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Within the construction market, tools, equipment and machinery are all vital for completing projects on time and to the standard that clients expect.

For knowledgeable entrepreneurs, this could be the perfect opportunity to launch a new machine sales company or an organisation that offers maintenance.

That’s why UK construction equipment sales continued to rise this year despite economic uncertainty, and this trend looks set to continue over the coming months.

Whatever your preferences, if you’re thinking about launching a new machine business, then you need to make sure that you have a plan in place before you get everything started.

Here are some tips on how you can plan for your machine company and ensure you have everything ready to welcome a variety of customers and give them the service and support they expect.

1. Think About What Your Business Will Offer

Within the construction machinery and equipment landscape, there are many different types of business.

From companies that lease equipment to those that sell items and spare parts to firms that conduct maintenance on large pieces of machinery, there are many different solutions on the market.

The first step for any budding machine company leader is to consider what services you want to offer to customers, as this will form the backbone of all your future business plans.


2. Understand Your Market

Most business leaders looking to set up a machine company will have some understanding of the construction and equipment landscapes.

Still, you need to conduct market research before you launch your business so that you can ensure that you understand what your customers are expecting, the average price for the solutions you want to offer and more.

When you’re starting your market research, you should review the leading players in your particular niche and then review everything from prices to service offerings.

3. Find Suppliers Ahead Of Time

Any machine company needs a supplier of equipment and machinery. If you know what sort of company you’ll be running before you make a start, you can line up suppliers and find the best rates on the market.

If you want to sell products like diamond grinding wheels, CNC lifting machines and other stone-working tools, then specialists like Amastone can give you everything you need in one place.

With a supplier ready, you can get your new machine business off the ground quickly and provide the quality gear that your customers need.

4. Set A Budget And Find Sources Of Funding

Starting a machine shop costs money, and a company that requires stock, such as a machine company, will cost even more.

As such, you need to set a budget for your new business venture before you begin and consider where you’re going to get outside funding if you need it.

To begin, work out how much money you will need, and then consider the funding options available to you.

It might be possible to obtain small business grants or interest-free loans, so explore these to find the best option for your new machine company.

5. Establish An Online Presence

Every business in today’s corporate landscape, even ones that operate in the physical world and don’t sell their products and services on the internet, needs to have an online presence.

Technology is a key part of everyone’s lives, and customers often search for new businesses before they commit to working with them.

So, create a website for your new machine company, and include important details such as location, opening times, stock options and more. You can then start sharing your website online and getting the attention of potential clients that can help you to grow your machine start-up.

Selling products online is an affordable and scalable solution for small businesses that don’t want to invest in expensive shop locations, rent, utilities and other expenses.

If you’re planning on selling products, then consider adding eCommerce capabilities to your new machine company’s website. 

6. Connect With Potential Clients

Starting a machine shop takes time; you can’t just arrive on the scene and expect immediate success.

Instead, you need to connect with your client base and the local community. There are many ways to connect with your community and sector, including attending industry events, small business conventions and other events.

Additionally, you should consider connecting with potential customers online, as this is a cost-effective solution. Having established an online presence for your business, you can easily connect with potential clients using social media platforms and construction market forums.

Check out the best social media platforms that construction companies should use so that you can start sharing information about your new business and get noticed by your target audience.


Starting a machine shop allows you to plan everything you need. While it will take time, it will improve your chances of success in the long run.

Use these tips to get the planning process started and drive your machine company on the road to your business goals and future success.  

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