How to choose the best wedding invitation designs for an outdoor wedding

9 Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can Do Yourself

While it’s a very tough task to plan a wedding, weddings can be one of the eco-friendly event ideas.

However, it requires your proper time and planning to have a perfect setup for a wedding to make the day unforgettable for the bride and groom.

Likewise, it is the most precious day for them. And the planning is not done in one day; it requires so many weeks or even months before the actual day.

Wedding menu cards are the most important thing to plan for your wedding, as it goes along with your theme for your special day.

There are not only big decisions, but also small details that are highly important in this process.

1. Proper planning

You need to plan properly so it will go perfectly on an actual day. You must be ready to deal with any sort of situation if it happens on that day.

If someone is planning a wedding for the first time he should have assistance from anyone who has already done this job before.

It looks hard but it has its own benefits. As you are going to create the best day for a couple who wanted to make their marriage unforgettable forever.

They will always remember you for helping them on their beautiful day.

I have seen many cases where the couples themselves plan their special day but they also need some help in this regard. You need to go through many things in this process of planning.

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2. Invitations

How to choose the best wedding invitation designs for an outdoor wedding
9 Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can Do Yourself

When you are sending invitations to your guests you need to give them time for the preparations too. You need to send it on proper time so they can also prepare well before the day easily.

When you decide on the date for sending invitations you must plan what design you want to print on the wedding invitations. So, the most important thing won’t last unattended.

3. Perfect design

Choosing your design may take a lot of time and effort to avoid any issues in the last moments.

You can go for the online wedding invitation, and it needs to be done before your important day of course.

And it’s very important when you are planning an outdoor wedding to have a perfect design that will tell others about your planning and how your guest needs to be prepared. They will dress up as per your plan in this way.

4. Online wedding invitation

How to choose the best wedding invitation designs for an outdoor wedding
9 Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can Do Yourself

It’s the era of technology. So, you can also create your wedding invitation online as per your desire. You can customise your wedding card through online websites or different apps available. They allow you to change the design, fonts, colours, and different themes.

After creating the design you can simply add the bride and groom’s name, your venue, and the date & time for that day. You need to download and print the card, no need to go to any wedding card maker and pay them additional charges for this service.

It’s an optional thing that you can do yourself if you don’t want the service of others and it will surely reduce your budget too.

5. Wedding menu cards

How to choose the best wedding invitation designs for an outdoor wedding
9 Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Guests always love to know what they are going to eat at the wedding. With the menu cards, you will let your guests know what’s on the menu for them.

You can also create the wedding menu cards yourself or hire someone for that. Usually, the size is 120*180mm or A5.

And you need to consider the following things when creating a menu card :

  • Do you have a sit-down reception?
  • Or do you have a cocktail reception?
  • Do you want to give a menu to individuals, couples, or a few tables only?

If your budget allows, give to all the individuals coming to the wedding. As they will go through the menu the whole night.

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6. Menu details to be considered

You need to consider these details while creating the menus:

Firstly you need to mention what dishes you will serve to your guests. Food menu should be mentioned clearly only on the card. You need to put the main items only, not all the details.

Dessert should be mentioned on the card also. If you are going to serve them a cake then mention the cake on the menu cards.

Guests are also interested in what they will get in the drinks. So, make sure you mention all the beverages you are going to serve at the wedding.

You may also add the guest names to give them personalised experience.

A welcome message on the menu card will make them even more special.

You need to consider the colour of the card as per your other stationery. So, it will go along with your decided theme.

7. What’s Trending these days

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding you need to keep in mind what’s trending on your fixed date. You need to match your planning with the trend going on those days.

By keeping this in mind you will be able to create something different and up to the mark as compared to the other weddings happening on those days.

When you put all your thoughts and ideas along with the trend you will be able to create a fantastic day.

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8. What’s your budget

It’s the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind that whatever you are looking for is within your budget or not. You need to set your limits for the price you will be able to pay.

You must plan thoroughly to avoid exceeding your budget limits. So, it’s very important to select the design as per your budget and desire rather than regretting later.

While you don’t need a big budget to create a one-of-a-kind photo book for a dozen guests, you may need to stick to traditional invitations if you’re having a big wedding. Alternatively, you could offer photo books to your bridesmaids or groomsmen as special gifts.

9. Theme is important to be kept in mind

The wedding theme is very important if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Sometimes you may create a beautiful one but if you didn’t plan well it might go wrong on that day.

So, it’s important when you send an invitation to your guest they must get the idea clearly what you have planned for the wedding.

I hope this article will help make your day even more special as you wished it to be.

The planning phase is the toughest and the most important one. Because when you plan properly you can execute properly. If you are able to fix all of these, you might even do well as an event planner as these tips shared can be part of how to start an event planning business with no money.

Good luck with your special day. Just do your best to make it a fantastic one!

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