marketing agencies. Anyone who chooses to be a digital marketer must be very familiar with how the industry functions and carries out its duties.

Digital marketing is the branch of marketing which perfectly utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies. These online-based digital technologies include mobile phones, desktop computers and other digital media.

10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

They are used to enhance products and services. It is also known as Online Marketing. Digital Marketing deals with the styles and strategies employed in boosting a product or service online.

It focuses on the enhancement of brands with the aim of connecting with potential customers through digital communication forms such as web-based advertising, email, text, social media and multimedia messages.

Before anyone can say he will be a digital marketer, there are certain fundamental principles which guide digital marketing that he must follow. Such principles include:

1. Get familiar with your customers in digital marketing:

10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

One of the principles of digital marketing is to know and get familiar with your customers. No good digital marketer achieves his goals without having a good relationship with his customers.

When you get familiar with them, it builds engagement and visibility. In fact, customers will keep coming back to check for subsequent products and services.

2. Satisfy your customers:

Customers are always right. As a good digital marketer, one of the principles of this skill is to give the best to your customers, because in this case, you are accountable to them.

What you give them really matters and knowing how to achieve customer satisfaction goes a long way in promoting your business, describing your personality and boosting sales.

3. Consistency is key in digital marketing:

10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This is one of the principles of digital marketing and you have to be intentional about it. To build traffic on your website and to make it highly rated on the search engine results pages, you have to be consistent.

It is a conscious effort that you have to imbibe in order to boost sales. Create helpful posts as regularly as possible. However, do not muddle them up, so as not to bore your audience and customers.

When your audience sees that you are willing to satisfy and take them seriously, they also support you by reading and engaging with your posts.

4. Remain updated with trends in digital marketing:

Another fundamental of digital marketing is to keep yourself updated always. The world is changing every day, do not remain mediocre. Move with the flow and put every necessary thing in place.

To keep your website and business loaded with people, learn new trends and practise them. Also, discover and make research new products or services. When new ideas are incorporated into the posts and website, it increases engagement and visibility.

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5. Avoid complexity in digital marketing:

10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Complexity has the ability to affect growth and traffic. Create posts that customers and the audience can easily relate to. Simply make useful posts and you will see customers coming back for more.

Complex posts drive the right customers and audience away because they find it difficult to comprehend or grasp the ideas you are trying to pass across to them. They just walk away and do not bother to check back for new posts.

6. Utilize the media in digital marketing:

As the world is transforming, technology and technological tools are highly utilized and sought after. It is important that you learn how to use the various social media campaign strategy channels to create helpful posts, podcasts, and videos among others.

This will make you and your website or business stand out on the search engine results page.

7. Embrace positive partnerships in digital marketing:


As a digital marketer, your success does not only depend on your strength. Since no one is an island of knowledge, it is important that you have partners that you can share ideas with, thereby improving one another’s businesses.

Move with people from whom you can seek help and pieces of advice that will boost your business, drive traffic to it and make it rank higher.

8. Build a solid foundation:

Another fundamental of digital marketing is building a solid foundation from the start of your business, because how you start really matters.

When you start well, it keeps your audience and customers glued to your business, to the extent that they anticipate better products, posts and ideas from you. They also keep checking back for new posts.

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9. Your content is important in digital marketing:


One of the most important principles of digital marketing is your content. It is the bone of your website or business and it says a lot about you.

Make sure that your contents are well-formed and stocked with well-arranged up-to-date ideas. This will drive traffic to what you do and boost your website’s visibility.

10. Tell your stories in videos:

Another principle of digital marketing is to create your posts in the form of videos. Since people understand what they see better, when you compile ideas into catchy videos, people will be eager to watch them. This helps to drive a lot of traffic to your business and website.

Digital marketing is closely related to the online content you read, images and online advertisements you see.

Building a career in Digital Marketing could be in the below categories as well:

1. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing makes use of storytelling skills to drive the audience and share information in order to improve the brand’s visibility. The goal of this form of digital marketing is to turn readers into customers.

In this case, content can be blog posts, podcasts, e-books, digital videos and so on. The general focus is for it to be valuable to customers and not just to advertise for the sake of making sales.

Content marketing is the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website which deals with building a lasting and trustworthy relationship with your customers, which can lead to massive sales.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has to do with selling products and getting a certain commission in return. It makes use of the popularity of social media influencers and experts.

Working with third-party experts helps to promote your product and services. It also drives engagement and visibility to your business.

3. Social Media Marketing:

This has to do with everything a business does with the help of social media channels. Since everyone is familiar with social media, marketers have to approach the media strategically in order to drive traffic as there are many benefits of social media for business.

It is not just about creating posts for social media channels and replying to comments, it is also about making sure that readers learn from those posts. This way, they will keep running back for more.

4. Pay-per-click:

10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Pay-per-click implies promoted search engine results and advertisements. It is a short-term type of digital marketing which means that the moment you stop paying, the advertisement also ceases to exist.

Pay-per-click also helps to increase traffic to an online business. They are the advertisements you see at the sides and top of a search results page, before YouTube videos, while browsing the web and in advertisements of mobile applications.

5. Mobile Marketing:

This type of digital marketing aims at reaching your target audience via their smartphones or tablets. Mobile marketing contacts people through social media, email, text messages, websites and mobile applications.

Marketers can restrict certain contents to a particular location and time, such as when a customer enters a store.

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6. Email Marketing:

Email marketing

Despite the existence of social media, mobile applications and channels, electronic mail remains one of the most effective marketing strategies. It helps to create mind-blowing contents that will help to increase visibility and engagement.

Email marketing experts are skilled at understanding and interpreting customer reactions. They also make important decisions based on the data and information gathered.

7. Marketing Analytics:

This is a tool that helps marketers to understand the business better, analyse consumer wants and work hard to satisfy them so that they can keep asking for more. If well managed and handled, marketing analytics helps to increase website traffic and visibility.

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8. Search Engine Optimization:

10 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The aim of Search Engine Optimization is to increase the chances of a business’s appearance in Google search results. It helps to boost the search engine traffic of a website or business.

In order to achieve this, Search Engine Optimization marketers conduct in-depth research and analysis of words and phrases that consumers look for online. When this is done, they use the terms, words and phrases in their own content in order to enhance engagement and visibility.

The choice of digital marketing skills depends on the individual. You only have to practise the skills and create a portfolio.

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Digital marketing is an important skill that has to do with using digital tools to boost and market services, products, brands and organizations.

If the digital marketing tools are well utilized and the fundamentals are well obeyed, it drives more traffic and promotes engagement and visibility.

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