Have you ever wondered the application of text summarization in marketing content? Well, you are not alone and I will tell you all about it.

Text summarizers are online tools that quickly condense long-form text into a short and concise version.

That version will only contain the most important points or sentences of the given text.

Student’s teachers and researchers use this tools on the daily basis.

But did you know? Marketers have also started making use of summarizing tools to quickly make their marketing content more effective.

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However, there are multiple ways through which these tools make the marketing content effective.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss those ways in detail.

Different Ways Through Which a Text Summarizer Makes Marketing Content Effective


1.      By creating summaries of the marketing content

This is the very first way through which a text summarizer can make your marketing content effective. Let me explain how.

If a marketer has created a blog post, then he/she can make use of a summarizer to quickly create a summary of it.

This summary will be added at the start of the blog so that every visitor can quickly get familiar with the message you want to deliver.

I will give you a live example. I have given an entire blog post to a summarizing tool to show you how it will generate an effective summary of it.

See the picture below for the results:

Text Summarization Applications In Content Marketing

As you can see, the tool has quickly generated a summarized version of the entire blog post.

This version can be added before the introduction of the blog. So, readers don’t have to go through the whole article to get familiar with your message or intention.

Adding a summary of your marketing content will make it more effective for the readers.

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2.      By giving the content power of brevity

The application of text summarization gives the power of brevity to your content.

Most of the time, marketers or the writing team start discussing unnecessary details in their content which damages its overall credibility.

For instance, we often see marketers discussing their brand’s history, goals, and success journey, instead of providing relevant and valuable information about their product or service.

So, to make your marketing content more effective, you have to bring the power of brevity (conciseness) into it.

And this can be easily achieved by utilizing a text summarizer. Let me explain how.

A summarizer makes use of advanced algorithms that efficiently understand the given text, and generate a concise version of it by only using main points.

In order to illustrate, I have attached an image below, check it out.

Text Summarization Applications In Content Marketing
Power of Brevity


As the picture tells, the tool has given the power of brevity to the input content by converting it into a concise version.

When your marketing content is concise and to the point, it will be considered more effective.

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3.      By creating a brief meta-description

Meta descriptions play a key role in letting both the readers and search engines know what your content is about.

It usually appears beneath the title of the article in the search result and has a maximum length of 160 characters.

To make your marketing content effective, you will have to make its meta description brief (that efficiently describes the purpose of your content).

A text summarizer can greatly help you in this regard. All you have to do is just provide the created meta description to the summarizing tool.

It will then understand its context, and generate a brief version of it by eliminating all unnecessary details (words, phrases, or even sentences) from it.  

Let me explain this with a live example as well. I have given a meta-description to the tool to show you how it will provide a brief version of the description.

See the picture below for the results:

Text Summarization Applications In Content Marketing


As the above picture shows, the tool has created a briefer meta description against the one that I provided as input.

By making the descriptions brief with the help of a summarizing tool, you can make the content more effective.

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Final Thoughts

A text summarizer is a tool that quickly creates summaries of long-form text by only using the main or best points of the given text.

It is widely used by marketers because of its ability to make marketing content more effective in a number of ways.

In this article, I have explained those ways in detail. I hope you will find the information on the ‘application of text summarization marketing content’ valuable.

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