4 Support Services Your Small Business Might Need

It doesn’t matter whether you have just started a new business or you have been running one for a while now. What does matter is your work processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible.

The sad truth about businesses is that many often waste a lot of time and money by not making efficiency a priority. As a result, it takes them longer to complete tasks. This also leads to some customers “jumping ship” and using a competing firm for their needs!

If those are the things you want to avoid happening with your business, I’ll tell you what to do. One thing you can do is look at ways of streamlining what you do. To that end, it makes sense to outsource specific business processes, freeing up your internal resources for other tasks.

Here’s a list of some of the most common processes you should be outsourcing to third-party service providers:

1. Accounting

Are you a sole trader or you have a team of people working for you? One function of your business you should outsource is accounting. Many firms of all sizes decide to outsource that function of their organization because it saves on the cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper.

Another reason is for tax-saving purposes; external firms are more likely to keep abreast of the latest tax-saving ideas and solutions.

2. Inbound Call Handling

One of the reasons employees often lose track of time is when they have to stop their work to answer telephone calls. Imagine how much of a productivity boost there would be if your staff were simply left to concentrate on their work instead?

There are two ways you can solve that problem. The first is by hiring a virtual receptionist. They can answer calls in your company’s name, deal with specific inquiries, and more. If you run a large business, you could hire a firm that provides an inbound call centre full of trained staff ready to deal with your calls.

3. Internet Marketing

All businesses need to promote themselves so they can grow and develop their brands. One of the most common ways of achieving that goal in the 21st century is through online advertising and marketing.

Did you know that outsourcing such activities to an external digital marketing agency isn’t as expensive as you might have anticipated? Plus, it means you don’t need to hire a team of creative marketers and pay for them to find out the latest marketing trends.

4. Product Photography

If you sell physical products, you want to ensure that you’ve got professionally taken photos. These are the type you can use online or in a printed format. Getting an employee to take photos of your products using their iPhone just isn’t going to work.

You should outsource that function to a professional photography firm. In particular, one that specializes in product photography. Your investment in such outsourcing will pay dividends, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider doing that sooner.

I hope this helps you to get your business running smoothly and flying soon. 😉 

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

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